By EsquireLife

October 1, 2017

Every Excuse is a Good Excuse…

Isn’t coming up with an excuse a bad thing?  Well, not exactly. Usually, when someone comes up with an excuses it’s either people, don’t want to be with you, listen to you, or doesn’t want to buy your product.  So for them to come up with an excuse that’s a good thing.  They put so much effect in that excuse they actually believe it.

To me excuses are lies simply because that gives a person an opportunity to delay their actions to think.  For example, I know you have heard this all the time,

“Let me talk to my wife about it,”


“Sounds good, but let me do a little bit more research.”

First of all, if you have to talk to your wife about anything then she has you buy the balls.  I know the last time your wife bought those expensive ass LouBoutin shoes she didn’t consult you. “Do more research,” I’m right here ask me all the questions you want.  It’s like shopping for a Nissan car and wanting to do more research on a Toyota to make decision.

When someone gives me an excuse,

…to me that’s ammunition to pull your Punk Card.

You have to learn to listen and know how to over come those excuses.  Every time I get the let me talk to my wife excuse, I always come back with, “What’s your wife’s name?”  What that does, it takes that person out of there lying mode and switches them back to listening mode. It confuses them…

Oh, your wife’s name is Rachael.  What if I told you by making this decision you will be able to provide you and your wife Rachel with a better life.  “Is Rachel there now, put her on the phone since it’s very important for you to make a decision?

Let’s get her on the phone so I can answer any questions she might have, because I know your dumb ass won’t know how to relay the information I just gave you.

That usually shuts them up…

Usually at this point either the person is more trusting in you or he’s just dancing around trying to find another excuse to give you.  If you get another excuse then this is where I know this person is just bull shitting me.  “A Window Shopper.”  Are you Married or your Wife is?  You’re whopped.

Men are starting to become the weaker species.  If you really pay attention, a woman is starting to become a man and a man is starting to become a woman.  You talk about your Man Cave, like it’s a fortress of man hood.  A man cave is to escape your wife because you are scared of her.  You know what my man cave is?  My wife’s Vagina, because that’s were I like to be because I am a Man, not a little bitch like some of you hiding from it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

I was driving by a motorcycle dealership one time and there was a huge sign in front of the store that said,


I can just imaging how many cowardly men that stores deals with every day.

Let’s change the excuses and let’s talk about the excuser.  I recently was talking to someone and they were talking about how they can’t start a business because they have a debt problem.  Not enough money to start a business, yet I look down at there sneakers and they are worth as much as a car payment.  Their cellular phone is more advanced than mine to include the lasted apps.

If you don’t have money to start a business then why are you wasting my time.

I can start a business with $100.00.  Don’t question me because I have in the past.

WHAT, you say you have debt?  Debt is actually good, because that’s telling companies you are trust worthy enough so they are giving you money.

To quote one favorite sales person and entrepreneur Grant Cardone.

“You don’t have a Debt problem, You have a Income Problem.”


“Stop being a little Bitch.”

Like I mentioned before, Every excuse is a Good Excuse.  You have debt but you don’t have the money to pay that money back.  So definitely income is a issue.  A lot of these excuses are not only lies, it’s also Fear.   What does that mean, you have a mentally disorder because all you can do is find reasons not to, instead of finding a reason to do.  You don’t have any confidence because you are still sucking on your mommies tit.

Stop being a little Pussy and be a Dick.

A Dick accomplishes things in the world.  Why do you think people hate our Commander in Chief.  He had to be the biggest dick to win.  STFU, you say, but he had been bankrupt before.  Who gives a shit, at least he has something to bankrupt idiot and he’s still a Billionaire.

How many Billions of Dollars do you have? Then STFU!

Look at Kanye West, 50 Cent, both these rappers went bankrupt but you don’t hear anyone talking shit about them.  Guess what? They are still millionaires.  You’re the fucking victim.

I’m a man of action and anyone that gives me a viable opportunity I don’t question it, I just take it.  When I was in the Marine Corps you would never question or give excuses for anything.

Questioning someone will get you killed in combat.  

“Get DOWN NOW,” said the Marine Sergeant to the Private during a fire fight in Fallujah, Iraq.

“Huh, Why, But I’m…” said the Private.

Well those were the last words that Private ever had to say because he was shot in the head by enemy fire.

In stead of sounding out, “Aye Aye Sergeant,” and hitting the deck as fast as he could, that Marine would have been alive today and known…

Never to question authority or give excuses.

I have started many business and each one of them was more successful than the last.  Why was I  successful because I didn’t make excuses.  If I fall by making the wrong decision, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  That’s what give a real man Character.