By EsquireLife

August 5, 2018

Or Are you Rich Minded

In my last blog I mentioned a successful business man by the name of Dan Lok.  I’ve really caught on to his theory because I can relate to how he teaches.  Recently I watched on of his YouTube videos I’ll link in below.  “7 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t”  Well I was guilty of some of the things that he pointed out, but I want to explain in my point of view and what he is trying to relay. Pay Attention to some of the things Dan points out, you might think it’s normal but there’s a reason why sometimes we think with a poor minded mind.

Poor People Watch TV:

I’m guilty of this, there’s time where I sit down and watch TV for a couple of hours.  Especially watching News and Yes I’m guilty of watching TMZ.  But I understand where he’s coming from.  You need to immerse in knowledge and finding new ways of making yourself better.  We think that we need to rest our brain and relax from a long work day so we turn on the TV.  Three hours later you don’t even realize it’s 11pm and your ass has to get up at 5am to go to work.  Try immersing yourself in something different.  Maybe ration your TV time until you finally ween yourself off.  Like I said, I’m guilty of this, but at the same time I’m constantly keeping my mind occupied with more productive things in life.

Rich People Read Books:

One of my biggest saying is, “Learn like you’re going to live for ever.”  This is true.  I remember reading the 48 Laws of Power.  I thought this was going to be a quick read.  Hell No. Just pacing myself it took me about 2 months to read.  After reading this book, my brain felt warm.  What I mean by that is, I look at things in life totally different.  I wasn’t narrow mined anymore.  I especially like the chapter where it talks about There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.   People always have a ploy when they give you something for free.

Friends are sneaking, evil and broke, This is why I don’t have any.  

I’m so fucking serious.  Dan Pena aka the 50 Billion Dollar Man, always says,” Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”  It’s scary because if look back and think of all my losers friends from my past and the fucked up relationships I had, I wouldn’t be where I’m at in life today.  Read not to brag, but Read to warm your brain.

Poor People Get Paid based on Time:

I didn’t really agree with Dan on this one but I understand what he is trying to convey.  We’re so used to working our everyday 9 – 5 jobs.  I do also have a great career that I go to every morning.  But it’s those people that just go to work and bitch about how they can’t wait to leave or complaining how they don’t get paid enough.  I honestly think people only work 25% of the time in a full days work. Let’s just say you get there at 8am.

Well your lazy ass has to chit chat with your co-workers.

By the time your are done drinking your coffee and start walking to your desk it’s already 8:30.  Then you finally turn your computer on, then you check your social media that you already checked 100 times before you even got to work.  You get the picture, you only get paid based on the time your work.  Stop bitching that you make little money, but yet your work ethic reflects that.

Rich People Get Paid based on Results:

A successful business owner or executive, don’t get paid until then job gets done.  We bid on high tickets projects and we might go days or weeks, or months without getting paid on the task.  Even after the task is complete your client is ready to nit pick all the shit you probably fucked up on. We successful people don’t have that problem because they get the job done and we do it well.

You might thinks it’s only a $5000.00 job but in the end that turns into a $500,000.00 contract.

And guess what if you fuck up, you just worked for free.  This is why you have to learn how to educate your customer, they have to understand or make them to understand the out come or your work.  Clients always want to have a time line, but perfection takes time, but you should already know your time line, just don’t let you clients know.

I had a client one time ask me how long a project was going to take me.

I had to let them know since this was the first time me working on this, it would take some time.  I didn’t want to give him a set ending time.  Well this fucking idiot insisted like a bitch. I gave him one because he had a evil plan.  Well finally I told him, because he was crying like a little bitch.  I told this idiot the project would take about 4 hours.  His evil plan was to tell me if my project took longer that 4 hours if I could give him a discount. You motherfucker, he didn’t care how long it took, he just wanted to slide in a discount from me.  I looked this dumb ass straight into his eyes and shook his had, and said,

“Yes I will give you a 50% discount if it takes me longer than 4 hours.”  

This guys eyes lit up like a little boy at a toy store.  While I was still shaking his had, I stop smiling and said, “And if it takes my LESS than 4 hours I want to get paid 50% more, is that a deal?”  This fucker let go of my hand so quick and told me just to take my time.

Poor People Blame other for their misfortunes:

People are so quick to blame others because they don’t accept responsibility.  I failed because of you, I didn’t do it right because you didn’t teach me correct.  Fuck you, you crying little sorry bitch.  I don’t make you successful you do. I give you the foundation to succeed, it’s up to you to. Either listen and make it happen or listen and take my guidance and stick it up your ass.

A couple weeks I had client in my board room wearing sunglass in doors.   I found it odd because I didn’t know I had a blind client.  As I walked up to him I looked into his sunglasses, this idiot was asleep.  As much I wanted to grab him and kick him out of my building and fucking yelled at his ass.  I told him to wake the fuck up.  “Take off your fucking glasses.”  His bitch ass said that the light was too bright for him.  He’s the same mother fucker that will blame me for being broke.  It’s not my fault because I’m a innocent virgin dick boy.  It’s your fault because you didn’t hold my hand.

Rich People take Responsibility for their own failures:

Successful people suck it up.  Fuck, I failed, let me learn from this and apply it with a better and stronger strategy.  We will not eat until our people eat, because we will rather fail before letting people around us fail.  I’ve lost big accounts in the past because I was not focused 100%.  If I looked to the left and right of me there was no one else to blame.  Who do you fucking blame if it’s your business, who do you blame?  Do I blame the client that I lost. No you motherfucker look in the mirror and blame yourself.  I know you fuck heads are thinking, but the other person offered a cheaper price.  Good for them bitch.  You should have sold harder.

I rather fail 100 times, than not try once.

Price doesn’t matter when you have a relationship with a client.  Overcome your fears and sell hard.  I will take responsibility for my failures not yours.  Stop questioning authority and look at the reflection of your stupid face.  That’s the person to blame, but guess what, the faster you forgive yourself, the faster you can move forward again.  You are so quick to point the finger because your mommy will protect you.

Poor People focus in saving:

Save all your money, be cheap and save.  Negotiate like a bitch. I fucking hate people that when I give them a price they are quick to always pull out there phone and check online.  Of course, I like a good deal, but only when a good deal is shown. I’ve seen people so fucking cheap, they will even haggle on the price of there dinner.  Those type of people are just so fucking annoying.  They are so quick to blab about how much they have saved.  Yet they’re still driving around in a 1998 Toyota Corolla.

I love the saying this, “Practice being successful.”  

Visiting my dream car is what I used to do at the BMW Dealerships.  I did that for a couple of years.  At that time I couldn’t afford it, but nothing stopped me from filling my mind with the smell of success. Years later when I was able to afford that BMW.  Because I worked so hard, I had the pleasure of owning 2 BMW 650i’s.  I did the same with my Tesla, and next week I will do the same with a Bentley.

You want to save for a raining day, well I live in California and it hardly ever rains here.  We are in a drought.  There is no guarantee that you’ll wake up tomorrow so you have to live today.

Rich People focus on Investing:

Why do you think the wealthy stay wealthy.  They make their money work for them.  They’re constantly investing in smart opportunities. Look at the TV show Shark Tank.  The whole panel is already successful and rich, but they invest their hard earned money in others.

Poor People Think they Know it all:

You talk to a poor person, I like calling them ignorant people, they will know every thing from technology to politics.  Sometimes you look at them and think they should work for the CIA or NASA other than your dumb job at McDonalds.  Poor or ignorant people immerse themselves in the negatives of the world.  They will tell you how something is going to fail before it succeeds.  Want to know who a poor person is, find a idiot with a Android phone. Ask them if Apple iPhone is better.  You will get every fucking rebuttal in the world, you would think they’re running for office.  Yet Apple just became a Trillion Dollar company.  I hate talking to ignorant people.

You always hear them at the restaurants OR in public because they’re the loudest person there.  

You will always see them at Protest because they have no fucking jobs.  They’re the ones that leave hateful comments on your social media and let you know what you’re doing things wrong.  Yet you see there pages and …. Well put it this way, there command center is there bedroom because they still live at home with their parents.  You’re your parents biggest regret.

Rich People continuously willing to Learn

If you ever see successful people congregate listen to their conversations.  You will always hear them talking about the future.  Talking about what they’re going to be doing or investing 5 years from now.  Learn like you are going to live forever.  Why do you think successful people always have mentors.  Once you have reached the top guess what there is still some higher than you.  We never stop learning, you will fail if you think you know it all. In the couple weeks I’ve been learning, I’ve learned more from my mentors than I’ve learned from my own father.  Also, never learn from someone that hasn’t accomplished shit in life.

Everyone want to be a rich philosopher but don’t have to pennies to rub together.  

Noting in life is free.  Free Advice doesn’t mean shit. And you’re correct, doesn’t mean shit. Pay me fucking money and I will show you how to be successful.  I don’t work for free you fucking lazy ass bitch.

Poor People believe money is the root of all evil:

No mother fucker you’re the root of all evil.  Dumb ass people don’t know what to when the have money. They get so overwhelmed with it that just spend on bitches, Drugs and Gucci belts.  They’ve never had it before and they waste it all and in the end they’re even broker than when they first started.  “All all this money brought me problems.”  Shut the fuck up and stop blaming others.  You’ve never seen a person getting driven around in a Rolls Royce bitching on how his money is evil to him.  You give money to a wrong person they will spend it on things that they never had, and when they have it they don’t know how to use it.  It’s called Ghetto Rich.  But a rich man has worked hard for his money and is allowing his money to make him more.

Rich People believe poverty is the root of all evil:

Why do you think we hate people that want a hand out.  This is one of the reasons I have no friends.  Motherfuckers are so quick to want something from you.  One time I have an even at my home, and one of the guest asked when my next event was going to be. You’re at my event now dumb ass.  I told him why don’t you host the next event at your house.  Of course not, it will cost them time and money, they rather go where it’s for free.  He also mentioned to me, “I noticed that I don’t wear your Breitling Watch anymore.”  “Can I use it for a while since it’s just sits there?”  Needless to say that person was never invited again.

 Neighborhoods don’t become ghetto by themselves,

they become ghetto because of the people that live there.  But I can’t afford to live somewhere else.  So how is it that I was able to get out of there and live in a better place and you can’t.  Oh because it’s easier for you to complain than take action you piece of shit.

Poor People have lottery Mentality:

A lot of times this is the last hope for ignorant people.  They just want to go to sleep idiots and wake up rich idiots.   Well I’m guilty of this.  I sometimes have that small amount of hope and I buy a lottery ticket. Free money is good, but hard working money is better.  People always tell me, that if I were to win the lotto, I would be at work the next day like noting ever happened.  You’re fucking right, money doesn’t make the make man, The Man makes the Money.  Don’t rely solely on a dollar making you 1 million dollars.  If it happens to you good luck, because your money is the root to your evil… not mine.

Rich People have an action mentality

This goes back to what I referred, it’s easier to bitch about something that take action.  Ok, you ordered a soup and it’s cold. Well take action by asking the waiter kindly to get you another soup. Not making a scene at the restaurant and saying it was racist, you sorry piece of shit.  Take action you lazy bitches, don’t be the fucking problem, be the fucking solution. You want to become rich, ok that’s fine.  Get your ass off your Gawd Damn phone and work.  Your Gucci Belts only make you look like idiots.  Oh by the way when you wear your Gucci Belt, the shoes have to match.  You dumb ass.

What will happen is one of you morons will leave me this long convoluted email on how I’m so wrong, it’s ok because when you look in the mirror you’ll know what type of mind you are… Poor Minded.., my friend.

Also, Thank you for inspiration and Bullet Points.  “7 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t”