By EsquireLife

July 1, 2018

You want my Job?

Take it you, won’t last 10 minutes.

Everyone is so quick to want to be a CEO.  They want to be the BOSS.  The only problem is people don’t want to work to get there.  Miraculously some corporate fairy will come down and bless you and say, “You are now the CEO.”  Wow, I wish that’s how life worked, but welcome to reality it doesn’t.

This blog goes back a couple of months ago where someone came up to me and said,

“I want your job, because all you do is talk.”

I told this idiot, “You can have my job, you won’t last 10 minutes.” Everyone is so quick to judge on the finally product.  People don’t see the struggle on how you climbed the ladder and to separated yourself from everyone else.

My success and career now is due to the Marine Corps.  I learned a tremendous amount of work ethic when I was in.  I was promoted faster than my peers because I was not afraid to fight for my country and my unit.  Where I really gained knowledge is when I was in recruiter school.  This is where I became the selling machine. When I was in recruiting school at MCRD San Diego we had to make sure we stood out from everyone else. I had to sell better than the Navy, Army, Air Force.

If you didn’t learn how to public speak and sell you would get kicked out.

This is where I got my confidence to sell.  Finding the need behind the need and putting young adults in the elite force called the Marine Corps. As a Marine Recruiter my days would not start or end like your typical 9 – 5 job.  I would get up and 4am everyday, work out for 30 minutes and be at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) by 6 am.  Then after that, at 8am I was at my Recruiting Sub Station (RSS) for our morning meeting and plan of the day.  By the time my day was done I was finally at home by 9pm.  I did that for 2 years.   I was awarded Recruiter of the Quarter, because of my sales skills. Yeah I got skills.

This is why I am not afraid to work.  In the Marine Corps you can’t bitch about anything.  This is a grown mans job.

The moment you start bitching, is the moment

you get killed in combat.

Everyday, I live my life as I was still fighting in the Deserts of Iraq.  I use my combat skills for my present career.  People always know that I was in the military by the way I talk and carry myself.  The other day someone ask me, “Were you in the Military because your teaching skills is so structured.”  If I can train Marines, I can train Civilians.  But the problem is, civilians are allowed to bitch and complain. I had one civilian client one time say, “I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.”  I looked at the kid straight into his eyes and said. “There’s two type of people I don’t teach, Pussy’s and Quitters. Which one are you?

What’s funny is that I met that kid’s wife a month later. They came back to visit me and the wife said to me. “What did you do to my husband? He’s such a hard worker now.”  I felt bad for the wife because even she knew she married a little bitch. Now she realized I made him into a man.

I have to break a lot of peoples bad habits and laziness.

Everyone see’s my success and my skin color, and they think because their skin color is like mine, it will be easy for them.  It might give you hope, but you need to get your own.  My path is going to be completely different than yours.  But your lazy ass has to end up at the same spot.  The top of your own mountain not mine.

You want to be the CEO, well then start off as the mailroom clerk.  A CEO has to know everyone’s job.  I started off as a sales person, and years later I’m the creator of many successful businesses.  But at the same time, I wasn’t afraid to get dirty, either. I was also the warehouse clerk, the janitor, security, the delivery man, etc.  Why did I do that?  I needed to understand all the jobs that required me to be at the top. There’s been times where I had to work wearing a business suit in a hot ass warehouse because the warehouse manager was backlog.  I didn’t care that it wasn’t in my job description, but my mentally was,

“We have to accomplish the mission.”

I didn’t care that I was in a suit, my thought was if we can get this big order out, I’ll make more money and buy two more suits.  Meanwhile you motherfuckers are complaining,

“that’s not in your job description and you’re in a suit and you don’t want to mess it up.”

Yet, you wonder, “Why did he get promoted and I’m still making the same pay.”  You’re so quick to bitch about money but you don’t do anything to earn it.

I even taught myself how to operate a forklift, because one day there was a early delivery and the warehouse department wasn’t in yet.

You have to take INITIATIVE, Look it up, you’ll need it LIFE

You want my job, take it bitch.  Why do you think Diet Supplements are so popular?  No one wants to work hard to lose the weight.  They just want to take a magic pill in hopes of losing 50 pounds.  And when the pills doesn’t work, they’re the first to bitch about it and talk shit.

One of the reasons I stopped listening to rap music is because it has become a bad influence to young people.  Everyone one wants to be a rapper because it seams like easy work.  You see all the gold chains, expensive watches, fancy cars, luxury homes. But why do you think they want that, because rappers, “all they do is talk.”  

You want to talk, then talk about how your ass is going to go to school and better yourself.  Talk about how you’re going to be a better sales person. All you motherfuckers are “Wantreprenuers.” I’m the CEO, and the BOSS.  What are you the CEO of dumb ass, you have no company, or employees.

It’s easy to print your business cards at Vista Print,

Because if you had a company your company would issue them to you.  Think about it.  Does that make sense Mr. CEO?

Stop bragging that you have a record label. Yet, you don’t have a recording studio.  How can you call yourself a business owner, yet you’re too broke or cheap to buy the tools you need to run your business.  Come on my man, grow up.  Step in my $800 Italian made shoes, and see what it looks like from the top.  It’s a scary look down, because you don’t know what it took to climb here.  Start off at the top you say, once you’re there guess what…

“It’s Lonely at the Top.”

That is a very true saying.  I don’t show off to other men, because I don’t need to.  Men are so quick to try impress other men.  I never understood that.  You must find men attractive, because all you want to do is brag about what you have to other men, and how you’re the boss. Yet, you still live at home with your mom.

Guys don’t buy Jordan sneakers for them, they buy Jordan sneakers to show off to other men.  They want to show off to them because they want attention from men.  This is why social media is so important to guys/kids/boys.  Look what I have.  Your focus is more on Jordan sneakers, Gucci Belts, but you work as a CEO selling weed yo.  Your 5 kids are only getting $50.00 a month for child support.  “But weed hustlers make a lot of money.”  Good, now put that on your resume and show the Judge, you fucking idiot.

Stop being little bitches and stop showing off to other men.

Playa, Playa.  You got all these women but you can’t take them home because you live in a Section 8 apartment with your girlfriend and your two kids.  Bro, grow up.  You want to start of at the top but your priorities is on your sneakers.

When I said it’s lonely at the top, it’s because I don’t like hanging out with losers.  I work my ass off and come home to 3 things.  My newly married hot ass wife, my homes and my expensive whisky.  I don’t have guy weekends in Las Vegas, because my other house is in Las Vegas.  Don’t go to the bar because with my Boyz because I have a bar in my house.  I don’t need to show off to other men, because I have a wife to show off to.

I am not a CEO because I don’t have to be one,

I’m not a Boss because I don’t have to be one. Giving yourself self-appointed titles isn’t going to make you more successful.  I’m the CEO, Master, President, notice you never put on your business card CFO. Chief Financial Officer, because you don’t know how to handle money, because your sneakers do plus you need an education to be a CFO.

Why do I need to show off to anyone or especially other men.  I have my education, career, money, houses, cars, jewelry, not for you, but for me.  I always strive for the top because it’s safe for me up there. But remember this once you’re at the top… Look up.

There’s always someone that climbed higher than you.

Don’t every stop climbing.

Please watch this video by Patrick Bet Davis. He’s a Army Veteran and very successful Businessman. He will shut you up Mr. CEO

Patrick Bet Davis