By EsquireLife

July 31, 2022

Add Value to Yourself

We live in a world where everyone wants to save a penny. What we don’t understand is you are taking that penny from a person who works for a living. When was the last time you asked your Doctor for a discount on your surgery, or even your Lawyer for a couple thousand off to make sure you don’t end up in jail? We don’t ask for discounts from those professionals, why? So why do you discount your services when you are working or giving the same amount of effort as the next person trying to gouge you for a cheaper price?

Sell a Service not a Product

Realize there are two things we buy in life, they are Needs and Wants. We spend more money for a want than a need. Why is it that we spend our hard earn money on a want? Why, because we always want things cheaper. It’s simple, because you don’t see value in the service and can’t afford it. Let’s go back to the example of the Doctor and Lawyer. Why didn’t we ask for a discount when we Need their services? You know why, because we are paying for their expertise. We are paying for their schooling, and most importantly we are paying because we need them.

Stop Being a Slave Owner

So why do we ask for discounts and deals from the plumber or mechanic to provide a service for us? Because you see them as them doing a favor for you. You see them as lower than you so you want to gouge them to give it to you for cheaper. Most of these people that you are being cheap with are entrepreneurs and they work to provide a service to idiots like you because they have to support themselves or their family. Yet you want them to do the same quality of work for less money. This makes you a slave owner.

We need these Service appreciate them

The reason we hire plumbers, mechanics, landscapers, car detailers, is because your fat ass is too lazy to do the work. Or maybe you are too busy to pick up a wrench and try to figure out how to fix your transmission. If you don’t know how to do the work or just too lazy, then you need to pay for their work and reward them because they make your life easier. But because you feel the work you can’t do yourself is petty, you want to treat and pay those workers petty prices. Appreciate them and pay the price that they are offering you.

You work for less money and do more work

People are cheap by nature, at the same time you feel you are superior than most, yet you have no skill of your own. Imagine your boss at work comes to you and says, sorry I can’t pay you this week, but I need you to stay late and finish up the project before you go home. How would you feel? Your fat dumb ass will get up and go home, probably quit your job. Imagine that landscaper that you hire to cut your grass. You are doing the same thing to them. You are telling them you are not worth what you do, so I want it cheaper.

Pay for my experience not my time

A customer told me one time, to give it to them for a cheaper price because it was only going to take me 15 minutes to accomplish the task. I looked at the cheap motherfucker and said, “I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years, so I know how to do it in 15 minutes. You’re not paying for the minutes it’s going to take me, you’re paying me for the years it took me to learn how to do it in minutes. That customer looked at me as if I was about to murder them. Never again did that bitch ask me for another discount.

Don’t be afraid to walk away

Sometimes it’s easier to say No to someone because they want a cheaper price or ask you for discount. For every five No’s you get one Yes. I rather look for that yes, and be proud to do work and not worry about working for less. I’ve said this before, “Your Cheapest Customer, Will Always Be Your Pickiest Customer.” They want all the glory of a silver lining but only want to pay aluminum pricing. It’s never about the quantity of customers you have, it’s about the quality of customers that pay. I rather have 5 quality paying customers, than 100 cheap customers that always want discounts.

Work is not Free

Next time you are encountered with a person who doesn’t value you, don’t be afraid to walk away. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business or life in general. You are there to offer a service because the person across from you needs you. Don’t get enticed because they are handing you any amount of money, get excited because they are giving you the money you asked for. In the end you work for a living not a hobby. If your business was a hobby then you wouldn’t be getting paid and be wasting your time for free. Value your worth, and have people appreciate your work.

Benefits Sell, Features Tell

Sell yourself as value and not a product. Benefits sell, features tell. If you can explain how you are going to solve that person’s problem, then they should be paying you double fold of what you are worth. But if you sell yourself as a feature then people are not going to appreciate your time and value. Charge what you are worth, not what you can get. Think about that Doctor or Lawyer, if they don’t give discounts on services, then why do you.

Reassess your current mind state

Go find that premium person that is going to value you. Tip your waiter well. Tell them that you were too lazy to cook your own food and you needed them to do all the work for you. They are not your slaves, they are there to provide a service that you didn’t want to do for yourself. Next time your grass needs to be trimmed don’t look at the landscaper as a second class citizen. They are doing you a favor, they have the tools to make your dumb ass look good. The price you pay them doesn’t even pay for the fucking broom they use. You are the problem, not the people that have businesses.

Remember you are the Slave

Start your own business and you will see that you will not want to be treated like you treat business owners. This is why you are fat and lazy, and look down at people that are there to help you. You are trying to be a slave owner and only throwing penny’s at people to do your work. Now turn the tables, with out them you aren’t shit, so if you look at the situation, you are actually their slave. They invested in the tools and knowledge to do the work you need. They don’t need you, you need them. You have probably heard this stupid saying before, “I love my job so much that I would work for free.” Stop thinking like idiots you morons, think like this instead, “I love my job so much, that I’m willing to get paid for it.” Next time you want to pay someone pennies to do a job you don’t want to do, this makes you a slave owner.

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