By EsquireLife

July 21, 2018

A Negative + A Negative = A Dumb Ass

Sorry that my math sucks, but you know what I’m talking about.  One thing I can’t stand in life is negative people.  They’re the type of people that as soon as you see them, they just drain the living soul from you.  Anything that comes out of there mouths is just negative.  Just recently I was having an event and saw the guest list, as soon as I saw a persons name on the list it just ruined my whole morning.  Every time this idiot shows up to my events, he just brings a black cloud of drama. And no I didn’t invite him. When that fucking idiot showed up, I felt that I had to baby sit him because I didn’t want him to spread negativity throughout my whole event.  Luckily for me he said that he had to leave early because something negative happened.

 True fucking story.

A lot of us thrive on negativity either because you’re a negative person or feed on it.  We watch these reality shows and we’re entertained because it makes our lives feel normal or you’re just getting ideas on how to be negative. All these little girls always love the bad boys because they’re negative, meanwhile your parents hate these guy.

Negative people think the world hates them and always gives them the short end of the stick.  If you think like that you’ll never strive for something higher.  If I show you how to do something and I tell you, “Ok, it’s your turn.” and the negative person always says, “Watch me fuck this up.” You might think it’s funny but it’s already thinking negative without trying.  Instead of saying,

“I’m going to try my best.”

My father was a negative person, he was comfortable with his life.  I would look at him and think he’s happy being in his bubble.  The more I studied my father the more I didn’t want to be like him.  “Why can’t I do this, Oh because it will never work.”  “What if I do this? You can’t handle it.”  Wow, as a father you would think he would encourage me to do greater things. When I enlisted in the Marine Corps, he told me that I wouldn’t last. I remember telling him one time, I want to buy my first luxury car, a BMW 650i.  Instead of him giving me a thumbs up, he told me, that I couldn’t afford it and it was too much car for me.  I have to live practical and I was showing off to the world.  WTF?

Well three years later I’ve owned 2 BMW 650i convertibles, 1 Tesla Model S, and a second Tesla Model S and Model 3 in the works, and a Bentley Flying Spur.  Now if I would have absorbed my father negativity I would probably be at home like him, hating the world.

I can’t think negative because I’m in the public light everyday.  Even when I think I’m being negative I have to put on a positive face.  There’s so much bad stuff out there that I have to stay away from.  People just want to bring you down.  Social Media has a bunch of people that just want to see what people are doing wrong just to criticize why you’re doing something bad.

Are you the fucking bad people police.

As a married man I have to also be careful.  All these crazy ass bitches want to ruin what I have. They know my life could have been with them, being happy with me and not my wife.   I dumped your ass for a reason because you bitches are being so negative.   Get a fucking life bitches stop trying to intrude in my positivity.  You had your a chance but you had to go crazy.

I don’t think with my dick. A lot of men do think with their dicks.  They go to a restaurant and see a hot young waitress with big tits and these perverts go crazy. The only thing she’s go for is to take your order.  She’s at work you perv this is not a brothel. At the end of the day how do you look at woman?  To me she is just a waitress doing her job.  I don’t use my dick to make decisions.  What will she do for me if we got together or hooked up?  Nothing.  Just take my order because i’m hungry

I didn’t look for negatives in my life I strived for that unicorn that everyone was scared to achieve.  When I married my wife she was never married before and no fucking kids.  Yes she was that unicorn, but because I’m a positive person in life she wanted a Man in her life not a little boy that attracts little girls.

Big Dick, Big Pockets

That’s what people think because I have my hot ass wife.  Luckily for her I have both, but also I knew how to sell her and prove to her, I strive for higher entities than me.  Negative people attract each other. This is why losers always have loser partners.  I had to find someone that was college degree educated, smart, tall, skinny, no tattoos, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, beautiful, with no kids or never been married before.  That’s a tall list but I got her, only because I was not negative.  Stop being negative.

The other day my wife went to a drive through to get some Mexican food.  Well, when the kid that took her order saw my wife he started spitting what he thought was game.  You work as a drive though boy at a Mexican restaurant.   What, are you the CEO and have 100 of taco franchises?  Are you going to do take my wife back to your mansion and give her your millions.  Grow up little boy.

There’s times where I’m walking with my wife at the mall, and these bitches just look at my fit wife and just stare at her up and down. Sorry bitches her 3 Karrot VVS diamond ring doesn’t give you the right to give her the ugly face.  Where’s your man, or the father of your 3 kids.  It’s funny because all these women that stare my wife up and down are always angry and with kids and especially NO Wedding Ring. Yeah your man is at his side chicks house. Sorry, Truth hurts.

It seems that I’m just venting because

I had a long week.

Think positive is what I always do.  If you’re in a slump keep your mind occupied.  This morning I went on a long bike ride to clear my mind from the negatives in life.  The trees and the air, the mountains I saw in my bike ride is all positive.  You need to keep negative thoughts from your head.  If you have a job that deals with negativity, make sure you leave that shit at the door when you walk into your house.

If I have a bad day, I always call my wife on the way home from work.  What I like doing is unloading my frustrations and she does the same to me.  So when I walk into my house, all I have to do is kiss my wife and take her out to dinner and not waste time talking about negatives and ruining my dinner at Seasons 52.  Since we all hate commuting and getting stuck in traffic I use that negative and the negatives from my days to make positives when I get home.

-1 + -1 = +1

I try very hard to find positivity in my life.  I recently discovered this successful business man by the name of Dan Lok.  He caught my attention because of his outlook on life.  He doesn’t sugar coat anything because he says that Business is War and if you don’t know how to fight in war your business will die.  I am able to relate to him because I treat my life as I’m in combat everyday.  This is why I know how to deflect negativity/enemy.  I’m alive today from war because I defended myself and my unit everyday in Iraq.  This is why my life is so easy but I still have to fight the enemy or negativity in my life.

Stop being the problem, be the Fucking Solution

Everyone complains about everything but don’t create a solution.  For example, everyone is so quick to talk shit about Elon Musk because of the Model 3 production issues, but you’ve never took the initiative to make your own electric automotive company.  You don’t even own a fucking Tesla. Everyone is so quick to talk about how immigration took the children from those parents that committed a crime, but no one stepped and said left me foster some of those children and take them under my wing.  Shut the fuck up.

But let me take a day off of work to go protest.  Oh wait you don’t have a job, so you can protest anytime.  At the end of the day I really don’t give a fuck how negative you are.  Just don’t bring your shit next to me.  I will be the first to call you out and say, “Are you ok, do you need a tissue for your bitch tears?”

I can’t teach you to be Positive and Successful, if I’m not Positive and Successful… Bitches