By EsquireLife

January 10, 2021

Real men are a dying breed

We are in a world where men are acting like little bitches. There are many times when I look at a man and wonder how in the fuck can you speak with your mom’s tit in your mouth. Men today are becoming too dependent on women and do not have the courage to grow up. Every day I see women driving around their dumb ass beta male boyfriends while the man is yelling out the window at people like he’s a real man. You are being driven around by a woman that dresses you, and your dick is in your fat ass, purple-haired girlfriend’s fake ass Louie Vuitton purse.

Do you have Big Dick Energy?

What is big dick energy (BDE)? It’s when you are fearless of the world and ready for combat. You walk around with all the confidence. You are not afraid to tell a motherfucker to shut the fuck up. When you start to speak, people take notes. Knowing you have big dick energy, you can accomplish more in life. You are not afraid to take chances and spit on the consequences. Alpha males have BDE. They are ones to emulate. If you have BDE, you will never hate another that has BDE. You only will complement them by acknowledging their confidence.

Do you want Big Dick Energy?

How do you get big dick energy? First of all, having big dick energy won’t make your dick more prominent, but it will make you feel like you do. Have you ever heard about short man syndrome? Many short men have to compensate for their statue, so they use big dick energy. Now don’t think you have to be a dick to have BDE, but you have to be confident. You should be able to spend $1000 on dinner without blinking an eye. Having BDE, women will be more attracted to you. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I a pussy.” if you look down then you are. Now look back in the mirror and say, “I am a man and not afraid of nothing.” If you smile when you said that, then most likely you have big dick energy.

Big Dick Energy is being a Alpha Male

A real man with big dick energy is a leader. He is not afraid to kill his prey to feast. Other BDE men will not bring you down but praise you when you need to achieve goals. You don’t have to be good looking with muscles to have BDE. It’s the way you talk and present yourself that will exude BDE. Without even tryin your BDE will shine. Ask my wife, she knows that I have BDE. I consider myself a good looking man and my wife is way above my league. By having BDE she didn’t see my fat gut but looked at the size of my BDE and said I want this motherfucker. Everywhere I go women always see my BDE and want to engage me, sorry ladies I am married. I married a ten so I don’t have to fuck with these sevens, eights, and nines.

Strong leaders have big dick energy

Why do you think the world hates Donald Trump? Because he has the biggest big dick energy. Look at his wife, she is the most beautiful elegant woman that has ever step foot in the White House. Donald used his BDE to land that ten. He is a business man that took over politics from day one and everyone hated him. This goes to show how many beta males we have in our government. An Alpha male shows up and changes the world. He is the most hated man in the world, why? Again, because the world was not ready for a man with big dick energy. Look at Vladimire Putin, now that motherfucker has some BDE also. Good luck with your new beta male president he needed a woman as his vice.

Signs that you don’t have big dick energy

  1. You say, “Let me talk to my wife,” because you are a coward to make manly decisions.
  2. Your woman dresses you and tells you what to wear.
  3. You let your woman have more males friends than you.
  4. You stand behind a woman and let her do all the talking.
  5. You let your woman be on her phone during a meal.
  6. You let a woman drive you around.
  7. Your woman calls people for you and says, “I’m calling for my boyfriend/husband.”
  8. The only valuable thing you own is your game console. (Playstation, Xbox)
  9. You walk around in a leather trench coat.
  10. You live at your parent’s house with your girlfriend.
  11. You walk with your head down next to your woman.
  12. You let your woman talk back to you.

Beta Males have no BDE

I can go on, but what I just described is a beta male. Beta males don’t know that big dick energy is because they don’t know where their dick is. Oh, that’s right, it’s in their woman’s purse. Honestly, I believe women are starting to become the man of the family. The saying is true, “Men marry their mothers.” When a man doesn’t know how to cook, dress, carry himself, work, he finds a woman that can do these things for him. Therefore that man never grows up or becomes responsible.

A Test for you

It’s embarrassing when I see a so called man being pulled by his woman. You have no balls, then you don’t have Big Dick Energy. Next time you see a man being driven around by a woman, ask the lady driving, “How long has your man’s dick been in your purse?” If she laughs she’s the man in the relationship. “A boy makes his girl jealous of other girls. A real man, makes other women jealous of his woman.” – EsquireLife. Now that’s some big dick energy.

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