By EsquireLife

January 14, 2018

Dress Like My Woman, WTF?

What are you talking about?  You will understand once I explain. Like you probably already know by reading my Blogs, I love to dress my age, and most importantly, I love to dress to my success level.  I’m not like losers out there that buy a Gucci Belt and thinks that’s the focus of there entire ensemble. Meanwhile, there Rolex is ticking not sweeping.

Now back to my topic.  I see this all the time, at restaurants, parties, clubs. What am I talking about?  When a man’s attire does not compliment his “Wahmen.”  (A PewDiePie reference) Women spend hours to look beautiful.  Hair, Make Up, Heals, Dress, Ear Rings, Purse, Nails.  Holy crap.  Just last night I took my wife to a romantic dinner, and it took her 2 hours to get ready.  When she walked out after a pain staking 2 hours, I was blown away on how she looked.  I almost asked her, “Ah, is someone else better looking that me going to pick you up?”  She looked HOT.

I wanted to post a picture of her but I don’t want Horn Dogs out there doing evil things with it.  

Her hair was curled, make up on point, wearing a body fitting purple dress that showed off her cleavage and made her ass pop.  She also wore sexy ass open toe heals that I bought her for Christmas. Yes, my wife has sexy ass feet.  And since Purple is the family of Pink, she pulled out her Pink Yves Saint Laurent Matelasse Purse.  Now that you have an idea how HOT my wife looked, can you image a loser Man-Boy showing up to pick her up wearing a T-Shirt, Sagging Jeans, Sneakers, Base Ball Cap, Fake Cubic Zirconia earrings, while driving a lowered beat up Honda Civic that sounds like 2 lawn mowers fighting each other and the bass from the stereo is rattling the whole car apart, but wait but the Gucci Belt is shining brighter that his rims.

First of all, a lot of men don’t know how to dress, Second of all, most men don’t know how to compliment their woman?  You guys look like idiots walking with your woman.  You look more like that man that is about to mug her instead of the man that courts her like a gentleman.  It took me 10 minutes to get ready for dinner.  Not because I just grab anything and threw it on, but because I have my wardrobe organized.  Dress Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Ties on one side of my closet, Sneakers, Jeans, T-Shirts on the other side.  This is why I was able to get dress so quickly because I’m organized. This way I’m not mixing up my clothes and wearing sneakers with a suit like some boys out there.

“What about wearing Earrings in a suit?”

Of course NOT my immature little friends.

“Well what did you wear to compliment her?”  If you’re wondering what I was wearing, I had on a dark brown suit, with a pink button up long sleeve shirt. My Shirt had dark blue pin stripes to compliment the dark purple dress my wife was wearing. I didn’t wear a Tie, because I wasn’t going to be too formal.  To compliment my suit I wore Black moccasin leather buckle shoes. Yes I was wearing a Black Salvatore Ferragamo belt, but only because my shoes were also Ferragamo. My belt was not the focus of my outfit because,

I kept my suit jacket buttoned up like a gentleman.

I only unbuttoned it when I sat down at my table for dinner.  (Plus my gut hid half the buckle.)  Since I was not wearing a tie, I took that opportunity not to wear socks to give my outfit a relaxed semi business casual look.  I like wearing “No Show” socks because it’s nasty when your feet sweat in $650 shoes.  And I top it all off in my suit jacket had a blue pocket square to compliment the blue pin stripes on my shirt.

Now, do you see how I complimented my woman.  I was able to use some of the colors from my outfit to semi match what she was wearing.  So now when I’m walking next to her, people see and say, “Holy Shit, that’s a sexy ass couple, but how is that woman with that man?”

“He either has a lot of money or a big dick.”  

Well lucky for her I have both and most importantly I have a lot of Confidence.

You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look successful.  A lot of clothing companies have stepped up their fashion game to make you look like a million dollars.  I say this because some idiots out there will say, “I don’t have the money to buy a expensive suit or shoes.” Yet you buy a $300 Gucci belt that is worth more than your entire wardrobe?  Oh wait your Belt is fake?  Well there you  go, that should say a lot about your priorities.  If you can’t afford to have decent dress clothes to compliment your hot ass woman, then you can’t afford to have a “Hot Ass Woman.”

You need to step up your wardrobe,

not just to compliment your woman, but what if you have to go to a job interview?  Oh wait, you don’t have a job and you have a Hot Ass Woman in your life?

Honestly, you don’t have a problem, your Woman is the one that has a problem because now…

“Your Woman just needs a new man.” 

Next time your woman get’s all dressed up and looking HOT as hell… So Hot that you think every man in the world wants to steal her away from you.  I was going to say something else like, “Every man in the wolds wants to ____ her…” (it rhymes with “Truck.”)  Sorry, “Christian Channel,” another PewDiePie reference)

Back to our program.. She looks so HOT and you’re looking like a bag of ass, because you don’t know how to dress to compliment her…

The next time she’s dresses up like this, please remember what I’m about to say…

“She’s not dress up for you,

She’s dressed up to impress other men that will compliment her, because you DON’T.” 

Oh did that hurt?  This is so true, now do you see why you have to step it up, you idiot.  Don’t be complacent with your woman because trust me there’s a man out there that will snatch her up and leave you crying like a little bitch.  Women always get what they want.  I always tell my wife, if there’s a better man out there than me, please don’t let me stop you from living a better life.

This is why I work so hard for my success and my woman. The day I give up on myself and life and not compliment “My Hot Ass Woman.”  She will trade you in for a better, Younger, Richer, Slimmer bigger dick man than you.  Trust me, there are better men out there than you and me,

But you have to work hard to show HER, there isn’t any.