By EsquireLife

September 9, 2018

Stay on Your Ass the View is Better from There

One thing I fucking hate in this life is Fucking Lazy People.  Don’t get me wrong they’re times when I’m lazy and I want to sleep in because I had a long difficult work week.  But even when I sleep in I get up at 6am and I still feel guilty that I slept in so long.  We’re all lazy people.  I’m not really sure why we’re lazy, I blame it on a lot of things.  You can start off with your Parents, a lot of parents are young now a days and when they had your dumb ass, they were still living with there parents and there mommy and daddy took care of them.  Now that you’re a grown ass man with hair on your balls, your parents think since they were pampered by there parents they will do the same for you, this is why you grew up to be a little lazy bitch and still sucking on your mom’s tit.

Another Reason I Blame you for Being Lazy is Social Media.

All day at work I see these idiots on their cell phones just scrolling through their screens looking at women with big booties and people in there Lambos.  All you do is just fantasies, “This could be me,”  but I don’t want to work hard to get it.  I want someone to give me all that shit for free, like my mom gave me her tit when I was hungry.  If you read my bio before, you would know that my parents were not lazy.  My dad would beat the shit out of me for being lazy.  I didnt grow up poor but my dad made me feel poor so I can appreciate what I had.

Name Brand, you’re Fucking Stupid.

My dad would take my ass to Payless and he would search for the ugliest shoes on the section and bought them for me.  I would have to wear those ugly motherfuckers to school.  My dad was a hard worker and he didn’t believe in spoiling his kids.  He gave us a roof, food, and clothes for our backs and that was his responsibility as a father.  Oh you want a phone in your room, get your ass to work because that’s a luxury.  This is what broke my mentality for me, “If I want something in life, no one else will give it to you, your ass has to work for it.”

People Think I’m Materialistic, No you Motherfucker

I didn’t have shit growing up like your little spoiled ass did, this is why I buy my own shit.  I started my own business when I was 12 years old.  The only reason I started it was because I wanted some FILA Shoes.  Look them up, that will tell you how old I am. Back when I was a kid those shoes were $65.00.  And guess what that was a fucking lot.  On the weekend I would run my business, and during summer break, I would go to the construction sites and install dry wall for 4 dollars and hour. Of course it was under the table because I was 12.

I Would come Home so Fucking Tired,

that I understood what my dad did to support his family.  At a young age I knew what is was to have to work to support a family.  Remember, I didn’t have to work, but I wanted things that my dad thought were luxuries.  At 16 I started another business and believe it or not I had that business until I was in my late 30’s.  Being in the Marine Corps for so long I was able to run it every where I was stationed at.  Even when I was in Iraq I ran my business.  I remember there was a period in my career where I had 3 jobs.  Marine Corps during the day, at 6pm I started my second job and on the weekend I had a third. There was no fucking excuses.

Excuses are like Assholes, Everyone has them and they all Stink.

When you Don’t Pay, You Don’t Pay Attention

You’re also lazy because you’re complacent in life.  Everything is handed to you.  Your Education, Your Clothes, Your Cars.  Everything is handed to you for free so you don’t appreciate shit or life. You need to strive for better.  The other day I was talking to someone and they said that I was materialistic.  It’s not that I’m materialistic, it’s just I deserve better. Look at yourself and think, “Do you love yourself?”  Who’s going to reward you for your hard work?  No one.

People don’t Appreciate the Little Things.

When was the last time someone thanked you for paying the electricity, for the running water.  Hey, Thank you for paying the mortgage.  Thanks, because when I turn on the TV there’s something to watch.  It’s called cable you moron.  No one ever thanks you for that because people don’t give a shit because they think it’s free.  This is why you’re still driving the same car for the past 15 years, because you’re complacent and don’t think you deserve better you lazy piece of shit. All you bitch about is how your car is a piece of crap.

Reward Yourself and You will Work Harder to Give Yourself More Rewards.

The other day I went house shopping with my Mom.  We were looking at this new development with beautiful huge ass houses.  She was blown away on what these houses look like now a days.  My Mom is 62 and her and my dad have lived in the same house for 35 years.  My mom asks me why do you need another house your have 2 of them already.  It made my sad because I felt she didn’t appreciate how hard I work and how I can reward myself.

I told my mom almost with almost tears on my face, “Because I deserve it.”  No one in my entire family has accomplish what I have.  Everyone else is popping out kids from different fathers and have no desire to achieve shit.  If you would see my houses you would automatically think, who else lives here?  How many other families live here.  No one motherfucker, I live here, and to you complacent motherfuckers, it does matter how big my house is, it’s mine. Have fun still living at your parents house.

The other day someone commented on my Tesla.

This idiot said, “Ah, Tesla sucks because you always have to charge the battery.”  Well no fucking shit you dumb ass, it’s an electric car you fuck head.  Don’t you have to charge your stupid ass Android phone all the time?  What is it with Android phone users, they’re dumb fucks.  I looked at him and said, “Where’s your Tesla?”  He said, “I don’t have one, they’re too expensive.”  I looked him in the face and said,”Well then shut the Fuck Up, When you can afford a Tesla, talk all you want.”

People that Don’t Have or Can’t do are so Quick to Talk Shit

Everyone is so quick to criticize.  Next time you work on a project show someone that doesn’t how to do what you’re doing. They will be so quick to talk shit.  Why because they’re fucking lazy and think everything is easy.  This is why I keep all my shit to myself.  I’m not here to impress you dumb fucks, I’m here to build my fucking empire.  This is my life, your ass can just sit there and talk shit.  This is why your dumb ass thought my watch was an Invicta and not a Rolex.  You look at me an only want the worse for me because your life is worser. (Is that a word?)  No, it’s a Rolex bitch, oh and by the way it’s worth more than what you drive.

Sometimes I come across as a Dick, because I am a Dick

Guess what Dicks get shit done in life because our faces are not stuck in our phones like zombies.  Even my with wife thinks I’m a dick sometimes/all the time.  But she forgets all that when she grabs her expensive ass purses that I bought her, and the car she’s drives that I bought and if she ever forgets the time she can look down at the Rolex I bought her.  Dicks get shit done in life because we’re not Beta Males, we’re not lazy ass pussies.  I’m a hungry Alpha with big balls and not afraid to kill you.  I don’t ask for permission, I give permission.

Who Gives a Fuck what’s on Social Media

and don’t give a fuck if your tits are sticking out and all you want is Likes.  I worry about what my next goal in life is, and how I’m going to die trying to achieve my full potential.  Because in the end it’s lonely at the top, I get to look down at all you lazy fucks and you can talk shit up to me all you want.

You ask me, “I want to be successful like you,”

Don’t be like me idiot, be like you.  People are constantly saying, “I want to learn from you,” “I want you to be my mentor,” “Can I call you for advice.”  “Let me get your number, I want to have you at my disposal.”  This is what lazy people ask me all the time.  Here’s the magic pill that I took, I’ll give it to you because you deserve it.  You know why I know your lazy, because when I tell you, “You want to learn to be successful? Then read my Blog, this is free information.”  The next time I see you, you’re still asking me the same fucking questions and I always respond, “You didn’t read my blog huh?”  The excuses start pouring out like when you piss out the THC after you smoke weed.  Why do you want to be successful if you can’t want to read a simple free website.  That’s why I just walk away and say, “You’re Lazy my dude.”

“See what had Happened Wuz.”  Shut the Fuck Up,

If I told you there was $10,000.00 on top of that hill.  You would question me, How do I get up the hill?  It’s probably dangerous up there?  Can you help me go up the hill?  I will go tomorrow.  It’s only $10,000.00 I’m good. If it was $20,000.00 I would do it.  What else does your bitch ass have as an excuse for?  Oh, I would go but I have to check my social media.  I would conquer that hill but my pussy hurts.  Just keep going dude.  Excuse are lies wrapped into reasons.

A couple weeks ago I opened up

I opened up that store because I love fashion but, I know you lazy ass motherfuckers can’t afford the expensive shit.  So this is an alternative to look like a million bucks without spending.  The reason I built the site, is because I didn’t know how to build a online store.  Wait What?  I didn’t know how to build a website, then why did you build it?  Because I wanted to learn you moron.  I’ve never had an online presence. So my dumb ass had to research and learn all it took to build an eCommerce website.  I’m not even close to being done, but guess what I did because I wasn’t lazy.  “Why didn’t you pay someone,” because if I payed the only thing I would learn about my website is writing a check to the person that built it, you fuck load.

I did this as a test to see who is a real buyer and who is a fucking Lazy ass.

What I did is created a coupon code because even though my site is fairly priced I know there’s some cheap ass motherfuckers out there.  I sent the coupon code to 5 people for 50% off. One customer bought without using the coupon code because he said that my products looked quality and he didn’t want to cheapen his experience with a coupon.  The other customer used the coupon code and purchase over $1000.00 in items because he thought the more he bought,, the more he saved.  The next customer, left stuff in his check out cart, because he said that was tired to check out.  The last 2 didn’t even go on the site, there excuse was my phone died, and I’ll wait until payday.  “Wait until Payday.” The website is free to look at you dumb ass.

Success is a Game to be Played and Not be a Cheerleader.

You want to be successful but all you do is sit on the side lines and see life go by.  That’s a good place to be, you can criticize everyone that walks in front of you.  If you can’t fucking read a free website then how are you going to learn.  How I can help you in person and give you something that will change your life. I can’t help you homie, go Fuck Yourself.

This is why I don’t have Friends in Life.

I don’t hang out with my boys or go on guy trips.  I don’t need that in my life because I focus on me.  Everything I have in life because I worked too fucking hard to share it with anyone.  You want to be complacent in life be my guest.  Reward yourself because no one else will.  And when no one else rewards you, don’t come up with an excuse because you might as well look in the mirror and see the biggest laziest bitch in the world, you fucking loser. Don’t prove to me because I don’t give a shit, prove to yourself, you the leader of your life, not your mom.  Fuck your friends, have your parents be proud of you.

I woke up last weekend and said to myself, “I’m going to buy a Bentley.”

My wife looked at me and without questioning it, she said,”Let’s go.”  I walked into the show room to purchase a Bentley Flying Spur.  Did I purchase one, of course…I didn’t.  Right now I’m not ready to spend $250,000.00 for a car.  I can afford it, don’t get me wrong, but I might not eat for at least 4 years because I have what’s called Mortgages.  I went to the Bentley Showroom as a rehearsal or to practice to get my mind ready to buy it and it will be soon.  Now I know what it’s going to take to purchase my dream car.  How much harder am I going to have to work?  How many more dumb asses I have to deal with?  I need more ways to close bigger accounts.  What do I need to sell more, to allow me to have that expendable money.  Once I clear my lazy mind and kill the excuses, then I’m going to walk into that show room and say,

“I will take that Bentley Flying Spur in Glacier White with the Burnt Oak Colored Seats, because I’m not a Lazy Bitch.