By EsquireLife

September 4, 2017

Have you ever tried to sell something and you get a, “NO.”

What if I told you, you can get a Yes out of a No.  How do you do it?  Let’s find out.

I have been in sales for over 20 years now. It all started when I was 12 years old and had my successful Lawn Care Business.  Yes, I used to cut peoples lawns on the weekend.  I started this business so I can save enough money to start another business.

As a young entrepreneur I need to get accounts because I had overhead.  What type of over head you ask.  I had to rent my lawn equipment from my Dad.  So if I made $25 dollars off a customer I had to give my Dad $5.  You know I have to get accounts because I had to pay the boss.

The way I got my accounts was the good old fashion way by, “Knocking on Doors.”

Yes, it was Cold Calling.  I had to find the right time to go knock on doors.  I needed to figure out a time where customers were relaxed and happy.  The time I figured out was Saturday mornings after 10am.  Most people were off on that day and the reason I chose 10am, is because families already had breakfast and that’s usually when chores start.

I would knock on the doors and asked them if they had and would like lawn service.  The look on their face when they saw a 12 year old kid  was priceless .  They wouldn’t seem interested until I opened my mouth and Sold them.  Their typically answer was, “I do my own lawn, or My kids earn their allowance this way.” in a sense that’s them saying No.

Well for me the Sale started when the customer said, “No.”

“How often do you cut your lawn Sir?” “What if I told you, I can do it in half the time because I have the right equipment, would you do it?”

 “Are your Saturday’s valuable to you?”

This is my favorite, “Well your kids might not like money because your lawn does need some care now?” “Where are your kids now?”

What I was trying to do is get a “Yes” from my future customers.  If I can get a Yes, the probability of my closing an account is greater.

“Do you want you front yard to look better?”

“When was the last time your yard was cut?”

Ask Open Ended Questions to get a response that involves an explanation.  The opened ended question will allow the customer to listen to themselves find the problem.

“Well it’s been at least  2 months since it’s been cut.”  Wow, they just admitted the problem.

Ask a couple of Opened Ended questions,

to build trust and to prove there is a problem.  Once you have determined there is a problem, come up with a solution and go for the Closed ended question.

A Closed Ended question usually involves a Yes or No answer.  “Well Sir, what if I told you I can make your yard look beautiful and can let you enjoy your coffee on this beautiful Saturday morning, Would you do it?”

In everyday Sales you need to start getting “Yes”

It might not even be a Yes to close your Deal.  But you need to hear that yes.  Yes is a powerful word.

Will you go out on a Date with me?  This is a Closed Ended question.  A lot of times you can get lucky going in for the close or asking that Closed Ended question.  Dating now a days you definitely have explain features and benefits of what is going to happen during the date so you can get that chance to go out.

Ask for the Sale and go for the Close.  A lot of us sell too much and scare to close.  Make sure you find the problem first.

“Sir or Ma’am, does your lawn need cutting?”


“Then why isn’t your lawn cut?” “Did you have a Long Week, Extremely Tired, Are you ill?  Or are you too damn Lazy?”

Make sure you, always explain features and benefits

Explain why your services are a good fit them, and how by obtaining your services it will benefit them or their company.

Bonus:  Mentioned points of differentiation that separate you from the competition.

Are your professionally trained?  Do you have the latest equipment to offer your customer?  Or are you able to save them money?

“Sir, The reason why I am calling is because…, my Company is experienced in this field, we also can provide you with…, This will HELP you with… So you don’t have too…, How does that sound?”  If you can show them they don’t have to worry about something, then you’re showing them their time is valuable.  Revisit previous explained problems and go for the close.

I saw a movie called the Boiler Room.  

In one the scenes a Junior Broker ask a cold caller, “If you where drowning in the ocean and I threw you a life vest, would you catch it?” This questions had nothing to do with his sales pitch.  At this point in the sales call the broker is selling trust in his company.

Don’t be afraid to go for the close.  The sale starts when the customer say, No.

Find the need behind the need.  

Find out what there Skepticism is and provide factual proof on your end.  When you encounter Drawback try to revisit there original problem and sell on the demand.  If you encounter Indifference show tangible proof.

Try some of these tools and you’ll see if you will turn more No’s into Yes’.