By EsquireLife

May 16, 2021

Fuck your title

I see these motherfucker’s every day. I’m an entrepreneur; I’m a CEO, I’m the President, or better yet, I’m the Owner and Operator. Yet you don’t have any employees, and you are as cheap as a two-dollar prostitute. So what is acting Brand New? It’s when someone loves giving themselves titles on something that is not even a thing. So, for example, you spend more time finding out how to design your logo than starting your business. Or “the reason I haven’t started my business is that I haven’t received my business cards. So you find more excuses not to create a business, but your business card says, PRESIDENT, CEO, OWNER.

You’re not a CEO. You are a POSER.

In the age of social media, everyone wants to show off what they are not and what they don’t have. Everyone is all about the titles yet, and they don’t have two dimes to rub together. I remember when I ran my business and people would ask me what my title was, I said, “Worker.” When you are starting, you are not shit. You are the fucking janitor because you have to clean up the messes you make when running a business. Years later, when I sold my business for 2.3 million dollars, I remember that I didn’t even have a title because I was too busy working my business up.

How to Act Brand New

You just got your business cards, so it’s official you are now the CEO. Now what? Well, you have to buy a car that you can’t afford to perpetrate and make sure your business card matches what you say you are. Still, you have no sales in your so called company. Hold on, let me buy an expensive watch because it’s a write-off now, yet you still haven’t even registered your business or purchased a license. Currently, all you are doing is working to pay off the debt that you started, you fucking idiot. All you complain about how you have picky customers and how hard your life as a CEO. You don’t have picky customers because you let them run your business; you are a little bitch because you are not a CEO.

You’re a wannabe Zoom Caller.

What the fuck? Are you supposed to sound more important because you have a zoom call appointment? Once again, you are flaunting titles that you can’t afford. You better sell something fast because your payment for your C Class Mercedes is due next week. Think back to when Skype came out, now this generation is Zoom. All these companies want to video chat because they want to look important. Pick up the fucking phone and talk to someone and close a deal. You look like an idiot on Zoom, trying to figure out how to unmute yourself. “Can anyone hear me.”

How are those excuses working out for you?

Talk to someone who is Brand New in their business. You will hear every excuse why they haven’t started and how many sales they haven’t made. It’s funny how now they are working on another project when they haven’t even finished the first. I have to talk to people claiming they have multiple businesses yet; they take up my time wanting a free lunch. Everything is always someone else’s fault, and if the company doesn’t succeed, it’s because the market wasn’t ready for them.

Here are examples of people who succeed and fail. Which one are you?

How much is it?

This is the person that thinks he is a super negotiator when he is running his business. If you need to know the price, then you can’t afford it. It’s for your business, not for you. If you care more about the cost of what it can do for you, you shouldn’t be in business. They think they are legit because their social media pages are clean. Wait, isn’t social media free? Pay for something you cheap ass.

How much will it make me?

This is the motherfucker that looks at the big picture. If they invest in a product, their mindset is how do I get my money back and profit. And once I make that profit, reinvest in the same product to make more. Fuck your Mercedes.

What’s my Discount?

I won’t buy it if I don’t get a discount. Well, walk away, you cheap ass motherfucker. Anywhere you go, these idiots are program to say the word discount. Even if they hire a hooker, they will ask that same question. So when someone asks for a discount, they don’t see the value of something, ask them to kick rocks. Social media is free; why not pay for subscriptions because you are a cheap ass. Just because you have a free facebook account for your business doesn’t me you are a CEO.

How can I keep my cost low?

If the person cannot get a discount, use the full-frame aspect. If you buy something and it makes you 1 million dollars, you stretch it to make you 2 million dollars. It’s not being cheap; it’s being brilliant. Making more money off something instead of a discount is superior.

Has lots of ideas.

Bro, shut the fuck up. This is the same person who talks your ear off on how he will do this and make this. He is waiting on his investors to come through. Your investors are two fat white chicks that you are using as your side chicks from your wife. Stop talking; if you can’t start a business on your own, you shouldn’t have investors. “When you don’t pay, you don’t payback.”

Takes actions on plans.

This is the person who doesn’t make excuses on why he hasn’t made a profit. The mentality of this person is, if I don’t sell, I don’t eat. He is the motherfucker who only gets 3 hours of sleep every night and doesn’t sleep until he has progressed.

I don’t need schooling.

But, of course, you do; this is why your opening line is, “Would you like fries with that.” I hate these motherfuckers that school is always a waste of time, yet they work for someone who went to school. Someone asked me, I want your job; what do you have to do to do your job and make the money you make. I said, do you have a Bachelor’s Degree? I don’t make over 200k a year because I am a high school drop or even a hustler. Of course, others make more than me, but guess what I am a fucking teacher.

What else can I learn?

I paid for your time, and I want to squeeze you for every bit of knowledge that I can. You see the value in education, and you want to strive to be better. Fuck your mentor; Mentors are also title wannabes. Successful people and teaching you how to be successful is not FREE. You want to learn, then fucking pay me and pay attention. And don’t blame me if you fail because you are lazy.

Finally, the blames others for failing.

You don’t know how many times people blame me or others for failing. Motherfucker, you are not a puppet run your own life. Yet, the person standing next to you is flourishing. Stop being a victim and be a victor. Everyone is so quick to blame others for their demise. Look in the mirror and blame that loser looking back at you. I already made my money; it’s up to you to make yours.

Accepts responsibility for failure.

Of course, you fell, now learn how to get up. Your knees and elbows are bleeding, so the fuck what. These are the ones that don’t quit. Fuck your friends, and friends always put you down. Yet they have never started shit in life. I have an apartment complex, and someone told me that tenants are hard to handle, and it will cost you more in repairs. I said fuck you, do you know what cost more? Not having a tenant, you fucking idiot. Fixing a leaky faucet is cheaper than not having rent coming it. Think like an Entrepreneur, not a Wantrepreneur, you whining ass bitches.

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