By EsquireLife

January 30, 2022

Stay in your Stench

I’ve noticed that poor people do not want to grow and stay in their mentality. They don’t want to succeed. Playing the victim is how they get things in life. As I am maturing in life, I am barely growing because I also had a poor mentality. Look at generations of families. They all do the same thing, stay comfortable in life, and don’t want to better themselves.

Is this something to be proud of?

The other day, I watched the news about three generations of garbage men. You would think at least the son or the grandson would own the company or have a chain of sanitation companies by now. Not at all; they were proud that all three generations drove the same dump truck and how it’s passed on to the new generation. I can’t wait for another ten years to be with the great-grandchild for four generations.

Some Shit different Blog

Since my last article, this will be similar to my previous blog, a weak person mentality. There is one thing to be born poor, and there is another thing to stay poor. Now I am not saying that I grew up poor, and now I am rich. Technically growing up in my parent’s home, I was poor because I didn’t work. My parents were not poor because they had their home and lived comfortably.

Born Poor, Die Poor

Every poor person I talked to always said that they grew up poor. Of course, you are poor, you idiot, you don’t have anything because you are a kid living at your parent’s house. I remember an episode on the TV show The Cosby Show. Vanessa told her dad Cliff Huxtable, “I hate being rich.” Without batting an eye, Cliff said, “No, Your mother and I are rich; you and your brothers and sisters are poor.” I knew that everyone who said they were poor was a victim.

You are Poor as a kid

Yes, I was poor, but I always wanted to better myself. My mind wasn’t ready for college, so as a young man, I had side jobs where I made money to support my habits of nice clothing and toys. I had a lawn service where I cut people’s grass as a kid. My dad let me borrow his truck and lawnmowers. I made decent money for about three years. These jobs put me through high school, and I could buy what I wanted. But I wanted more, and I realized that it was dirty hard work, but it was decent.

I work because no is going to for me

Besides that, I had other jobs like construction and putting up dry walls in new apartment complexes. Now realize I was 12 years old when I started working. But I wanted something I loved and did not need to work as hard. At 14, the Disc Jockey craze was a thing, and it was there that I wanted to do this. I never made excuses not to make money. With all the money I had from lawns and occasionally working at swap meets and construction, I was able to buy my DJ equipment. Before making myself public, I practiced and got good to kill the competition.

I see Poor People

It was there that I started to realize there are poor people in the world. What I mean by poor people is an opportunist. They always want what you have or emulate you. And that was ok because I had to be better than everyone else. When working in my lawn service, I didn’t have anyone offering to help me. When people saw my whole body in drywall dust from my summer construction job, nobody asked me for a job.

Poor People are Followers

But as soon as I revealed myself as a DJ, everyone wanna be poor person, wanted to be my friend. They tried to jump on the following I had created. So I said fuck it, help me set up my equipment, and I will let you hang with me. I was taking advantage of those poor people. Soon after, they got jealous of my attention, and they started to be DJs. I noticed I was losing gigs because these mother fuckers were undercutting my prices. So I charged more because I kept getting news that the people that started sucked and wanted me.

End Results is not the Answer

The moral of the story is that people are poor because they want what you have and only see the final product and that it is easy. I can honestly say that this is another reason why many poor parents live through their children. “My son’s team is state champions, and he is going to get a scholarship.” Yet, years later, you are talking shit about your kid because all he does is get girls pregnant and not get a scholarship. After all, he was lazy like you. Have your children look up to you, not the other way around. You are poor, and your kids are the only way out. It’s like your only hope because you gave up on yourself.

Your Daughter is Stripper

Dance Moms are just fat single mothers putting their ugly kids through pageants in hopes that they become models and not strippers. Sports Dads are just losers that didn’t accomplish shit, so they are hoping their kids hopefully get picked up by a professional sports team to help you pay off that 2008 Cadilac Escalade you got a loan for 12 years. How can you teach success if you are not successful? It’s like a poor man trying to give you financial advice to be rich. Sorry being a hustler is not being successful. Your children are a reflection of your success. Do you want to see a man’s character? Look at his children.

It will never change

Unfortunately, you will still be poor even if you had some of the richest successful men in the world holding your hand in life. You will never know how to get up when you don’t fall. All you do is fantasize on social media. You try to emulate what you see on there, but you look like a fool because you max out all your credit cards to look like something you are not, and your rent is due on the first, but you wait until the fifth to pay it. You like to hold on to money that is not yours and show it off.

Stop being a Label Ho

Stop letting brands enslave you. It would help if you complimented the brand, not the other way around. I see these fat bitches at the mall with their five kids looking like homeless kids, but you have the biggest NeverFull Louis Vuitton bag. That is all you have because you are poor. Should I look at you and see accomplishment or shame? Same with men, you wear that stupid ass Gucci belts, yet your child support is overdue.

Wear the clothes, don’t let it wear you

I wear cheap clothes because I don’t have to show off to the world that I am rich. But I have my own house to come to, and my watch on my wrist is worth more than your cars combined. Unlike you flashing hundreds at the club, I don’t have two dollars in my wallet. I’ve taken that two dollars and made it into investments. Let people think you are poor but live in your riches alone. Spend your money for yourself because it’s to make more. Poor people tell you to save money because they don’t know where their next dollar will manifest.

Success cannot be copied

Poor people take advantage of successful people. I had this fucking bitch take advantage of a situation. Even though she signed a contract saying the company was not liable, that cunt got her way because she is so poor to know what a contract is. It was easier to shut that bitch up with the money, and as soon as that happened, she found more reasons to get more. I hate people, which is why I don’t associate with any. Sometimes I have to, and because they are poor, you have to throw money at them to make them feel rich when it was only pocket change for us.

It’s Okay, I eat better up here

It’s lonely at the top. That statement is so accurate. The harder someone works to achieve, the farther away you want to be from ungrateful poor people. Why do you think the rich live in the mountains away from poor peasant people. You want to share your success, but the more you try, the more poor people ride your coattails. Some of you young fuckers might not remember MTV Cribs. If you ever noticed in that show, they would showcase a celebrity, but there would always be like thirty motherfucking freeloaders in the background trying to jump into the shots. Like they don’t have their own home they showcase. Those are not friends; they are poor opportunists.

Let the other do the work so you can bootleg it

Poor people want to jump on people’s trains. I am part of a weekly program. The moment it was up and running, people came out of the woodworks to be part of it. Where were you when I spent thousands of dollars to set this up? I was able to teach myself how to use all the devices to provide a platform to share seamlessly. Why don’t you do the same and maybe I will let you be part of anything. You want shit for free and not work for it. Fuck you, poor person. Everyone wants to be a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit.

Wake up Women

I’ve always seen poor men take advantage of women. These poor opportunitist seek women that already have careers in life. It’s easy for them to start a life with them because that hard-working woman has already bought a home, and she is also poor because you have convinced her to support you and your habits. You are just there for free room and board, and she is just content because she has an in-house dick. If your woman’s education and income are higher than yours, you are a poor opportunist. Poor men let their women support them, and I feel sorry for these victims. Women want to be more vital, then stop picking up trash on the side of the road, a poor weak man. Shop for a man higher than your means. It will be then where you will be successful.

I guess I’m the dumb one

Poor people know more about brands and items than you do. The imperfections or lack of features is always justified for them not wanting to own them. Sorry, be honest with yourself. You can’t afford them. So what that my Rolex doesn’t have a light so I can see at night. I’m too busy working that I don’t have a need to look at my watch to clock out at the end of the like you. Oh wait, you don’t have a job. You are a poor opportunist. You pull out your phone that your woman bought you to see your time and get sucked into social media living a fantasy life where I am already living it. Have fun being poor.

You have the tools use them

You want not to be poor. I tell you if you’ve read my post and you come out with an excuse why you haven’t. This is were I walk away from you and lose respect. You are thirsty, and asking me for water, yet you want me to pour the water into your mouth. Fuck you, die of thirst.

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