By EsquireLife

March 17, 2018

Let’s talk about personal hygiene.

We all know how to take a shower, wipe our ass and brush our teeth.  But some of you women and men out there don’t know how to take are of your feet. Holy crap people look like you sporting some eagle talons and don’t know how to moisturize your heels.

One thing I find disgusting is when I’m in a nice restaurant and I see a man walk in wearing jeans and sandals.  WTF?  First, of all to me that is showing that you are lazy and don’t care about your appearance. Second, You’re in a nice restaurant, and I don’t want to see your ugly ass toes and ashy heels.

Third, You’re in a nice restaurant, and I don’t want to see your ugly ass toes and ashy heels.  

Yes, I said that twice.  Ok, there is a time and place where you can wear sandals… Like when you”re wearing shorts and you are at the park or at the beach.  Men get your damn pedicure. There’s a reason why shoes are covered, because I don’t want to see your nasty feet.  Especially when I’m paying good money to be at a restaurant and you don’t care about your appearance.  Half of that blame also goes to restaurants for allowing Nasties to walk in to a restaurant like that.

I’m not claiming to have pretty feet, which I do have, but I at least get my feet taking care of every couple of months by Mai and Lux Nails.  They love working on me because, they know that I’m confident in my appearance and hygiene.  Every time I’m getting my pedicure with my wife I’m the only man there because others are too scared to go in.

Not Macho, because if there were Macho they would at least try.

Even if I do take care of my feet, I know the time and place where I can wear sandals.  Regardless, if I’m going to a fast food place I make sure I wear shoes.  I don’t want women to fall in love with me toes because of my sexy feet.  No, idiots, I have common sense now to wear in a food like environment.

Tom Ford, famous fashion designer even said,

“I Find Men in Sandals Disgusting.”  

Women, please cut your toe nails and stop showing off your feet when they look like you haven’t painting them in 2 years.  I don’t know what it’s called, but when a woman hasn’t painted here nails in a couple of month and she get that gap of paint from here cuticles.  Also when her paint is all chewed up, that it looks like she’s been kicking rocks barefoot.  Please ladies, your feet are a representation of other parts on your body.

 “If them toes are broke, then that pussy ain’t woke.”  

I don’t know who said that but, him and I have something in common.

Unless you are a flower power hippie that doesn’t care about your feet, that’s fine, just but don’t be coming into Ruth Chris thinking you own the place. If you’re going to be exposing your feet, at least make sure that they are groomed.  Your toes don’t have to be painted but just make sure you clean them up.  Especially, when you wear open toe pumps.  Some times your ugly ass toes will ruin your outfit.

I had a student walk into my class one day wearing jeans and white sandals.  I had to lie to him and tell him that OSHA doesn’t let any one be in sandals, you need closed toes shoes.   Holy shit, I didn’t want to look at a man’s ugly feet the whole time I taught the class.  He actually went back to his vehicle and put on his Golf Shoes.

It’s not that I don’t like feet, it’s just you need to take care of them.

Think about being barefoot as being naked.  If you are going to show off your nakedness to the world don’t you want them to see a good representation of what the rest of you looks like?

When I was younger I was watching a porno.  True story, even my wife knows this story.  Well, as I was watching this adult movie.  The actress had the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen, to top it all off she had Blue polish on her toes.  I honestly, don’t remember what the flick was about, because all I did was stare at her feet.  Three minutes later, They were engraved in my mind forever.

You know how the film ended, all of them end the same way.

Til, this day I still look for that color.  My wife also has beautiful feet and guess what color here toes are… BLUE.  She’s knows that it reminds of that flick, but she wants to keep me turned on… Nah Mean?

Bad enough we have to look at your ugly face now I have to look down and look at your ugly feet.  Especially, at a restaurant where I’m eating.  Think about that next time you are eating, What is even worse is seeing some one wearing socks with sandals. Well at least  they know not to show them. But at the same time you look stupid as hell.

I don’t want to post examples of men in jeans wearing sandals.  Bad enough I have to see that in real life and I don’t want to see then on my blog…