By EsquireLife

November 20, 2017

We’re in a world where we depend on our

phones so much.

If you noticed my Social Media tabs on my website are blank.  

Well let me tell you why.

The other day I walked to my Tesla and realize that I forgot the KeyFob.  Well my lazy ass didn’t want to go back in to the house because I had to turn off my house alarm grab the key fob, arm the Alarm again and get into my car.  It was just easy for me to pull out my phone and go into the Tesla App and drive my car that way.

I know this has nothing to do with my topic, but the point I want to relay is, we might forget everything in the world but we never forget our phone.  Our phones are becoming an extension of our body, and I felt myself getting more and more attached to it.  It was literally taking over my life.

When I was running my business we didn’t have smart phones,

we had flip phones and towards that end of my career I had a BlackBerry and that was so high tech for me.  Since it was a new technology I was always on it because of the keyboard and black berry messenger.  It got so bad users started calling the BlackBerry, “CrackBerry.”

It was a great change going from a Keyboard phone to a touch screen phone.  With all the new apps that came out like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, you want to be part of all these networks because if you didn’t you felt left out.

Thinking back at why I became successful it was because I didn’t have social media.

I was able to focus my mind 100 percent on me and my business.

I wasn’t checking my phone just to see what pictures people posted or how many likes I received.

Many business run their companies on social media and that’s fine.  More power to you, but what that means to me is i’m taking my time to sit there and look at your product, taking my time from other things I can be doing like seeing what my next goal for more millions.

I would find myself stuck to my screen seeing what was out there, and what I can do out shine or seeing what filters I can use on my picture to make my pictures look sick.  I also notice being on social media I would spend more money just so I can post, “Hey look what I bought, or Look where I’m at.”  Just to show off to a bunch of strangers that,

“Hey look I’m better than you.”

There was a time when I was on Instagram looking at watches, and because I like a watch so many times the following day I went to the Rolex store and bought it without batting an eye.  What the F… Social Media got into my brain…

I also can’t stand going to a restaurant and seeing everyone on their phones.  I saw a couple one time at restaurant.  They were sitting across from each other, well it was the quietest couple in the whole place because their face where stuck in their phones.  Wow, your wife or girlfriend is right across from you and your attention is in your phone.

It’s like a woman asking you to come over to give you a “Quickie” because she’s DTF.

and you’re too busy watching UFC with your boys, that you turn it down that booty.  Because your boys are more important.  I guess bros before hoes is really true.

Well back to my subject.  What I found myself doing is started to get so caught up with wanting to get followers and trying to be popular.  I noticed that it was taking time away from my success.  I have better things to do like rub my wife’s booty or setting goals to become more successful.

Another reason why I quit social media is because women are becoming so slutty on there.  What do I mean by that?  Well theses bitches are just out there to ruin peoples lives.  All these social media whores do I try to lure you in with their provocative pictures.  Sorry but I don’t have to look at pictures to get off.  If you looking at my wife, so puts all these social media whores to shame.

Plus you never know who stalking you, like your crazy ass ex’s.

I don’t have time for this and wondering how many fake accounts that follow are malicious people.  I hate the fact that my wife has to worry about these bitches wanting my 7 inches of love.  Don’t worry, I graduated high school 20 years ago, I don’t play games.  I alway tell my wife. Women want a man for secturity, and men want a woman for pleasure.  This why these cowards online hide behind their screens and try to pick on women on social media.

They don’t have the Balls to talk to a woman in person.

But another thing is, you need to watch out for these bitches, because the moment you start liking their pictures, they think you have a crush on them.  WTF… seriously.  A while back I took a break from Social Media and it got to the point that these social media bitches started to contact my wife to see where I was at.  As if they missed me and wanted to know my where a bouts.

Now that is stalker As F…

Recent I have given up all platforms of social media and guess what?  Giving up social media, takes away that stress of needing to check my phone.  Most importantly my battery life on my phone has lasted longer.  Just this passed weekend, I took my wife shopping and when we came back home, it was still so early that we even took our dog for a walk.

All weekend never once did I pull out my phone or eager to take a picture to post.  I challenge you to quit all forms of social media for 1 week.  I can guarantee you’ll find yourself more mentally relaxed.  Trust me you’ll spend less money, and you’ll be able to see what is around you. Guess what, your face won’t be stuck in your God Damn phone.  If you can’t do then you are weak minded and you’re a little bitch like everyone else.  Stop being a follower and be leader of your your life.