By EsquireLife

November 12, 2018

No, The Problem is You.

  1. The leads are week.  
  2. My customers are cheap.
  3. No one wants to buy.
  4. It’s the economy.  

Should I go on?  This is what I hear day in and day out.  Sales is not the problem, the problem is you.  You’re scared to sell.  You’re afraid of the word No and you already think negative so you’re already comfortable with losing.  What are you afraid of?  Are you afraid of getting rejected because your sales skills are weak?  Stop being the problem and be the solution.

Look at your phone right now.

I can almost guarantee, you have the latest phone in your pocket. How do you think that phone got there?  Knowing some of you losers, you probably stole it.  But seriously you idiot, how did that get there?  You got sold to buy it and guess what you didn’t even bat an eye to spend your hard earned money.  You’re getting sold and don’t even realize it.  Look at your sneakers.  Why do you have new kicks.  Because you don’t know how to dress so you think new sneakers makes you look good.

No dumb ass, you got sold again.

The same way you get sold by all these companies you need to start selling to your customers.  I know what you’re thinking, “But all these companies spend thousand of dollars on advertising.”  Of course they do, because they have the budget.  But what do you have?  You have imagination to sell.  Don’t just sell your product sell the story on how your customer will benefit from it.  Many times have I painted the picture of my customer driving with the top down on a warm California summer.  Turn up the volume all the way up on your stereo.  How far do you want to go?  Just push the pedal to the metal and just fly.  You’re important and people will wait for you. You would think I’m selling cars, but I’m not.

I’m selling Freedom

Freedom to do what ever the fuck you want when you work hard.  Why do I work hard, to have the Freedom to treat myself to a wonderful life and might as well pick up another Rolex while I’m at it.  People don’t want to work hard anymore.  Just start at the top because it’s easier, no you fuck head.  Prove yourself first and I will think about showing you.  The other day I had someone contact me because they wanted to work on something very advanced.  So advanced that it took me about 5 years to master.  Well this fuck head, wanted the top.  I gave him a little taste and guess what after attempting twice he failed.  Well no shit.

You have to Learn Simple Math before you Learn Calculus

If you think you work hard, I want you to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I worked hard today.”  I want you to do it.  If you can’t look at yourself in the eyes then you’re fucking lying to yourself.  You should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say the words and get fucking angry.  Because the next guy has more than you and worked half ass.  I get angry because I work so fucking hard for my home, as a husband that I fucking hate the world.

You want to see hell.

Look through my eyes for 1 minute and you will see Satan working for me.  That’s how hard I work.  But, I have all the Luxuries a man could want, then you’re a little bitch because you’re jealous of me.  Excuses don’t pay the bills.  Sales pays the bills.  You need to mind fuck your customers and get into there brains and play them like a puppet.  The economy is bad…what?  Go to the malls and amusement parks… They are fucking packed.  People have money to spend, they just don’t want to spend it with you because you don’t know how to take it from them.

Why did you buy that Phone.

Make a list on why you buy certain things.  Be honest with your questions.  Why in the Fuck did I just spend $700 on a pair of shoes?  How in the fuck did I just buy a $25,000 watch? I had a perfectly good phone, I just bought the new version just 1 year earlier.  Start analyzing and look how your dumb ass got sold.  You need to start selling like that.  I sold a man the same pair of sunglasses he was actually wearing… WTF and I didn’t even work at that store.  But I painted a picture for this man, and he believed me and sure enough he bought the very same pair of sunglasses.  These kids that work retail don’t even know they’re selling because it’s just a job for them.  There boss is just on there ass to sell and don’t tell them why.

I’m a natural born seller.

Shut the Fuck up, no you’re not because you’re not educated about sales.  You might be a sweet talker but yet you’re still a virgin.  You need to get your ass handed to you in sales because unfortunately your customer is smarter than you.  Stop blaming everyone else but you.  Listen to your customer, I don’t give a fuck about your pitch.  A pitch is a story that is told over and over that doesn’t work.  If a customer calls in wanting a hamburger don’t start talking about hotdogs. Sell the fuck out of that burger and then up sell and cross sell and sell again.

How can I be a good sales person?

Anyone can become a good sales person, but you mother fuckers are Lazy and apparently don’t know how to read.  I give you all these free information yet you still ask me the same questions from before.  It’s on my Blog dumb ass.  Sales is a way of life.  A great sales person will sell you anything and shitty sales person are still talking… why.  Why are you dumb asses scared to close?  I don’t want to be your friend when I sell, because friends are dumb ass broke mother fuckers.  Think about it, I close your enemies, you should be scared of me when I close you.  Every customer is your enemy, enemies want what you have.  Stop giving your customers a reach around for free.  They should be on there knees sucking your…

This should piss you off, good, now go sell you moron.

Stop sending proposal and send purchase agreements. You need to become a dick.  People think I’m a dick, and guess what I love it, because your not my friend.  It’s lonely at the top,  it’s ok my $20,000 Rolex will keep me company. Don’t entice your customers with discounts.  Entice them with a new way of life.  They should see them selves free as a bird and then you will take your shot gun and shoot them out of the air.  Everyone is an expert that doesn’t know shit about anything. I’m talking about you… little bitch.

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