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What's Your Excuse?
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“Excuses are Lies
Wrapped into Reasons…”


Don’t Lie to Yourself on Why You Can’t


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What’s the Perfect Watch to Wear With a Suit?

The Right Watch with The Right Shoes?

“A Man will be Judged by Two Things in Life, His Watch and His Shoes.” – Robert Herjavec This is my opinion and guess what?  My opinions are facts… LOL.  One of the things we want in life is to be successful and more importantly for me be respected.

What A Man’s Shoes Says About Him

“A Successful Man will be Judged by two things in life, his Watch and his Shoes.” In society today we’re judged for everything we do and wear.  Women get judged for the Purse they carry and men get judged by the car they drive.

5 Things Not to Wear To A Job Interview

Going to a Job Interview is important, the way you are dressed for that interview will represent who you are.  Employers like to nit pick every thing about you.   To them and or me, you are a stranger trying to earn my trust to give you money to work.

Want to Prevent Scratches on Your Rolex?

Today’s Practice, for Tomorrow’s Success

Sell Me This Pen

We’ve all heard or seen when a potential employer is asking you to sell them a pen they just handed to you, in hopes that you know how to sell it to them to prove your sales skills.

It stops feeling like and job interview and now more like a audition.  It’s ok don’t be scared.  Selling is confidence and knowing your product is half your battle.

NO Means YES in Sales

What if I told you, you can get a Yes out of a No.  How do you do it?  Let’s find out.

I have been in sales for over 20 years now. It all started when I was 12 years old and had my successful Lawn Care Business.  Yes, I used to cut peoples lawns on the weekend.  I started this business so I can save enough money to start another business.

Stepping over dollars to pick up pennies

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but the way you think makes you a wantrepreneur.  What does that mean?  I talk to people day in and day out about them wanting to start a Small Business.  Just by the way you came at me “Small Business.”  You have already failed. A lot of Wantrepenerus think if They think small then thier budget will stay small.

About EsquireLife

Former United States marine

I’m a former United States Marine with a chip on my shoulder and want the world to work like fine tuned military machine.  But in a perfect world we know that will never happen. I really don’t care who’s in charge of this County, but I will always respect that Leader as my Commander in Chief.  I fought for my country true.  My Sweat, Blood, and Tears were shed, just to say, I fought for your FUCKING Freedom.  Go ahead and step all over it, disrespect it, because it’s yours.  You Bitch Ass trolls think you know everything, step in my shoes for 1 minute, you will see Hell at it’s finest.

Business News & Resources

Success is Not the Prize

Everyone wants to be Successful, but they don't want to Work for it. But if you really look at it, being successful is not the Prize. If it was the prize why do people that have everything complain about shit.  Once you get success then you're trying to go even...

Take action and Stop Fucking talking

How Taking Initiative and Embracing Opportunity Leads to Success In the journey of life, there's an old adage that rings true: "Fortune favors the bold." This wisdom underscores the importance of taking initiative and embracing opportunities, even when they come with...

I Don’t Need Training, YouTube is Free

Investing in Education and Product Knowledge I hear the poor people, on how they don't need education to do anything in life and you are right. Just me know if you need a ride in my McLaren to your next business meeting. In the ever-evolving landscape of...

Why you Always Fail as a Business Owner

Nowadays everyone is a fucking entrepreneur. I can't go anywhere without hearing, "Well, in my business." It's like saying you are an entrepreneur is a safe word to tell the world you are broke, uneducated, and have no direction in life. But, those who don't say that...

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