By EsquireLife

July 15, 2017

Sell Me This Pen

We’ve all heard or seen when a potential employer is asking you to sell them a pen they just handed to you, in hopes that you know how to sell it to them to prove your sales skills.

It stops feeling like and job interview and now more like a audition.  It’s ok don’t be scared.  Selling is confidence and knowing your product is half your battle.

A lot of people make THIS MISTAKE when they sell – They point out the obvious.  


If you’re selling a Red Car don’t try to sell me that it’s a red car, “explain features and benefits of why I need a red car.”  


To me the key to closing a deal is always finding the, “Need behind the Need.”

What is that?  

It’s finding the real reason why someone is passionate about buying a certain product.

When you’re in a industry that sells a NEED then you have to be the best friend to that customer, because they are not happy to shell out the money.


example 1:

My transmission breaks down on my vehicle well I have no choice but to purchase a new transmission.  That sale is a NEED.  We’re never excited to purchase a need.  This is why NEED companies need to be more compassionate when selling because I’m about to fork out $2500 for a transmission but if my experience was pleasant I know that I can come back for any other automotive needs.

Can you at least take me out to dinner first?  When you sell a WANT people practically give you their money.


If you look down at your Cell Phone, I can almost guarantee you have the lasted version of the model?


Let me ask you this, why did you get rid of your last phone?  Did it do the same things your current phone does?

Of course it did… You WANTED that phone, you didn’t NEED that phone.  The commercials, the media excited you to WANT that latest phone so you bought it.

Ok, smart assess, “But my phone broke so I NEEDED to get a new phone.”

Yes, you ID10T but if you needed to get another replacement phone why did you upgrade to the latest model and not get that same verison or even older… That’s what I thought.



When I was in the Marine Corps, I was selected to go to Recruiting School to become Recruiter.

A Recruiter gets stationed in different cities to attract and enlist qualified candidates to join the Marine Corps.

In Recruiters School we had our Instructors but when it came to our selling program we would have Civilians from fortune 500 companies come and teach us how to sell.

Well of course we need to learn from civilian because we were recruiting civilians to join the Marines.

It was then where I got my passion to sell.

 Finding the Need behind the Need.

We learned how to Overcoming Indifference, Explaining Skepticism, Dealing with Drawbacks, and more importantly knowing how to close.



I took those tools that I leaned at Recruiters Schools and applied them once I showed up at my Recruiting Station, I was a selling machine.

I had to become better than everyone else and I need to become better than the Army, Navy, and Air Force Recruiters as well.

My first year as a Canvassing Recruiter I was top 20 recruiters in my district.  I was closing and also taught my kids that where in the Delayed Entry Program to sell for me as well.

This brought in more numbers for me and used them as a team of networks.


In return for there assistance I would promote them or award them.

After my 2 and a half year recruiting tour I was giving an option of staying on Recruiting Duty or going back to the Fleet.  Well Recruiting are long hours, I would get up at 4 am and didn’t leave my office until 9 pm, it killed me.

So I went back to the fleet and I no longer sold.

I still had a passion for Sales so I to find a way where I can sell.  I had different successful business where I could continue my Selling skill.  So in my businesses I was able to sell my product effectively and in my current career I teaching my students how to sell themselves and their new business.



60 percent of the items we have in our house hold we don’t need.

But someone knew how to sell you and you were convinced that you to buy it because you WANTED IT.

A lot of times you don’t even know you are getting sold because you WANT it.



This is why I sold my product so well because I didn’t sell a NEED I sold a WANT.  

example 2:

Lets look at car washing.

We take our vehicles to a car wash because the car is dirty.

So you go to a car wash to get your car cleaned.  Do you NEED your car cleaned? Or do you WANT your car cleaned?

Ask yourself, will your car still run if it’s dirty…?  Of course it will.

But remember you WANT it clean for a reason… What is the reason?  Let’s find out…

Well upon arriving to the car wash you meet the best sales person there but you don’t know that. You’re about to get SOLD.

Remember you want a car wash but you don’t need it you want it.

After getting out of your car you’re greeting by the best sales person there, “Hello, how can I help you?”

You asked to get a car washed, and the sales person says, “Ok, No problem.”  “Are you looking to just clean your car or make your car look like new again?”

Wait what?  Is there a difference?  Holy crap without you even knowing you are now sucked into the sale.


For loss or better words, he just asked you, “Do you want a Casio Watch or a Rolex.”

Well hell yeah I want a Rolex, Yes Sir, I want my car to look Like New.


The Sales person without batting an eye says, “Well since you want your car to look like new, then I don’t recommend getting a plain old boring car wash, you need to get our Deluxe service that only our exclusive members purchase.”  You’d like to be exclusive RIGHT?


Oh dang, this guy is good.

Before you even ask they price he is so confident to selling you more he ask for the “need behind the need.”  “Well since it’s so important that your car looks like New…”

Now he’s using your words against you. 

“Is there a special occasion you’re attending, Wedding, Date, Gift, Treating yourself?”

Regardless what you tell that sales person you are now hooked in, hold on tight.

For sake of this story lets just say you’re going on a Date later on that night.  Doesn’t matter each example will work.

“Well, since you’re going on a date, I do recommend getting the Deluxe package because that will take care of all the needs of your car, but i’m pretty sure you’re going to take care of you as well especially since you want to impress your date.”

Holy crap he just got you with selling you, he’s painting that picture of you on that date looking Sharp As well as your car and using that need behind the need against you.

You guys haven’t even talked about price difference yet because he’s selling on your emotion.  

People get passionate when they buy a WANT.


” Well, the Deluxe package will be $100.00, but it’s ok because it will be worth it when your date sees your car and you tonight.”

WHAT?  You were hoping to just pay $15.00 now you are at $100.  

I know your next question is because we all know there’s something less expensive.

“Do you have another package that’s least expensive.”

You don’t realize this but you are not even looking at the $15.00 package any more because now you know it’s a “plain old boring car wash.”

The sales person knows that he has a least expensive but he knows that you have an important engagement later on.

“Well, I do have one, but if you really look at the condition of your car, it wouldn’t be worth it. You might as well get the $15.00 package.”


WOW, this guy is good.  He just took all credibility from you and just called you a cheap ass.


You’re not going to ask your date to only get the cheapest thing on the menu when you’re on your date. ARE YOU?

HELL no, you’re going to try to impress her and let her get what ever she wants.

This is how the sales man is going to close you… “What time is your date?,” asked the sales person? “Let’s to this let’s just do the Deluxe package and I’ll tell my guys to put you in front of the line because you’re in a hurry because you still have to get ready for your date.”

“So it will be $100.00, how does that’s sound?”

  Now he just sold you as a exclusive customer by putting you in front of the line, and to you that is worth more than $100.00.  


  • Don’t sell the Red Car, Sell on how they Red is going to benefit the person some way some how.
  • Don’t sell me a Pen because it writes good, Sell me the pen because it’s an extension of my business as a tool to sign contracts and bring more money to my company or how with out that pen you wouldn’t have ever been able to write that persons phone number down to get that date.
  • Find the need behind that need and use that as ammo to sell your customer.
  • Paint the picture, explain features and benefits and go for the close.

Believe it or not, the sale actually starts when the customer says, “NO.”

now you have to find out why they said no and then over come their indifference, drawback, of Skepticism.

And I will talk a about this in my next chapter.