By EsquireLife

October 8, 2017

Take Your Suit and Job Interview Serious

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We wear a suit for many occasions.  It could be the outfit we have to wear to our jobs.  Or something we put on to go to a formal occasion.  Unfortunately, some of us only have to wear a suit for a funeral.

Learn how to wear a suit.  Because some of us don’t wear a suit all the time, doesn’t mean you have to look like a Sea Bag with lips.  Especially, on the one of the most important days of our lives.  No, I don’t mean our wedding.  What I’m referring to is a Job Interview.

Going to a Job Interview is important, the way you are dressed for that interview will represent who you are.  Employers like to nit pick every thing about you.   To them and or me, you are a stranger trying to earn my trust to give you money to work.

We already know half your resume’ is a lie to begin with.  

So without saying a word you have already lost half the battle.  You don’t want to lose the other half with the clothes that you are wearing.  You should already have the job as you walk in to your interview, even before you shake their hand.  Simply but the way your suit looks.  Your Suit should exude confidence and not look like your Mommy Dressed you.

Here are 5 things you not to wear with a suit.  NEVER EVER

1. Earrings

Wearing earring with any business or formal occasion is a big No No.  To me you are showing that you are not grown up.  Earrings are an accessory that should not be paired with a suit or tux.  The most you should have on with a suit is a watch that compliments that attire.  I can’t stand looking at a man with big ass fake Cubic Zirconia earring in a suit.

I remember watching an episode of Grant Cardone’s show.  There was a guy wearing a suit and earrings and Grant calls him out and says, “Are those real Diamonds in your ears.”  “Because if there fake then you are showing me that you are Fake, so take those off now.” This man runs a multimillion dollar empire, he doesn’t want fake people representing his company with fakes. Especially looking Ghetto with earring in a business environment.

Even if the diamonds were real, look at Damond John, from Shark Tank.  I know that he’s a millionaire, but he just make he entire outfit look stupid with those big ass diamonds on his  ears.  There’s a time and place with eccentric jewelry and the board room is not it.  I’m glad the other men like Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, don’t wear earrings.

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My ears are also pierced and I have real diamonds to wear, but never in a suit or tux.  Especially those big ass gauged earrings that look like a truck hitches.  Let me stop there.

2.  Sneakers
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We are in a world now, where fashion has become more relaxed.  What I’ve now seen is men wearing sneakers in suits.  WTF… really.  Sorry, DUDE.  I can’t take you serious.  It’s like you want to dress up but the kid in you say, “Well only dress up a little bit.”

The other day at the beach I saw a wedding party and the Grooms men were wearing Black Tuxedos with Black Shorts and Black Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.  Please shoot me now or tell the Bride she is marrying a boy not a man.  That’s a good excuse to be a run away bride.

I know that your sneakers cost you more than a car payment but that doesn’t mean you can wear them for a formal occasion.  Little boys want to dress like men, and men want to dress like little boys.

Also another shoe that I’ve seen men wear is these black work shoe.  Seriously, if your shoe has a steel toe in it, it is not for formal wear.


3.  Logo Belts (Gucci Belts)

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If your belt cost more that your entire outfit please don’t wear it.  To me that is showing me that you’re not financially responsible.  Stop focusing more on showing the world the logo of your belt than showing the world you are educated or serious.  You know your shit is fake, so when you wear fake then you will be fake.

You’re not at a fashion show.

Your suit is your attraction not the logo.  

If the logo is so important then I would wear my suit jacket inside out so everyone can see my Hugo Boss label.

Like I mention there’s a time and place.  I have a couple of Hermes and Salvatorre Ferregamo Belts, but when my company needs my to represent them, I make sure I am not eccentric.

This kid one time, it was his graduation day, and he was wearing his blue cap and gown.  Well this dumb ass had the front of his gown tucked into his pants just to show off his Gucci Belt.  What a fucking moron.  Well I hope he makes manager at McDonalds soon, because that is the direction this kid is going.

4.  Cologne

Don’t you ever wear cologne to a Job Interview.  OMG, you fucking reek. Remember you have to get the attention of the interviewer through how you sell yourself.  The last thing you want them to do is get a headache and they have to cut the interview short because you are wearing Joop.

Not even a drop of cologne.  Others might not agree with the smell.  And some of you motherfuckers don’t know how to spray it on.  You’re not on fire so stop trying to extinguish yourself with the whole bottle of cologne or perfume.

Also, don’t ever wear any fragrance, you don’t want to trigger any bad memories from a woman interviewer.

“OMG, he smells like my Ex… He’s not getting the job.”


5.  Bottom Down Collar (Really Mr. Buffet)

I don’t know who in the fuck invented the button down collar.  I hate seeing that with a tie.  Your collar should be lose especially when you’re wearing a tie. Since your buttons are holding on to dear life what does it makes the collar expand, looking like your shirt just spread eagle.  Also color shirts to wear in an interview.

  1. White
  2. Light Blue
  3. Grey
  4. Light Pink

6.  (BONUS) Cell Phone

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I know your suit jacket has pockets, but the moment your pull out your phone to check something that is an immediate disqualification to us.  That shows us that you will always be on your phone when you’re at work.

I know you dumb ass, “But all my important information is on there.”  Then make sure you write down anything important.  Your contacts, phone numbers that you are going to use for reference.  Trust me when you’re waiting for us to call you in for your interview we’re watching your demeanor.  They’re called cameras.  And all we see is your face stuck in your phone, you might as well just get up and go home.