By EsquireLife

July 9, 2017

Like the next person, I love to eat and one on my rewards is to get all,

Suited and Booted

when I go out to a fine restaurant. Every time, I always make sure before I select a fine restaurant I find out what there dress code is.  Alway, I choose a restaurant because it has valet, and at least 4 out of 5 star on the price level, and the location, meaning if it’s down town San Diego I will not go.


But most importantly I choose the restaurant if the Dress Code is “Business Casual, Business, or Dress Elegant.”  That is a very important part because that will determine the caliber of that restaurant.  It’s not everyday that I wear of suit or even wear slacks and a collared shirt, but any opportunity I have to dress up, I always go all out.  That also gives me the opportunity to pull out my beautiful watches.  I really make an effort to look great and feel great when I dress.

I love pulling up to the Valet in my BMW 650 Convertible.

while the Valet stands there patiently waiting to open the door for me.  I step out of my car with confidence, wearing my suit and my Ferragamo shoes pressing against the ground as I walked out.  “Enjoy your Dinner Sir,” says the Valet as I give a cool smile. And all that experience goes to shit when I walk in to the restaurant and I see people in F’en Jeans, Shorts, T-Shirts, Men wearing sandals.  WTF, really?

What really makes me upset, I should just say, what really pisses me off, is the restaurants allow them to walk in.  All of a sudden the value of the restaurant goes down in my eyes.  Why did I waste my time getting dressed up if someone else didn’t make that effort like I did.  Your website clearly states, DRESS CODE, BUSINESS Dress.


Restaurants should stand behind there policies and uphold them.  I remember going to a night club one time and they didn’t allow me to go in because, I had jeans on.  I wore a dress shirt and dress shoes but my jeans were a no go.  This is how these restaurants should be also.  Have a security guard or a bouncer out side checking everyones outfit.  “Sorry Sir, you’re not walking to this restaurant with your Busted up Toes and nasty ass Sandals.”  “You better get out of here with your cargo shorts.”

I feel that these men were dragged to dinner by there wives.  Honestly they’re dressed as if they were ready to eat at a TailGating Party at a football game.  Sandals?  Really!  I don’t want to see your ugly un-pedicured  ass feet in a restaurant.  To me that’s disgusting.  I get my feet pedicure regularly but I still have the common decency to cover up my feet if I go out to eat.

I don’t want to name the restaurants that allow this.  There is this one restaurant that was formal dining and when I was there I saw a famous football player in there.  While everyone in there restaurant was dressed to the nines, this mother F’er had on Jeans, Nike shoes, and a VNeck sweater on.  This is how much it pissed me off that I still remember what he wore.

Seriously Dude,  you make Millions of dollars a year playing a sport that you love, dress your F’en salary.  If I would have walked in dress the same way he was dressed, I would have not been allowed in the restaurant.  People now a days just don’t care about what they look like.  If you don’t know how to dress in a fine dining restaurant then you shouldn’t be going there.

In conclusion, sometimes I have to bite my tongue and say, “If I’m overdressed, then I’m the best looking person in the room.”  I worked hard to make the money I make.  I want to make sure if I dine at a 4 to 5 star restaurant, they better enforce their dress code.

P.S.  Men, set up your dress game.  I see women making a huge efforts to look beautiful and your lazy ass are more concerned that your Jordan’s are on point.  WTF.  Please, let me tell you a quick story and I am done complaining.

I recently had a party at my house, and one of my guests showed up with her significant other.  For a nice woman she was dress very nice, by wearing a dress, pumps and made sure she looked sophisticated.  Well, her date must have not got the MEMO, because he did not compliment her at all.  This kid (Yes, kid) had on Nike Jordans, Sagging his Levi’s jeans, a Champion Sweat Shirt. Let me add that the sweat shirt was 2 sizes too big.  He was definitely rocking his Oakland Raiders ball cap.

WTF, bro… compliment your woman, act like you want to be with her and not look like her Gardener… In the end, I don’t think women dress up to impress there men. I think, they dress up in hopes to fined a better one.  I’m just saying.  #setupyourgamemen