By EsquireLife

August 20, 2017
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These Persol Sunglasses

really complimented Steve McQueen’s

suit, like nothing else

Sunglasses are items we need to use to block glare from the sun and of course to protect our eyes from UV rays.  Sunglasses have also been part of fashion since I can remember. One of the first images I remember seeing was a picture of Steve McQueen wearing a pair of Persol Sunglasses.  He knew how to wear the perfect sunglasses with any outfit. But as much as we want to be debonair like him, others struggle to find the perfect shades for there outfit.

Sunglass companies have created different frames to accommodate different lifestyles.  You have Sporty Frames, Light Weight Frames, Metal Frames, Interchangeable Frames, and my favorite, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”  Just making sure you’re paying attention.

So even though there are different frames for your lifestyle, one thing that hasn’t changed is the elegant Dress Suit and Tuxedo.  So don’t ruin the look by wearing the wrong Sunglasses.

Not every pair of sunglasses will compliment a suit.

Here’s a bad example of the wrong sunglasses to wear.  Oakley sunglass are considered Sport sunglasses.  Not to knock on this brand but they’ve really stepped up there look.  But these sunglasses are clearly not fashionable enough for a suit.  What do you think?


(Bradley Cooper, Starring in American Sniper)

I watched the movie American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper.  In one scene of the movie were he’s getting married, some of his Seal Training Instructors are attending and unfortunately wearing the MOST hideous sunglasses.

I wore those type of sunglasses when I was deployed to Iraq while in the Marine Corps.  The sunglasses I’m referring to are Wiley X.  There’s a time and place for those type of Sunglasses, “Like in Combat.”  Or when your’re in a Camouflage Uniform, hunting, cycling but not in a dress suit.

Another bad example of Oakley’s in dress…

Also, do not wear colorful frames when you’re wearing your suit, unless you’re in a 80’s Music video while wearing a thin Piano Tie.  Spy and Oakley’s glasses with the + or O logo on the side of the bridge just advertises to the world, “I’m and big douche and don’t know how to dress up.”

If you don’t have a pair of nice conservative sunglasses to wear with a suit, I suggest not wearing any at all. Think about my watch article, if you don’t have a nice watch to wear, then don’t wear on at all.

I do recommend wearing wired/metal or a thin plastic black frame. No, I did NOT say Aviators Glasses either.  “Oh by the way the 90’s called, they want their mirrored sunglasses back.”

You’re NOT Secret Service…

RayBan makes some nice frames but the only thing I dislike about RayBan is that they plaster their logo all over them. Be Like Casey Neistat and just scratch and grind the logos off.

Here are some sunglasses I wear that I think compliment my suits.  They can be universal for casual and business dress.

The Sunglasses I wear with my suits are Prada Black

Chrome Sunglasses.

ruben valenzuela

I also wear some Tortoise colored Persol’s when I wear a suit with No tie.

Almost having that business casual look.  Try not to wear sunglasses that advertise the brand.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Casey Neistat a YouTube Vlogger,


Jack Nicholson, rocking RayBan Wayfarers since the 70’s


Try to be conservative with your frames.  Don’t try to show the world that I have expensive sunglasses on.  Show the world you know how to dress, and your sunglasses are just an extension of your suit and not the main attraction.