By EsquireLife

May 27, 2018

“The Sale Starts when the Customer Says No.”

Often times we hear the word No in life and we get discouraged or even give up.  As a kid you always asked for a toy, bike, maybe even a cookie, and the answer you received was No.  Well, if you really look at it, you weren’t in control of your life back then.  You’re grown now and capable of making your own decisions, Yet you let other people control you by the word No.  Stop being a little bitch and find out why No was given to you.

People are more scared of No,

because there mind just gets thrown into a loop.  To me the Sale starts when the customer says No.  I want to hear No in my sales because when I overcome your No, you will be more secure in your Yes decision.  You would be able to find a reason why you said Yes.  You need to be confident when you buy my services.  Make sure that I am the person with the solution to your problem.

When we hear No is sales, that’s usually a point where we need to close and start offering incentives to get a Yes.  “Do you want to buy my product?”  “NO” “Well let me give you a discount.”  “Let me see what I can do for you.”  Instead of finding the,”Need behind the Need,” at the beginning of the sale so you can use that as ammunition to overcome any No’s you’ll get.

Let’s find out the 3 NO’s you will get.

NO Number 1.  INDIFFERENCE.  Your customer is not excited.  Reel them in.  If you’re excited they will be excited.  Your marketing has to look professional.  Your words have to sound professional.  Tell me why you are not excited about my product?  Tell me what would make you happy to buy my product?  If I made you Excited about my product, would you buy?  Would you say, Yes. Getting a Yes, is always important.  Even if the Yes is not part of the deal.

“If you could have financing freedom to live comfortably, would you do this.” “Yes.”  “If it was raining and you’re soaking wet, and I gave you dry clothes and a umbrella, you would take it?” “Yes.”  “If you were trying to light your cigarette and didn’t have a match and I did, would you let me light it.” “Yes” Well motherfucker I’m here for you, get excited you little bitch.

NO Number 2.  DRAWBACK.   Your customer doesn’t like the price or the commitment.  This is where the Need behind the Need comes in.  Always ask the real reason while you are in the market to purchase.  “I want a hair cut.” That’s the need.  “Why do you need a hair cut?” “I’m going on a job interview and I want to look clean cut?”  That is the need behind the need? That will also give you the opportunity to Up Sell and Cross Sell.  “Well Sir, the haircut is $15.00.  Since you said, you’re going to a job interview, I do recommend a hot straight razor shave to compliment that clean haircut.

“Total will be $30.00.”

If he comes back saying he doesn’t need the shave.  Then you can bring back the need behind the need.  “You definitely want the cleanest shave because your job interview is important, correct?.” You know you will get a Yes.  “As a matter of fact let’s go ahead and get a facial done, you do want the job don’t you?”

“Your Total is now $45.00.”

NO Number 3.  SKEPTICISM.  The customer doesn’t believe you. You need to provide proof that your product works.  Show them pictures of your past work.  Let them feel, taste, hear your product.  If you have testimonials on your website let them watch them.  You have to make your customer a believer in order to make them purchase what ever you are trying to sell.  But a lot of times if the customer doesn’t believe you it’s because they don’t believe in themselves. You can show them all your awards but all they see is the end product.

Some people are lazy and only want the reward not the hard work it took to get there.

You need to let them know that you will be there to assist. Remember the word Assist.  A lot of these motherfuckers think Assist means Help and they want you to do all the work for them.  Paint the picture for them.  Let them know it’s hard work and then show them your $25,000 watch and say, “This one is mine, you need to get your own.”

NO Number 4. GETTING SOLD.  I know I only said 3, but here’s one a lot of people fail at.  Customers are smart and they know how to make you bow down to them.  They use their No to get you to submit to them, even though in their mind they already said yes.

Some sales people are so weak because they always get sold by their customer.  Please don’t you ever get sold by your customer.  “The Customer is Always Right.” HELL FUCKING NO… The customer is never right because they don’t have the credentials that I have.  They don’t fucking have the skill that I have.  You need to fucking sell your customers and sell them HARD, not soft sell these so called pussies sales people out there.

“I can get these cheaper some where else.”

If you’re worried about getting a cheaper price, then go and buy it there.   Why in the fuck are you wasting my time.  You want quality, then buy me, you want cheap then be gone bitch.

“If you can get it for that price, why didn’t you purchase it there?”

Stepping over dollars to pic up pennies. Don’t worry about the pennies bro, your about to lose hundreds…

Make sure you’re always are comparing Apples to Apples. Control the Sale because you’re in command.  I’m the Leader of this conversation.  Customer’s will nit pick words or look at similar pictures online.  They just see key words and not descriptions.  Explain the difference between your product and why yours is far superior.

Buy Once Cry Once

Explain to them your product is quality and worth buying. As far as the price, you can find anything cheaper any where else but there is a reason you are here. Price is not a option.  Rolex doesn’t give discount, you are Rolex quality you dumb ass.

All steak dinners are not the same.  I can pay $15.00 dollars at Red Lobster or I can pay $65.00 at Morton’s Steakhouse. The last time I dined at Morton’s, their menu didn’t even have prices.  Holy shit, I was paying for quality not quantity.

If you have to ask the price then you can’t afford it

Customer: “But once I buy, I will always come to you and buy. So give me a 50 % discount off my first purchase.”

You: “Once you buy, how many are you looking to purchase after this?”

Customer: “10”

You have to have the customer prove to you and earn that discount.  I had a customer one time tell me that he was going to give me all this business if I gave him 50% off.  I responded with this, “I will give it to you for Free if you’re really serious. Are you a serious buyer?”  This dumb ass eyes lit up and say Yes.  Let me do this for Sir, “Let’s do all of them at regular price and the last one will Free.” Because you said you’re going to purchase 10. You are Serious, correct.?

That’s what I thought you lying little bitch

He was never going to do anything, and come to find out he didn’t have anything to offer after the first account.  He just wanted to swindle me to get a 50% discount.  I pulled his punk card.

I finally got this dumb ass to buy at full price, then he tried to sell me again.  This guy thought he was slick, by asking me if he can get a discount if it took longer than I promised him.

Well first of all I never gave him a timeline. He just assumed it was going to take a certain time.  Well dumb ass for assuming this is what I told him.

“Of course I will give you a discount if it takes me longer.

Let me ask you this,

If I complete the job in less time,

Will you pay me more?”

He looks at me and says, “Your good.” He never tried to sell me again.

This idiot knew the quality I offered.  

I’m Rolex Bitch!