By EsquireLife

January 21, 2018

The Backpack that will Change Your Life

Why would I want to purchase a Puku Pals Backpack?  I’ll tell you why.  I’ve never seen so much dedication from a company to put out a product of quality and beauty.  The backpacks I’m referring to is…

Puku Pals Backpack  

puku pals backpacks bear, owl, space monkey, and bunny

puku pals backpacks: bear, owl, monkey, and bunny

Puku Pals – Premium Kids’ Backpacks with Creative Animal Designs

The reason I want you to purchase one or all of these backpacks is because I did.  I saw this company grow from an idea all the way to reality.  (First seen on Salomondrin’s YouTube channel) When I see passion like this I always want to be the support of the growth.  I remember watching this channel on YouTube and seeing the struggle of them wanting to get everything perfect on the Puku Pals.

“Why do want a backpack be perfect?  It’s a kids backpack.”

Puku Pals Back Pack

puku pals backpack owl

Just hearing that made me want to learn more about the company.  Perfect? Quality?  I needed to find out why that was so important.  Continuing to watch their YouTube Channel after a couple of months, they finally received there prototype and I remember one the company owners mentioning that he didn’t like a certain material on the backpack.  I was intrigued because to me the backpack looked perfect, but this was only me watching their YouTube video.

puku pals backpack owl

puku pals backpack owl

After a couple months Puku Pals released their line of backpacks and I was ready to go and purchase them to see what they were referring to.  After seeing the backpack in person I finally understood the quality and craftsmanship.

puku pal backpack space monkey

puku pal backpack monkey

I purchased the Owl Back back for my wife and she takes it every where she goes.  Every single time she takes her Puku Pals Backpack any where, she’s always getting stopped and complimented on it.  Now I know why quality was so important to this company.

puku pal backpack bunny

puku pal backpack bunny

Watching Puku Pals YouTube videos from infancy to a completed product made me feel like I was part of the company.  I felt their struggles and frustrations and now that they in full production, I was willing to invest in them.

puku pals backpack teddy bear

puku pals backpack teddy bear

Even though these backpacks are for kids don’t let that discourage you and purchase them for adults.  The guys from Puku Pals are always carrying them because they are proud of their product.  This is why I am not afraid to Rock the Monkey Puku Pals for me.

My Wife at Dinner with her Owl Puku Pal
puku pal backpack owl

So buy these Puku Pals backpack for you, your kids or just to collect.  Once you purchase one you’re going to want to collect them all.  Trust me.

This Weekend my Wife Rocking Puku Pal

puku pals owl backpack

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