By EsquireLife

November 4, 2018

“Life is Tough, But It’s Tougher when you’re Stupid…”

As we start saying goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, I want us to reflect and see if 2018 has enough weight to carry you into the next year.  You need to start looking at life as if today is the last day on Earth.  This is how people or should I say successful people get things done.  I started off this year educating hundreds of people and some of the bodies have listened to me and crushed it in life. Others just took my words and questioned every aspect of them.  In the end you fail and like to blame others for your misfortunes.

This year I’ve had a lot a milestones,

I’ve changed a lot of lives for the good and the worse.  Every year that I’m on this earth I learn a lot.  In these years I’ve have confirmed that people are stupid because all they want to do is complain and bitch about anything that comes in front of them.  A lot of people I deal with act like little kids and want hand outs.  People don’t like to work hard anymore, they just want to wake up to success.  They have that Lottery mentally because they have nothing else to live for.  Don’t get me wrong I like having that feeling of waking up a Millionaire, but I don’t want to wake up a Stupid Millionaire.

This year we lost some amazing people to tragedy.

Everybody is depressed and just want to end there life.  I also suffer from Depression and PTSD because of my combat experiences in Iraq while in the Marine Corps.  But, I don’t think I have the courage to end it.  Honestly, I think about it everyday, I just don’t know how to pull that trigger.

What I do to combat that urge is learn from the people that have left us.  My wife is a big fan of Kate Spade and was devastated when Kate took her life.  This was so confusing for me, why someone that is so successful in life could do that.

You need to take those lessons and apply it to life and take a deep breath.  Sure enough a couple days later Anthony Bourdain did the same thing and took his life.  It just make me stronger.

You need to find out what you’re doing wrong in your life.

I deal with stupid people everyday.  You either try to make those stupid people successful but sometimes they don’t listen. Then let them fall on their ass and be ready to get blamed for their failure.

People are now so quick to point the finger because it’s easier to pass the blame.

Why is it my fault that you:

  1. don’t listen
  2. always on your phone
  3. show up late
  4. and not show up
  5. Scared to take action

You expect the same results of the person that gave 100% and now life is easy for them.  Sometimes that’s confusing for some because their brain is not fully developed.

You’re stupid for a reason, and not sure why.

If you’re not at the level where you should be, you need to reanalyze your life.  I’m not saying that you have to make $150,000 a year.  You just need to focus on bettering yourself.  People come to me literally every week because they want to better themselves.  The great thing about it is, I’ve made a lot of successful people and a couple of them are wealthy now because of me.  Others fail every step they take in life, and they fail and blame me for it.  Think about it, why is it that you fail but the person next to you is doing better?

Stop being the Problem and be the Solution

Everyone bitches about their work, it’s too hard, the pay is not enough.  Yet, you’re still working there drinking your coffee and bull shitting with everyone there.  Nothing is free in life, if you don’t like your job then quit.  “But, I can’t because I have bills.”  Well then shut the fuck up and get back to work.  Be lucky you have a job and your ass can be lazy there.

I go to work to produce results not to be on my phone checking social media and tell everyone that you don’t do anything and still get paid. “Baller Status.”  You know those people I’m talking about?

Even when a Doctor graduates medical school,

they’re not doing crucial surgeries the very next day.  It will probably take years even decades before they’re able to do such procedures. Guess what, they’re still called doctors and they don’t quit until they succeed.  Please don’t think that when you graduate anything in life you’re an expert. You have the knowledge to succeed and you need to apply that knowledge and practice until you become an expert.

Stop being a little bitch because you will fall on your ass.

Life is not prejudice, it will kick your ass and not it’s afraid to do it again.  You need to have control on what your next steps are going to be.  If you’re scared to walk to the future like some of you are, then have a great time in your complacent life.  Ask yourself what you’re doing next week?  If you don’t already have a plan for it and a back up plan just it case your plan changes then you’re complacent.  Next time you’re at dinner try to go the entire meal without checking your phone.  You can’t because you’re weak minded and interested in other peoples lives not yours.  

This is why you can’t move forward…

But Someone Text Me, They can Fucking Wait.

Normally I talk about Sales, Fashion, and Cars here, but today I am talking about 2018.  Don’t ask me what I accomplished this year because if I show you, you would think your life is shit compared to mine.  I’m already planning my life for 2020, I’m already set to retire at 50 years old and start another venture in my life.  I’m moving to my house in Las Vegas and locking the doors forever with my Glock on my side.  When turn 60 years old, I’m moving to Mars with Elon Musk and I’ll be driving what ever Model Tesla is out at that time.

You need to focus on your life and figure out why you’re Stupid

Stop comparing your life to your favorite YouTuber or Instagrammer.  People can filter there lives and show you only the happy fun moments.  They can post all there happy moments yet when you’re done watching there video you feel like shit.  “I want a Lamborghini, I want a Rolex.”  But if you really think about it you’re not following them, they’re seeking your attention.   Without your attention they’re nothing.

They need you… You’re mind just got blown…  Beyonce isn’t shit without her fans and record sales.  Who gives her, her fame and fortune?  You do, you dumb ass. Take that away and she will be working at Starbucks.  Give that Power back to yourself.

You can’t even Read a Simple Sales Blog that’s Free.

You rather pay for me to yell at you.  Keep doing that, by me yelling at you it’s not going to make you smarter.  I can tell you where the pot of gold is, but you will question me how to get it.  You will give me every excuse why it’s so difficult to accomplish that gold.  Yet, you listen to that other person that already has the gold and is trying to sell you a dust of it.

This is why you’re Stupid, because you’re a Follower

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