By EsquireLife

September 10, 2017

Our Cars are our second biggest investments


And if you’re a grown ass adult that still lives with their parents then it’s your first.

In society you get judged by a lot of things, skin color, education, financial status.  I’m not here to talk about those things I’m here to talk about cars.

I once got approached by a supposably successful health insurance sales person, that was trying to convince me to get into his line of work.  He ranted and raved of how he made six figures a year working in his industry.  At one point even went to mentioned that he quit his job as a middle school english teacher because,

“He made more money selling insurance.”

To listen to this guy was free, so I gave him time in my day to sell me why I should go into his field. We set up an appointment at my house on Saturday so he can show me or at least sell me.  He finally showed up to my house and when I looked out the window to see if it was him, I was not convinced he was accurate about his earnings.

As he pulled up my drive way, he was driving a Silver 2001 Toyota Camry, this was in 2007, so this car was already 6 years old.  Not to mention the front bumper was black, as if he changed the front bumper and didn’t even bother to paint it.  His rear hub cap was cracked in half and the headlights on the car were completely yellowed out.

Remember this guy says he makes 6 figures at this insurance company and has been there for 2 years.

“I don’t care what you drive,”

but when you say to me that you have this dream job that you make over $100,000 a year, you need to sell yourself a little better if you want to walk that walk.  To add to the wound, he was wearing an Invicta watch with Fake Diamonds on the bezel and I’m pretty sure one of the Cubic Zirconia’s had popped off.

The whole time he talked to me about this business opportunity I wasn’t even taking him serious.  I wanted him to be gone because he didn’t convince me.  He lost me interest.  I know what you’re thinking,

“Maybe that’s his daily driver, or he has a Ferrari at home?,

he must live in a mansion.”

You’re wrong idiots, he lived in the same town I lived in at the time.  No mansions or Ferraris there.

Since he was so interested in telling me how much he made then he could have brought up his lifestyle, but he didn’t because he was lying.  Trust me I have a many Rolex Watches at home but my Daily Driver is a…

Busted up Fake Diamond Invicta Watch… Come on people. 

Don’t brag about your success if you don’t have success to show for.  I’m not saying to go out and purchase a car your can’t afford.  But at least have the car that compliments your income.  Especially if you trying to sell yourself.

The last thing I’ve heard about this clown, the company he was working for was a pyramid scheme and since then he has gone back to his teaching job.  He was “Promised,” to make over $100 grand a year but he never achieved it.

He got sold.

I’ve known successful business owners and I’ve seen their success because of the cars or multiple cars they drive.  To me that’s when you know they’re true.

In my life I’ve owned many luxury vehicles. And each one got better as I was getting more successful in life.  As a public figure, I encourage a lot of people that I teach to get successful.  I’m not able to teach them to be successful if I wasn’t successful.  I can’t tell them they are going to be rich if I’m not rich.

I can talk the talk, but when they see my $85k car parked outside and my $13k watch on my wrist.   They know I walk the walk.  If you want to sell me on a opportunity to make over $100k prove to me your worth,

Don’t drive a busted ass $2000 car with a $65 watch on.  

It’s sad that we have got to this point in life where you have to show your wealth if you want to prove your success.  But if you need to show tangible to prove intangible then that’s the best we have to work with in life.

I will never take Grant Cardone serious if he drove a POS.  Grand Cardone is a very successful entrepreneur and selling King.  I always recommend him to my students because he is way more successful than me. He drives a Rolls Royce Ghost and all I have is a Tesla Model S, followed by a couple of BMW 6 series.

He can definitely talk the talk and walk the walk.

Take this with a grain of salt.  If someone is bragging about how much they make a year and how easy their job is, then challenge them and see what they drive, what’s on their wrist and where they live.

Remember this,

“Every Excuse is a Good Excuse if they haven’t…”  

Ladies, if a man is trying to impress you with his words and brags about what he does. Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of car he drives, if he already hasn’t brought it up.  Ask him if he owns or rents.  If he can’t take you back to his house it’s because of some excuse, he’s either married, broke, or lives with his parents.  “I travel a lot because of my business.”

STFU, you’re married and your parents bought you that car.  

If his car looks like a Modified Import Bro’s Before Hoe’s Sled, then he lives with his parents because all his money goes into that tuner toy he calls a race car.  Shit, I just went into a tangent.

Think about it, if someone calls himself a CEO, PRESIDENT, OWNER and they drive a beater, what are they a CEO of?  Unfortunately, life reality hurts when facts are proven.

At the end of the day.  The car that you drive will say a lot about and what your financial state is.  Don’t get fooled by posers and get sucked into a fake life.