By EsquireLife

August 15, 2020

I’ve worked with a lot of influential ethical people all my life. I don’t particularly appreciate working with an UnEducated person. Now, I don’t mean UnEducated as the person doesn’t have a college degree. What I’m referring too is that they have no Self Education, no fucking morals. They are just lazy pieces of shit. I love what I do as a public speaker. Everyday I share my knowledge when I’m at my events. I’m able to tell who is engaged at my events and who is serious about taking the knowledge I give them to succeed.

I’ve made Marines and Successful Entrepreneurs

I was a recruiter in the Marine Corps, and part of that duty was to bring civilians into the military ranks. I was the top recruiter in my district. People wanted me to allow them to be part of the Elite Force called the Marine Corps. Every person I’ve recruited has come back and personally thank me for changing there lives. Having the Sales and Communications skills i learned in recruiting duty, I used those strengths in my present career as a public speaker. I have clients from all over the world who attend my events to learn my skills to apply them to their success in personal lives and business. I’ve had multiple clients return to me to take other seminars because they experienced how my methods work and are hungry for more.

Just because you Show Up doesn’t mean you will be successful

70% of my clients take what they learned and apply there skill and become great. 20% of my clients use what they learned and do fair and able to live off of what they learned. I’ve learned that there’s always that 10% that show up and don’t do shit. They think that by filling my seat at my event will be enough. By barely doing the bare minimum, they believe they can be high as 90%. That 10% person that doesn’t even fucking try is what I call my UnEducated Client. They learn the same thing as the person sitting next to them, but they don’t apply shit. But in the end, they blame me because they don’t accept responsibility for their actions.

To me a Client is a Client

I will treat you with the utmost respect because you paid to be at my event. It’s when you start to show me disrespect when I stop treating you like a human being, and I consider you a piece of shit. The other day I told my attendees at my event, “I can have Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, standing right here saying the same words I’m saying, but you are too stupid and lazy to listen to them.” You instead are falling asleep at my event because you partied the night before. Or on your phones talking to your, “fat ugly ass bitches,” as you call them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Elon Musk or me saying the same thing, you don’t give a fuck. The only difference between him and me is that you only paid less to see me. Even if you paid more to see Elon, you still would show him disrespect, because you are UnEducated. You are a Low-Quality Human Being.

What I’ve learned dealing with a Cheap UnEducated Client.

You are always fucking late Why are you late? What is so vital that you show up late to my events? You come pouncing in like you own the place. Motherfucker, I already made my money and guess what you don’t have shit. Where you at a business meeting that went long. Sorry Doctor, did the surgery take longer than expected. Every event that I have ever had, I always show up two hours early because you paid your hard-earned money to be there. I show you respect by not showing up late and being on time. But you disrespect me by not showing up. It’s ok, my friend I already got paid by you, either way, the check was cashed and I am not surprised it didn’t bounce. 

You are always on your Phone.

Every moment you get, you are on your God Damn Phone. Who in the fuck are you talking to? I’ve listened to your conversations, and you don’t even say shit. Every time you talk, you sound like you have a bunch of marbles in your mouth when you’re on the phone. You motherfuckers have to be talking to someone because you want to feel important. You are not Shit, you are never going to be shit, and you never are going to accomplish shit. I will tell your Momma you aren’t shit. Stop trying to impress others that you are essential. The reason I know you are not important is that you came to see me motherfucker. You didn’t come to me for Inspiration, you came to me for Desperation, you fucking idiot.

Stop giving yourself Self Proclaimed Titles

A made up title without a form of education isn’t shit. I deal with these idiots all the time, I’m a CEO, I’m the President yet you have nothing to show for. The other day I had someone tell me, “I’m a mathematician I know numbers,” ten minutes later, I asked the same person, “Quick what’s nine times eight. The response I heard was, “Ah, I’m tired, I can’t think right now.”

Your titles don’t make you more critical, your titles don’t make you more money. The stupid as titles you give yourselves make you look and sound like idiots. If you have to throw out titles to impress people, then you lost all your credibility. Everyone you know has a title, my cousin he’s a web designer, and my aunt is a chef. You through everyone’s made up title to me because you want to feel like you know quality people. No, your cousins know how to make MySpace pages, and your aunt works as a cafeteria lady.

You brag about how much your Label cost

If you have to tell me how much your label cost, then you are a loser. If you have to show off to the world that you are wearing a label, you are broke. UnEducated people spend their money on garbage. They think by wearing a shirt that says Gucci on it; they demand respect. No, you fucking idiot you spend $250 on a simple t-shirt, but yet you are staring at my $30,000 watch. Why is it that men want to impress other men? Are you gay?

I’m sorry, you don’t impress me because I’m educated and an expert in my field. You don’t need to show off a label to get attention by knowing how to talk formally and having education then you can impress. Stop being eccentric, look at yourself in the mirror. You look and act like a clown, but since you are uneducated, you probably look fine to the other losers you are trying to impress.

Shut the Fuck Up and Listen

The loudest person in the room often has nothing valuable to say. Every time I deal with an UnEducated Client, they don’t know how to shut the fuck up. When someone is trying to educate you, you need to listen. The information you are learning is worth more than your stupid ass Gucci belt you’re wearing. If you always have to speak over someone to have a conversation, you need to walk away. Why is your story better than mine? You paid to hear me speak, you fuck ass. If you have to talk over me while I’m speaking, then you are showing nothing but disrespect. The louder you get doesn’t make you smarter; it just makes me tune you out more. 

You Earn $100 but spend $200

UnEducated people spend money on things they can never afford. At one of my events, a client rented a Lamborghini, and at the end of the event, he didn’t have money to purchase the event package to start his business. He was complaining that the package was too expensive and we should give him a discount. Yet his rented Lamborghini was sitting there to show off to other people. I’m not impressed if your car is rented. I had a client of mine and worked his ass off for four years he bled for his company, at his 5-year mark he purchased his dream car. He wanted this car since he was a teenager and bought it in his 60’s, now that impresses me. I made him achieve his goals.

Stop Name Dropping

This goes back to giving yourself titles. I hate people that name drop, every sentence. So what that you saw Milli Vanilli at the store. I don’t give a fuck. Every sentence, “My cousin’s friends uncle works with Jay-Z’s nephews, cousins, neighbor. You are not shit in life, so you are trying to boost your UnEducated ass up. Sorry, my friend, I don’t get impressed by other men. Wow, you must be important because you know people that know famous people. Yet the reason why you came to see me at my event is that you heard that, “I was famous.” Honestly, I get that all the time. And stop talking about your damn city you are from. You act like you are the mayor of there. You are so proud of your city but yet you haven’t paid your taxes.

I need to stop

The 10% always fucks things up for the 90%. I instead work to make the 90% better, but the 10% always drags you down. As much as they portray that they don’t need you, they are the ones that need the most help. I treat everyone the same and give them my full attention. I’ve become an expert on reading people at my events. I know who will succeed and who is going to drown. I’ll try to help you when you are drowning, but if your pride on being UnEducated, stops you from putting out your hand to save you, then go ahead and drown you dumb piece of shit. In conclusion, there will always be UnEducated people. I blame, parents, friends, social media, and a lack of self accomplishment in education. If I offend you after reading this, blame your parents for raising a Pussy.

“The Smarter you get, the Less you speak”

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