By EsquireLife

January 28, 2018

Law of Attraction is very powerful 

I’m a firm believer in Law of Attraction.  I don’t know if it’s something that you obsess for that you finally give in or you strive to get it?  The reason I believe in it so much is because it worked for many in many occasions like 7 years prior to getting my BMW 650i convertible, I always looked at it and said I going to get you one day.  Sure enough 7 years later I owned two of them.  Or when I spent over $13k for a watch because I wanted that Rolex since my 20’s… I acted like I wanted it.

So what did I have to do to achieve those goals in life?

I had to sell myself.  If you sell yourself into believing you are going to achieve goals you will get it.  You can’t be complacent in life and just stroll thorough life hoping someone will through you a bone.  You need to get off your lazy ass and do it.  If you’re a sales person you need to close more deals.  There is a reason why you only make a certain amount of money because you are comfortable.

The other day my wife and I went to a BMW Dealership in San Diego, to look for my next car.  We get there hoping to find a 650i Grand Coupe.  So I pulled up and parked my Tesla right in front of the dealership doors in hopes that some one would automatically see me and assist me.  I got out of my car and walked the dealership lot, in hopes that a salesperson would assist me.  It got to the point that we even went inside to use the rest room to try get attention from someone.  On the way to the rest room I walked by 5 sales people and not one acknowledge me.

I walked back out side and proceeded to the BMW i8, I thought, if someone really wants my money I could get there attention if I hover over this $145K vehicle.  Sure enough no body acknowledge me.  I didn’t take it as a negative sign towards me, I took this as a dealership that didn’t act like they needed a sale.  All the salespeople were wearing t-shirts not even looking professional.

They must of had a good month so far because everyone was in the showroom laughing up a storm.

At this point my wife and I left the dealership BMW of San Diego, and said I guess they don’t want my money.  In no way was I upset, but I know complacency when I see it.  Act like you want a sale, for example the dealership where I’ve bought my cars in that past.  I’ve purchase 8 vehicles from one dealership alone and 2 from another one.  The 2 BMW’s I purchase within a year of each other.  But these dealerships where on there sales games.  They were closers.

A Salesman Buys from Another Good Salesman

Enough about cars, but hopefully you get the point.  I don’t care that you already made your quota.  There is still next month.  I remember a saying from when I was a recruiter in the Marine Corps,”You were a hero to now you are a zero.”   One month I recruited 5 people in the Marines, but because I get complacent the following month I rolled a Goose Egg. Even my command got on my ass, but I got 5 last month. Nope, I was being lazy.

I’ve alway wondered as a kid, why do millionaires keep working, they are rich now?  Well now as a grown ass man knowing the rich likes to be richer.  The wealthy acts like they want it, and continues to want it.  This is why the wealthy might still work or have multiple businesses.

They let their money work for them, not work for there money.

I remember buying my first house.  It was beautiful and it was a wonderful experience for me. The moment I bought my house, I told myself, I can’t wait to buy my second house, that’s going to be twice as big as this one.  Wait What? My mind was already thinking of moving.  Exactly 2 years later, I purchase my second home which was double the size and exactly how I envisioned it.  Now I’m on to my 3rd house which will be my new chapter in life.

I know what you are thinking, I’m a person that doesn’t satisfy.  Of course I am, the way I look at life is never be complacent.  Not to bring up other women, but the reason I have ended past relationships is because those women were comfortable in life.  They didn’t want to excel because they were complacent with their Jobs and way of living.  I said Jobs not Careers, all of them cared more about likes on social media instead of money in their pockets.  Likes and selfies don’t pay the bills.  Funny that years later those same woman are reaching out to me because they knew what they lost.

Unfortunately ladies I’m married now, you snooze you lose.

In the media I’m always reading or seeing people throw out why they’re always broke, and complain about the rich, or why they dislike our leaders.  People please shut the fuck up.  It’s easy to complain, because you feel that complaining will get you results.  All you will find out that complaining will attract an army of complainers.  This is why protesting is so popular now.  Stop being part of the problem and be the solution.

If you’re tired of being broke then stop complaining and stop hanging around broke people. Are tired of the men you date when then stop picking thugs up at “Da Club?”  You are the problem of your anguish. Do you think you’re getting picked on because of what you look like then go somewhere else.  Everyone is a victim now a days because it’s easy.  No one wants to work hard and get out of a situation.  America is becoming a bunch of little bitches, and I didn’t fight in a war for you to complain.  Well technically I did, because I fought for your freedom.

There’s one thing to be Born Poor, There’s another thing to Stay Poor.

Holy Shit, what was I talking about.  Wow I took my story clear out of path.  To be continued…