By EsquireLife

September 18, 2017

Shoes You Are Wearing That Are A Big


I want change up the topic and stop talking about men’s fashion for a minute and let’s talk about women’s shoes.

Like Women the first thing they notice on us are our shoes…

                                                                                 (Picture Source:

…Car and the size of our wallet.  LOL, thought you would like that one.  Well let’s turn this around, because this is one of the first thing I notice on a women.  You can sit there and say you look at her ass or tits.  Well first of all, I graduated High School a long time ago and at my age I need to know if women knows how to dress their age.

As time goes on women are becoming more relaxed in their lives.

What I mean by that, women don’t take pride in what they look like anymore because of their relaxed jobs or they just given up on themselves.  For example where I work, we’re a company that enrolls multi-million dollar companies from all over the world for business training and start up.  You would think working in a successful company you would want to step up you fashion wardrobe.

I’m not saying get all Meryl Streep, in Devil Wears Prada…

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but dress appropriate because you are representative of the company.


Ok, stop thinking, Maybe they are busy or maybe they…. STFU.



When women resort to wearing Flannel shirts, ripped up jeans, with no make up, converse sneakers and no clue what a hair brush is.  This makes me think you just don’t give a fuck.

Now that I’m off the subject let me talk about my opinion and the 5 Shoes women should stop wearing.  Your shoes say a lot about you.  Don’t get me started on feet too.  Your feet are a reflection of your hygiene.  That will be in my next blog.

#1 The woman’s Wedge aka (The Horse Hooves, Frankenstein)

Ladies, what the Fuck are these?  It looks like you have Horse Hooves on.  What are you hiding?  I’ve seen these shoes while women are wearing beautiful dresses and their legs nice and muscular.  To me this is an extreme turn off.  You kill what ever outfit you are wearing.

You might as well be hauling around a bag a hay over your mouth because these shoes are hideous.  I love a pump on a woman or even a sexy open toe shoe.  It will accentuate your legs, especially your calves… It’s like a man wearing a tuxedo and wearing sneakers

By Wearing these shoes you just kills the whole imagination of your modern look.  These are not Dress Shoes, nor shoes that you wear in professional office.

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#2 The Wedge Sandal (aka Trailer Park Stompers)

Here is another form of shoe that really makes me look the other way.  At least in this picture they used a model with pretty and clean feet.

Well that’s not the case every time I see these on a women.  First of all, these are not dress appropriate shoes to wear with a business suit or formal occasion.

Every time I see a woman wearing these is because she is short and really doesn’t care about her appearance.  Well if you don’t care about your appearance then why is it so important to look tall.  Major Turn Off.

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#3 The Baby Doll Shoe Wedge (aka The I’m 30 trying to like 8)

Okay, who in the hell told you that you need to dress like a doll.  The last time I saw these type of shoes where on a Cabbage Patch Kid.  Or one of those dolls when you lay them down they close there eyes and you pick them up and they say, “Momma.”

Ladeis, again these are a big turn off for men and this shows your level of maturity when you wear these out.  If you want to get your Rock-a-billy on, do that at events. Not for everyday use.

Dress your age not your shoe size.

(Picture Source

#4 Toms Slip on (aka  Mummy Shoes, Feet Fermentures)

If a line has to be drawn it has to be here.  Really what the fuck?  Did you grab medical tape and just wrapped them on your feet.  Ladies What does this say to the world?

“I don’t care about nothing and i’m proud of it, I also want the world to smell my stinky ass feet.”

Please don’t even go there, “But Tom gives a pair to needy children in Africa.”  That’s good for him.  But you’re not needy, you just want to look it.

Simple math.  Tom’s sells these shoe’s for $50.00 dollars, His cost to make these is $5.00, plus he gives a pair away, that’s a total of $10.  Wait there’s $40’s left… Genius, this man is a Millionaire.  So stop looking like a mummy.

#5 Berkinstock Sandals (aka Hippie Slippers, Bush Pussy Slides)

I’m sorry but Woodstock was over 30 years ago.  Why are you wearing your grandma’s shoes.  Every women I see wearing these type of shoes looks like she hasn’t bathed in about a week.  She also doesn’t know what a razor for her legs are.

Not to mention what a little higher looks like, Hence the aka (them Bush Pussie Slides).  I know all these shoes must be comfortable as hell.  You need to know how to separate your comfort to dress appropriate in the work place.

If you’re a Flower Child and don’t care what you look like, well more power to you.  This is why you’re probably single.

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#BONUS 6 Ballerina Shoes (aka Electrical Tape Shoes)

Unless you’re a Ballerina and your job is to dance, then this should be the only time you should be wearing these shoes.

It goes back to dressing your age.  I can see them on a little girl.  Women, you can’t take this serious.  This tells me you don’t know how to walk in heals or just stopped your outfit from the ankles down.

Most of the times these shoes look so tight on a woman’s feet, it looks like their toes are about to explode out.

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In NO way am I saying not to wear these shoes. Ladies, stop wearing these in a business environment or maybe in life at all.  We’re in a time where women are angrier because of what they make in wages at work or how they get treated.  Well Dress how you want to get treated and stop complaining.

The same way you like a man to look good is the same way we should see our women.  If you like your man to wear Timberland Shoes, Sagging Pants, while Wearing a Wife Beater, then you have sometime mentally wrong with you.

You know the saying,

“Dress for the job you want, Not the one you have.”