By EsquireLife

March 3, 2019

Do you like me?  Why do you want to impress me? Do you want me to Like you?

Are you gay?  Honestly, I’ve met gay men and none of the gay men I’ve met were trying to impress me.  Why is it that men love to impress other men.  I see it day in and day out in the industry I’m in.  Men don’t purchase items for them selves, they purchase items so other men can get jealous or want to impress them.

Are men that are insecure they need to seek attention from the same gender?  

What do you expect from this, sex, fame, idolization?  I always ask myself this.  Do you really think wearing a Gucci Belt and Gucci sneakers is really going to make my dick hard for you?  Next time you’re on the streets and see a man that’s just talking non stop on how he’s is a hustler, please run the other way, he wants you to love him and butt fuck him.

If I can see more than 3 brand names on your person you’re a Label Hoe.

Since you’re broke ass over paid for those labels you have to get acceptance from another man to make your purchase worth the money you paid.  Hold on, let me stuff the front end of my big ass sweater in my jeans so you can see what type of belt I’m wearing. You’re eccentric because you have no value.  You don’t bring shit to the table.

Fashion items don’t make the man, The struggle makes the man.

I can make a $100 suit look like a $1000.00 suit because I’m valuable.  The suit is just there so you don’t see my dick hanging out because you might want to suck it. Of course I love to wearing expensive items, but I don’t have to show the world what they are.  They other day I wore sweats to work with some dirty ass sneakers because I had to clean out my office and didn’t want to get dirty and guess what…,

I was still treated with the same respect, because I bring value.

It doesn’t matter if I was wearing my $15,000 watch and $800 Italian shoes, I bring value to people and I wear things because I can afford my luxuries.  Why do I have that type of respect, because I’m an expensive brand. I know how to make money and make people successful.  People contact me because I’m the expert.  To quote Jermaine Dupree,”I can make Salvation Army Clothes Look Good.”

“People only Come to me for Two Reasons, Inspiration or Desperation” – Dan Pena

You’re desperate, this is why you seek me.  My expertise will take you and your business to the next level, all you have to do is fucking listen to me.  Yet, you’re on your phone texting your bitches, the same bitches that paid for your sorry ass to come see me.  If you wanted inspiration you would pay for my meal, instead I’m paying for yours and you’re ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.

You’re a starving ass bitch.  You’re Gucci Belt ain’t making you shit.

You show others that money is not an object, yet you cringe of the cost of my events and the tools that will make you successful.  Why is it that you seek advice and when direction is given to you, you ignore it as if you’re better than all.  Are you entitled?  If you are then get the fuck out of my face, because I’m not. I worked hard for what I have and I’m at the level where I’m at because of my passion.  Sorry to say this, but there’s no blessings in my life or hand outs that were ever given to me.

“Passion Doesn’t Bring the Cash In…” – EsquireLife

You brag to other men that you have cars, expensive sneakers and expensive belts, yet you don’t have any money to start your business.  You have to make sure your expensive brand labels are noticeable to world because you as a person is not a brand.  I really don’t give a fuck that your jacket says, “GUCCI.”

Did Gucci pay you to wear that? Or did you pay the Brand?

All you do is show off what you don’t have.  How are those sneakers making you any money?  How is tucking your big a$$ sweater in your jeans to show off your belt going to make you any money?  Stop showing off.  Everyone that attends my events are always bragging how they’re Hustlers and they run 10 different business.  But when it comes to take action with me you stumble over your words and find every excuse on why you can’t come up with the money to move forward and invest in your business.  Hustlers get tired, Successful People bring value.

Talk all you want, I’m not a homosexual so stop telling me how big your dick is.

Men impress men because they’re insecure about themselves.  They can’t impress women because women see through their lies and cons.  As a matter of fact, women are the reason that you have your wardrobe because you don’t have any credit or money to invest in you or your business.  Yet you call them your “Bitches.”

You must be a Pimp then…

Last time I spoke to one of these idiots they were flossing on how their investor was going to put up the money. Come to find out your investor was a woman that paid for you to attend my event because you convinced her to fund you.  You’re not a Entrepreneur you’re a Fucking Con-Man. When you don’t pay, you don’t Pay attention.  Your investor, my ass… If you don’t have any money to start a business…. Guess what…

…Don’t Start a Fucking Business.

It’s like watching a Exercise work out video, you can watch it one million times, it’s not going to make you lose weight.  You got sold you dumb ass.  These work out companies know that 90% of these people buy but don’t do anything because they’re lazy and that’s what you’re fucking LAZY…  They want things fast without the hard work.

Do I really care what you do when you leave…

Honestly, I do care. A lot of my attendees spend all there hard earn money to come see me, and those that feel that I’m there last chance, listen to me and succeed.  But don’t I care about the others that just attend to impress me, how are you impressing me, because your sneakers are worth more than your car?

I don’t give a fuck that you have cars, I have cars too.

I know which ones are going to make it and who are the ones that going to fall on their ass.  The motherfuckers that are always on there phones acting like they have an important calls to make.  Dumb ass if you were important you wouldn’t be here with me.  I’m trying to make you important, you ignorant bitch.

Who in the fuck are you texting all day while you’re here with me.  

That is the lowest form of disrespect to me.  You’re late because of traffic, yet I can make it there on time.  You smoke drugs during my events because you feel you’re better than everyone.  What does show everyone?  You’re not here to be successful you’re here because you’re trying to find more men to show off too.

“Why do you only have a Tesla and not a Lamborghini?…”

…I had an attendee tell me one time.  Well first of all you broke motherfucker, I have Tesla’s, as in multiples of each.  How many Lamborghini’s do you have, wait, how many Tesla’s do you own?  The reason I don’t have a Lamborghini is because I can’t afford one and I’m not trying to impress you.  If I have a Lamborghini will it make you pay more attention to me, will it make you show up to my event on time.  With me having a Lamborghini will it make you get off your fucking phone while I’m presenting?  I don’t have a Lamborghini because I don’t want to be your bitch…

You’re my bitch because you came to see me.

Now a days your resume’ is your fashion, and that’s ok, because I have a Gucci Belt.  But what’s the purpose of having a Gucci Belt if you don’t bring value to you anyone or your business.  Does having an expensive belt show others that you’re important, or does it show others that you don’t know how to invest your money.  If the belt you have is worth more than your entire outfit and without it no one will notice you, then you’re a definitely insecure.

Have fun trying to impress other men….

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