By EsquireLife

July 29, 2018

I remember test driving a Tesla Model X about 2 years ago.

My experience wasn’t pleasant.  Not pleasant like the drive or the car sucked, but more like If I bought a Model X, it would add 10 years to my life.  I felt older in that vehicle and I didn’t want people looking at me drive it and think I have a bunch of kids.  To me the Model X was a twenty first century soccer mom van.

The more I drove my Model S the less I thought about the experience of having an X until one day I saw a blacked out Model X with the 22″ Turbine Rims and guess what?  They rims where not Silver or Gloss Charcoal Black.  The rims I saw with a Satin Black finish that complimented the Solid Glossy ass black paint.

I was blown away with this color combo.

About 10 years ago I owned a Black Car and swore to myself I would never own another black car again because of the maintenance of keeping that color clean.  Well when I saw the Black Model X, at that moment I didn’t even care.  That car was amazing.  Now with all the technology with Ceramic Coatings, it’s much easier maintaining any color car. For example my Pearl White Model S has not been Wax or Polished in 2 years because I put a Ceramic Coating that last 7 years.   Yes you don’t believe me, the company is called

 It took me about 4 hours to apply at the beginning but it was well worth the investment and time.

Back to the subject, I actually fell in love with the Model X when I saw the color combo.  It’s amazing how a beast size vehicle can handle so well have the power it does.  It was very impressing.  I told my wife that I was getting it and she was skeptical because she has her Model 3 on order and should be getting it in November.  I didn’t care that it looked like the soccer mom, I actually felt proud in it.  Going back and forth from driving a Nissan Titan that I have had for 12 years, to on the weekends driving my Model S that I’ve had for 2 years.  I knew the Model X was the meet in the middle of those two cars.

The Model X does drive a little stiffer because it’s a

All Wheel Drive Car.

But I’m sort of used to that type of drive when I drive my truck.  Now, the problem is now that I have too many cars.  I need to get rid of some.  I’ve made the decision and unfortunately I’m getting rid of my Model S.  It’s a great car, but when I purchased my Model S my decisions were very conservative because I wasn’t too sure of an electric car.  Coming from having 2 BMW 650i’s converting to a 4 door electric sedan, it’s really made me understand electric cars more.  Having the Model X with more Power, Falcon Doors, Auto Pilot, Black bold color, and no need to customize because of beautiful or should I say Sick Ass rims.  I think my decision was made.

2 years later I’m in a Model X and there’s no way of stopping me driving this bad ass vehicle

Check out the video I made with the Model X.  This actually shows off the Summons feature and Auto Pilot feature and watch the video until the end so you can see the Falcon Doors close.

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