By EsquireLife

July 4, 2018

You’ve been Sold, you just don’t know it

No this is not a Star Wars blog, but I do love the franchise.  I was always fascinated on how people say Yes to things when they’re buying.  But in order for us as sales people to get a Yes, you need to get into the customers mind and understand what they’re thinking.  Is this customer playing hard to get, or are they really that dumb that they just don’t understand.  As a salesman I have to learn how to paint the picture for the customer for them to understand.  I need tap into the customers mind and play them the movie that I’m trying to explain.  In order for me to do this, I need Jedi Mind Tricks.

The first thing is to understand why the customer is

in front of me.

Am I selling them a Want or a Need.  For me I love to sell on a want because customer doesn’t need my service, they want my services.  People are always more willing to spend on a want than a need.

For example.  As soon as the next iPhone comes out I know my dumb ass is going to Want it, because I love staying up to date on the latest technology.  My Tesla Model S, is two years old and I’m actually going to Tesla again and test driving the new P100D.  I know the technology in the vehicle is more up to date than my current vehicle and obviously way faster.  But I WANT a new car.  I don’t need a new car.

When a customer NEEDS something, they are more hesitant to purchase.

I need new tires for my car. Damn it, you will drive your car more carefully from now on because you want to stretch the life of the tires. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny to purchase new ones.  We always put off needs as far as possible because that’s an expense we don’t want to use.  Last year my water heater broke at my house.  I wasn’t excited that I was getting a new one, I was upset because that was a $1200.00 expense that I didn’t want to spend.  But I needed that water heater for my showers and other things.  Plus it leaked water all over my garage so I was pissed.  Why do you think people don’t like Mechanics, Plumbers, Dentists, etc.  They sell needs that we have no desire to spend on.

Oh but the new Gucci Shoes are on sale.

Boom you just dropped $800.00 on some loafers.

We are all hypocrites.

If you can sell a want it will make your life easy, but don’t get me wrong you might be in the need industry.  So sell with compassion, because you don’t want to be hated You just sold a $3500.00 transmission to Mrs. Smith.  Yes, unfortunately she needed that transmission but explain to her why she wants a transmission. Will it benefit her and make her car safer to drive.

In order for me to use my Jedi Mind Tricks to sell, I want to listen to the customer.  It’s called finding the need behind the need.  You’ve probably remember me saying this all the time in my previous blogs.  I need to find out why you are here.

“How can I help you.”

CUSTOMER: I need to buy some shoes.

NOTE: Typically you ask what size? But No, not here, get into the customers mind.  Find that need behind the need.

YOU: Thanks for coming in, what’s your name?

NOTE: We have to make that need into a want.  He doesn’t need a pair of shoes because he walked into my store already wearing  pair. Build rapport, ask for the customers name, how’s the weather etc.

YOU: Shoes? What’s the special occasion?

CUSTOMER: I’m going on a date.

NOTE: Remember it’s not the shoes that’s important it’s the customer and your concern for them.  He can buy shoes any where but he came to you.

YOU: A date? Nice, you’re probably going some where special and romantic.

NOTE: Normally this is where the customer might let there guard down and open up about the date or the person he is going with.  To him it feels like you’re excited for him and want to make sure you pick out the right pair of shoes.  A bonus too because he is trying to impress this date because he might want to get some booty after.

At this time I will get back to business, and ask a question.

YOU:  Are you looking for something in leather, Loafer, Lace up? Let me ask you this what are you planning to wear?

NOTE:  Did you see what I did there. I haven’t even sold him the shoes and I’m already getting ready for the up sell. It’s important to get the details because if this motherfucker say shorts and a TShirt, then you need to sell him the most expensive sandals you have.  He has no Fashion Sense.

CUSTOMER:  I’m wearing a Blue Suit with a white collared shirt.

YOU:  Business Casual, Great Choice.  Let me bring you something that will go great with the suit.

NOTE:  Praise him because you know he has style.  Am I bringing one pair of shoes?  Hell no, I’m bring at least 4 pair in all different colors.

YOU:  Since you’re wearing a Blue suit I brought these Black Ferragamo Loafers, Brown Allen Edmonds Lace ups, and Dark Blue Gucci Drivers.

NOTE:  Do you see that pattern here.  The Brands and the options.  Right now it’s about the options not the price.  Because once he brings up price I will bring up the need behind the need.  I need to close on the shoes first and then up sell and also cross sell.

I want the customer to try on the shoes because he will love the way they look and feel.  Price is not a concern over quality.

YOU:  What do you think of the shoes?  I like the way those Brown shoes look, especially with the blue color from your suit.  That would look classy. The black ones will also compliment the suit and you can always use the Blue ones casual too, so when you go on your second date you can always wear the blue shoes with jeans.

NOTE:  My Jedi Mind Tricks are in full effect, what am I doing?  I playing a movie in his mind.  I’m already selling 2 or maybe 3 pairs of shoes because the movie I’m showing him is already on part 2 of the date.  Remember he’s not always going be formal with his date. If you land a second date you’re really going to get some booty by the 3rd.

CUSTOMER:  You know you’re right? I’ll take the black and blue ones.

YOU:  Hold on Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids, check this out, I have the matching leather belt with Logo.  Especially since you’re getting the Blue Gucci’s.  You have to match your shoes and belts, it’s the fashion law and you don’t want to get arrested.

NOTE:  Humor, always sells.  It makes you look human to the customer and guess what? You just got UP SOLD.

CUSTOMER: Your right again.  Let’s do this.

YOU:  Total is $900.00, but trust me it’s worth it since you’re going to a nice restaurant and your date will probably look lovely like you.

NOTE:  Don’t hesitate on the price.  Say it with confidence.  A lot of so called sales people are scared to give a price.  Why are you scared, it’s what the item cost you idiot.

It’s about HIM and not the shoes or the price.

This is why I need to find the need behind the need.

CUSTOMER:  Wow, That’s very expensive.

Show concern and always agree with the customer.

YOU:  You are right they are expensive, but remember it cost money to look good and those shoes really look on you.  Especially tonight when your date looks at you in that Blue suit. You better call the fire department tonight because you’re going to look like FIRE…

NOTE:  Remember you’re buying a want not a need. A woman always looks at a man’s shoes. They get an opinion of you from the shoes you wear. Let him know that.

I call it Buy Once Cry Once.

YOU:  If you end up liking your date, you might get married in those shoes… and you know you’ll look good, because these shoes will look good in a tux also.

NOTE:  I just popped in another movie in his mind.

YOU:  Let me do this, let’s get the shoes and the belts, and I can give you this Hugo Boss Shirt for 50% off. Because you always need a Crisp White Shirt, especially in a blue suit.

NOTE:  Control the sale… Sneaky Bastard… I just cross sold you.

CUSTOMER:  Woah, I’m at $975.00 now.

YOU:  Yeah, I know right!  Normally that Hugo Boss shirt is $150.00 but since you’re getting the Gucci’s and Ferragamos with matching belt, I’m able to give you the shirt for $75.00.  Hold on, Let me get you some free samples and Tom Ford Cologne and a Free Pocket square for your suit.

NOTE:  You don’t know what just hit you.  I’m justify why you need to buy more and adding value to the sale.  Free Cologne…  It’s not like you paid for it, it’s free from the company to begin with.  Free Pocket Square, yeah that was in the clearance bin in the back of the store for $2.99 because it has a booger on it.

You just gave away $3.00 to make $975.00.  That’s a motherfucking Return on investment.  Stop your bitching and sell.  Get your own Jedi Mind Tricks.  They work but you have to be confident.

You need to learn how to be quick on your mind,

Because if your not, the customer will sell you on why they don’t need it.  Don’t be scared.  In the end you have to do a couple of things in order to get into the customer’s mind and sell them.

  1. Find out why they need you.
  2. Find the need behind the need.
  3. Close your primary deal and agree on a solid price.
  4. Always Up Sell and Cross Sell.
  5. Agree with the customers concerns but don’t give in.
  6. Paint the picture on how it’s going to benefit them
  7. Always go for the Close.
  8. Your customer’s are not your friends until they buy, but they are a value to you.
  9. It’s never about the product, it’s about how the product will help them.
  10. . In the End, if you can put yourself in the customers mind, it feels to them like you’re understanding to them and they trust you.

You only have to sell the customer a once.  There is a reason customer come back to you and don’t question you anymore.

You are now their Jedi.  You are in there mind from now on. They know where to go when they need something.