By EsquireLife

April 3, 2022

The world is getting dumber.

What I mean by that is this many people’s attention span has gotten shorter. No matter how you explain things to people they can’t understand what you are saying. A reasons they’re not attentive is because they are distracted by their phones and the world. And most importantly they are not here for the right reasons.

I can explain it to you

But I can’t understand it for you. As an educator, I’ve noticed throughout the years, that people just don’t want to learn anymore. People want results quickly and if it’s not overnight then it doesn’t work. When I started teaching twelve years ago, students would attend my courses because they wanted to achieve. Now they come to me because they want to prove to others they weren’t lying.

Why is it that I went to school?

I didn’t graduate college to prove to my parents that I was smart. The reason I went to school was to prove to myself that I wanted to challenge my smartness. Students attend my school for two reasons, Inspiration or Desperation. But the majority is for desperation and those are the ones that don’t succeed. Honestly, I do my best to give you the best education because you paid for it.

Sorry being Business Owner is not for you

I know when you walk into my classroom who are the go-getters and the wanna-bes. The ones that talk the most are the ones that are trying too hard and fail. Not because they don’t want it, but because they are lazy. Laziness will only show you success, not give it to you. They are so quick to give themselves titles. Your business card says CEO, but yet you haven’t even started your business. Instagram is free, yet your main goal is to get followers. You are always interrupting class to compare your story to what you saw on YouTube.

Get your Mom’s Tit out of your Mouth

Other people I know that are going to fail are the ones whose parents or their investors pay for your tuition. You are a grown-ass adult, why are your parents paying for you? Are they giving you lunch money also? Parents, I know this is your baby, but your kid is in his late 30s, please cut the umbilical cord. If your adult child hasn’t done anything with their life by now, they are not going to accomplish shit in the future. Others, is their “investor” that is their big fat white girlfriend they promised to make rich if they paid for them.

The cheap ass that is always on his phone comparing.

If you can find it for cheaper online, then you wasted your time attending to me. The way you are cheap is the same way you are going to run your business. I attend a race car school, but yet I buy a Toyota Corolla to race. This will never make sense, but it happens all the time. Just listen to what I say and you will understand that now only do you need the knowledge but you also need the tools. You cheap ass.

One of the greatest possessions,

you can have to run any successful business is your confidence. In the new world of Beta Males, women are now starting to be the voice for the man. It’s ok, I see that your woman’s purse is small enough that your dick can fit perfectly. I had this wife that constantly doubted her husband, and it got to the point that I had to tell her to shut the fuck up. Unfortunately, I didn’t care if I got fired from my position for telling her this, but this bitch was driving me crazy. My sanity was more important. Come to find out years later the husband built his business and divorced his wife.

Your Product is Shit, because you are Weak

You have to realize that when you sell people they don’t buy the product or service, they buy you. If your dick is tucked between your legs then your customer will see your weakness. Everywhere you go you need to sell. If people get tired of you selling, then you are around the wrong people. You need to eat, so open your mouth and be confident. Learn how to talk, don’t ever practice selling in front of your customer. A boxer doesn’t train the day of the fight, you idiot.

“How in the Fuck did you put your shoes on this morning.”

I can’t fathom how in the hell you are going to run a business if you can’t even follow simple directions. Just because you attend my event doesn’t mean you will learn. You have to absorb what I give you and translate it into lamens terms. You need to shut the fuck up and listen, God gave you two ears and only one mouth. Don’t listen with your mouth. Everyone is an expert because they watch others on free social media platforms like YouTube. No one in their right mind is educated to be successful, they are just filled with empty promises.

Nobody wants to do the work.

Understand that you are with me to become better, you are not with me because you paid. At times I have had to go through the motions because you are too dumb to listen. I hope your swiping on your phone is more important then learning. You come to be to be someone but yet you are salivating over someone else’s life on social media. Remember you are weak and always will be weak, you get sold on images and don’t know when success is knocking at your door.

You are not important,

The reason why you came to me is because you ain’t shit and never have been shit. My job here is to show you how to be the shit. Don’t question me, never question an expert or a millionaire. Why do you think I’m here, because I am both you stupid motherfucker. How can I show you to be a success if I haven’t been successful? It’s sad because you are the type of person that would question Elon Musk, that is how dumb you are. You don’t want to get prove wrong because you cry like a little bitch, so you go back to your old ways after you leave.

You are not the Expert, because you are Poor

Because if you were you wouldn’t be here. Usually, the know-it-alls are the ones that complain the most and get upset. It goes back to why are you here if you know it all. The truth of the matter is, they get butt hurt that their methods never worked. And they have someone that corrects those mistakes and it feels to them like I killed their puppy. Go back to your YouTube mentality and sorry that you wasted your money. It’s ok because when I drive away in my exotic car and go home to my million dollar house, and kiss my skinny hotwife I won’t remember you.

At this point, my sanity is worth more than Money

Don’t get me started about working with this new generations, the Y and Z kids. I’m old enough to be their father and old enough to beat the shit out of them. There is only so much I can put up with. The quality of a person is quickly descending and it’s sad that I can’t make people understand why they are dumb. At this point, I can only count down the days when I going to finally hang my hat up. No one will work as hard as me, yet they don’t understand why I accomplish more than them.

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