By EsquireLife

October 8, 2021

You are so quick to say Yes, to the word No.

Most of you are comfortable in life and don’t know what it feels like to move forward in life. You scroll through your Instagram feed and fantasize what it will feel like to own a $35,000 Rolex or drive a $220,000 Bentley. I’m not here to say you need to be rich to experience it. All you have to do is say Yes in life. I have all this and it’s not because I said No, it’s because I said Fuck Yes.

Don’t worry about others feelings, be a Dick.

I was that person who just thought about dreaming of becoming wealthy, but I was not accomplishing those goals because of the people in my circle. You need to know how to break off relationships or cut people out of your life. One thing that boosted my life is I said Yes, to being alone in life. I broke off relationships with friends, family and even divorced my wife.

People will always Hold you Back.

But family and friends are your best support system, you say. One thing that I have noticed is that they are there to keep you at their level. The saying goes, “If you hang out with two broke people, you will be the third.” I couldn’t do anything in my life because keeping the ones around me happy was a burden—one of the reasons I said Yes, to freedom was because I wanted to live for myself, not for anyone else.

Past is for Reference not Residence

Since breaking off my past, I have flourished in life and have gained a new perspective on it. I have accomplished more things in the past ten years than ever. The second thing I decided to do was delete all my social media. Social media is fake, and people only post what they want to see and show how fake they are. Most of you can’t live without social media, and you feel that your 5,000 followers are actual people that care about you, yet you only care about the Likes you obtain.

Your parachute only holds one Person.

Do you want to feel what it is to breathe fresh air, delete your social media and see how much time you have to yourself. Do not worry about impressing people you don’t know with things you don’t have? Learn how to brand yourself. With all the time I had, I managed to go back to college and earn a higher degree. The degree will not make more money in my life, but it is more to say, look at what I have accomplished. College is not for everyone, but I can honestly look at you and say I am better.

Yes, is Power, but you’re a Little Bitch.

By saying Yes, to things you will see that it opens up doors to networks that you have never would have had. To say yes, you need to stop being scared of what is on the other side of the fence. But by you saying Yes, it allows you to think and challenge yourself to become more significant than what your lame ass is right now. I deal with challenged people every day. They are scared to take that leap of faith because they are comfortable in life. It’s ok. You can keep taking my order at the restaurants that I frequent.

Listen to the Buying Questions. Some don’t.

The other day, I was buying a Rolex Submariner, and the sales lady helping me knew nothing about it. She was just there to get a commission and move on to the next. Now granted, this was not a Rolex AD; this was a retail jewelry store that just happened to sell grey market Rolex. She didn’t know shit about how the transactions work. She even complimented me on my knowledge of Rolex.

Be a leader at no expense.

What made me figure out why she was comfortable working there was that she said she had been working there since high school. She was proud that she had been working there for eleven years, yet she didn’t know anything about the product she was selling. The feeling I got about her and how she couldn’t assist me, I walked away and purchased the same watch for a higher price because the other company made me feel comfortable.

Being cheap is not a sign of Success.

Don’t ever ask for a discount by asking for a deal that only makes you not value a product but it also cheapens your experience. If you want a bargain, you are a cheap ass and can’t afford what you are buying. Look at whatever you are purchasing and say. Yes, that will add value to the sale, and you will appreciate the item that much more. We are programmed to get things for cheaper, but we are the same people that go on Yelp and complain about the experience.

Get comfortable, being Uncomfortable.

If you want to move forward in life, say Yes, to every opportunity. If you have a chance to move to another state and live a better life, don’t be afraid to pack up your shit and move. I plan to get the fuck away from this place and start a new chapter in my life. I even told my wife I am leaving with or without you. In the end, it’s you that is the one that is going to survive anyone else. We are so attached to a family that those same family members want to crush your dreams and not want you to succeed.

Drama is Poison, Moving forward is Strength .

I am not here to brag about my life, but I have accomplished everything from homes, cars, and jewelry because I say Yes. Some of you will think, but you have a debt problem. It’s ok because I will look back at you and said, No, you have an income problem. Start a business, get healthier, go on vacation, but say Yes. When you say Yes, it’s like taking in new oxygen, and you will appreciate it more, while others are still sucking air contaminated by drama.

Don’t hate what I have, Hate that you don’t have it.

The drama follows drama, the next time someone shits on your Yes, look at them and say, what have you accomplished in life? You have nothing to lose. Are you going to lose a friend? Perfect, that is one less person that is going to ride your coattails. Be private in what you accomplish. There is no need to tell the world what you do. Some of you might look at me and say I contradict myself with my blog and YouTube channel. It’s ok, the next time you read or watch me, think to yourself, you are Looking Up at me and my life because I said Yes. Stay at your level.

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