By EsquireLife

July 8, 2018

If you go cheap you will complain more

I’m tired of listening to all these people complaining about things they buy.  Every one is so quick to say I can find it cheaper some where else.  “Well shut the fuck up and find it, then. Why are wasting my time”  Why are people so quick to bargain shop.  I know you’re trying to save a buck.  In the end all it is a is a buck. I understand that saving money is important, but my time is more valuable than money. If you have something you want and of quality in front of your face why not take it.

Is your time valuable?

My time is extremely value because I don’t know how to do anything, especially mechanically wise.  Why do you think I have mechanics, plumbers, gardeners at my fingers tips.  Last year one of my vehicles needed shocks.  The mechanic quoted me a price, he was trying to save me money.  I’m not here to save money, I’m here to save time and looking forward in life.  The last shocks lasted me 6 years.  So I asked the mechanic, is there anything better than what you’re selling me?  Of course there was, and it was going to cost me more. So I bought the shocks that were more durable and longer lasting.  Buy Once Cry Once.

Stop bitching about price.

Know your product this is why I don’t complain.  I always hate the person where you quote a price and they’re so quick to pull out there phone to price check. Look you idiot, by the time you do your research and order the damn thing and pay shipping and taxes, you could have had it already for the same fucking price.

You can also impulse buy, by the time you need to do more research on the product, it’s no longer an impulse buy. Now you’re just wasting time looking for something and guess what your excitement goes away and you don’t buy.

Buy something of quality instead something that will break or won’t last or come with directions.  You never see people bitching when they buy a Rolex Watch.  But you do hear people bitching when they buy an Invicta Watch.  Why, because your ugly ass Invicta watch is for show not for quality.  “But it looks like a Rolex,” ok idiot then if that’s the case go buy a Chrysler 300 because it looks like a Bentley.  I don’t know who in the hell thought that was true. Why does Android phone commercials always talk shit about iPhone. But you never see a iPhone commercial talk shit about Android.

You want to start a business yet you don’t have any money to invest in your equipment

Well guess what, Don’t start a business.  When you provide a service to the public you want to use professional grade tools.  The other day I was at Target and I saw a guy in the car care isle, purchasing wax and tire dressing and some other goodies he had in his cart.  But the point here is you might think it was for his own vehicle, no… The point here is that he was wearing a T-Shirt with his car wash name on it.  Why am I going to use this person to wash my car if he is using the same products I can buy myself.

Think about it dumb ass.  Let’s just say you’re at the Super Market, and you see this person buying meat. Later on that night you go to a nice restaurant and you see a Chef making you your steak and guess what, it was the same person buying steaks at the super market.  Plus you’re paying $65.00 for your steak when you know damn well he paid $4.00 for it.

I’m a professional window cleaner, and I show up to your house with a bottle of Windex.

Come on people Act the part.  Act like you’re a business, not a hobbyist.  “But I have to save up to buy my tools.”  Well good luck with that.  You’re broke already, what are you going to save?  I pay my Gardener $50.00 per visit.  He’s been part of my house hold for 3 years.  I could have bought a lawn mover and cut grass myself for less money. I have a mechanic, and every time I see him it’s a guaranteed $500.00.  But I could of went on EBay and bought the parts cheaper and spent hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to install a Flux Capacitor.

First of all I’m not a Gardener nor a Mechanic.  Oh wait, I had oral surgery 2 years ago, and it cost me $2700. I know what you’re about to say.  Go to Tijuana Mexico, you can get it for $900.  Ok, you’re right, by the time I’m doing all that, it will cost me the same.  But wait, they don’t fall under the same health codes and your wondering who to sue for malpractice.  Stop being a cheap ass and Buy Once and Cry Once.

You’re never going to save.

If you don’t have money now,

then you’ll never will.

You don’t have any business buying anything. Either to start a business or just impulse buy.

The other day I went to go buy my wife a Rolex watch.  Well I have purchased 3 Rolex watches from this same jeweler.  I was being a hard ass and asking him to give me a great deal on the watch since I am a 3 time return customer.  He was able to work with me, but his counter offer was an insult to me.  By the way, I never buy used watches.  I made that mistake one time.

I left there store sad because I didn’t buy the watch and weeks later I walked into another Rolex store just to see the watch again.  After talking to the gentleman there, I decided to get my watch from my original jeweler because even though the deal he was giving me wasn’t to my satisfaction, The Rolex store didn’t even offer me close to what the my original jeweler did.  Especially since I was a first time customer there I had no leverage.  So now my dumb ass has to go see my jeweler with my head down and say.

“Oh by the way, is the original deal still

on the table?”

I can’t stand when people ask me if I’m rich?  You always buy expensive stuff.  Well first, I’m not rich. Second, I work very hard like the next guy.  Third, it’s not that I purchase expensive products it’s that I purchase products that are quality and happen to cost more. I bought a pair of Italian Shoes, I paid close to $500 for the pair.  In no way do walk around with the price tag or the label hanging like some of you ghetto ass motherfuckers that just buy to impress other men.  I paid $500 dollars for the shoes, because 6 years later those shoes look like I just bought them yesterday. That’s $83.00 a year the shoes cost me.  And guess what I can literally sell these shoes right now for $300.00.

Understand it’s an investment in yourself.

A lot of times the deal that you have in front of your face is the good one.  Especially if you already invested time in the sale.  Don’t get me started on cars.  I hate buying vehicles because you might think you got a good deal, but there someone else out there that got a better deal than you.  This is why I have Telsa.  You know the quality and guess what they don’t give discounts.  HAHAHA. You can’t afford it, then there’s a Cars Plus + you can go to with your bad credit.

Why do you have bad credit, because you’re constantly purchasing the same things over and over. You’re researching so much that when your credit card statement comes in you’re already on your third product and don’t feel like paying off the first product that didn’t work for you.

“If you think you got Scammed, It’s because you cut corners.”       

– Gary Vaynerchuk

It’s so true.  You think you’re going to save some money by cutting corners and you expect the same results as if you paid for the real deal. I had a client one time contact me asking me how to do certain steps on a service he was offering.  I was confused because he was explaining steps completely different then how I showed him. What got me thinking was, I didn’t remember him purchasing from me. “What are you using?” Come to find out he went to another company and purchased a cheaper version and didn’t have half the things I was going to offer him to do the job correctly.

How in the fuck do you have the fucking nerve to contact me expecting me to help you on someone else’s product.  It’s like me showing you how to fix a Bentley with Bentley Tools, and your dumb ass calls me,

Trying to fix the same Bentley with

Harbor Freight tools.

I asked him what are you talking about because it didn’t make sense.  He said that he bought this product on Ebay because mine were expensive.  I told him without batting a eye, “Grab the box that came with your product, Now find a phone number on the box. Oh you found it?  Good, now call them.”  CLICK…, I hung up on him.  But the time he returned that cheap ass product and finally bought mine, he already paid triple the price he invested and guess what that dumb ass lost his customer because the customer thought he didn’t know what he was doing.

BUY ONCE, invest in a quality Product, so the product doesn’t fail you. CRY ONCE, you pay more at the beginning but you will have that product for ever.  Stop your bitching and buy.