By EsquireLife

May 26, 2019

Practice Success and You Will Win

The other day I had the honor to not only sit in a beautiful Bentley GTC and but also drive it.  If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ve read that I want to purchase a Bentley Flying Spur.  This is a vehicle that caught my attention and is a goal for me to hit as a reward for my achievements in life.  Why don’t I have it yet, because I don’t feel like I deserve it yet.  The day I walk into the Bentley Showroom is the day I will tell the sales person, “I’ll take it.”  Until then I don’t want to Showroom (Read: Are you a Showroomer)

Back to the Lesson at Hand.

Like I mention I had the honor to have a Bentley Convertible GTC for 1 week and I was surprised how well built it was.  Disclaimer, this Bentley was a 2007 with 40K miles but it still look very well for its age.  It’s like looking at a 50 year old woman and looking like she’s 32.  But in that week that I had that vehicle I thought to myself, “If the car was mine where would I go?”  Would I make a dumb ass video, “Taking my Bentley to a McDonalds Drive-Thru.” Or would I just sit back and just stare at it in my garage.

I wasn’t getting a vibe from the Bentley,

Maybe because the car wasn’t mine or maybe because I’m not ready to own a vehicle of that caliber?  I did take the car for a nice drive and it was smooth but I wasn’t excited like I thought I would be.  Mostly I was scared because if something bad would’ve happened to the Bentley will driving it I can get in trouble.  I recently made a video, where I did Update of my Rolex DateJust 41.  (Watch:  Rolex Update in a Bentley)

I’m Not Ready for a Bentley

Even though I to kept the car for 1 week, I was still practicing for the future.  I sat in the Bentley and touched everything, I even stared at all the beautiful chrome buttons.  As soon as I opened the door the clean leather smell would hit me in the face.  Yes, the leather still smelled wonderful even with it’s 12 year old age.  I did see some wear and tear in the Bentley, but in no way am I blaming the craftsmanship of Bentley.  Simply it’s 12 years of normal everyday wear and tear.  I’ve seen newer cars with much more damage than the Bentley had.

Excitement will Come when I’m Ready

As beautiful as the car was, I wasn’t jumping up and down like I did when I tried on the all gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch.  I’m going to blame it on, I’m not ready to have this type of car or maybe I wasn’t as excited because it wasn’t the Flying Spur that I actually want.  Easily the simple fact that was, this wasn’t my Bentley.  Either way I was able to practice what it felt like to drive a $250,000.00 car at it’s prime.

Practice Today, for Tomorrow Success

I love to practice success because, practicing shows me that I’m not complacent in life.  Never do I like to be stagnant in life because you get in a repetitive funk that is hard to get out of.  If you every listen to me I always tell everyone, live a little out of your means.  This will show you what you’re going to achieve, but only if you want it. There’s a reason, I shop where I shop, I eat where I eat because, I deserve better things in life.  But when I leave those places and come back to my reality, I feel obligated to work that much harder to get to the next level.

Hang Around 2 Broke People, You’ll be the Third (Broke Ass)

Also, when you live a little higher than your means, you’ll meet others up there.  People that you would’ve never met, because you were stangnint in life.  For example, by me living higher than my means I met the owner of the Bentley.  By doing this I wouldn’t been able to met a very successful person.  And because he knew my eagerness to succeed he trusted me to keep his vehicle for a week.  Now come to find out he’s a watch lover like myself and we now share a lot of interests.

In order to be Successful you can’t Hang Out with your Stagnant Friends.

I dare you not to associate with your everyday friends.  Talk to new people at a higher level than you, I can guarantee your life will change.   Successful people only want to be more successful and this will motivate you to immolate them.  Hang out at a Fancy Bar, bring business cards to network.  Every time you see someone getting out of a expensive car, compliment them or shake their hand.  I love hanging out with Millionaires.  Trust me, you want to be as good as them.

Practice Success don’t Fake that you’re Successful

Not to brag, and this goes back to showrooming, my wife and I went to have dinner.  We still had a couple of minutes before our reservation, so we walked into the Louis Vuitton store.  You should have seen all the snotty ass wanna be bitches in the LV store.  Other than the men that worked in there, I was the only man in the store.  All these bitches that where in the store were just demanding shit from the clerks.  At one point there was this bitch ass woman that told the clerk as she pointed rudely over my shoulder, “I want to see that purse.”  I almost told her, “Bitch, I waited to be helped, you should too.”  But all that Botox in her face made her look mean.

Do it for the Social Media LIKES, because it’s as Fake as You

Standing next to me there was a short fat woman with big ass black platform sandals trying on the biggest Louis Vuitton printed purse.  She was taking pictures of herself as if she was only there to post on Social Media. “Hey Girls, At Louis Vuitton shopping with Champagne.”  I even told the clerk “Where’s my Champagne.” What’s funny was the whole LV store was packed and no one was buying.  When we first walked into the store no one was walking out with LV Shopping Bags and when we walked out no one had any shopping bags.

You’re Not a Window Shopper, You’re a Window Thief

I even heard some lady ask, “What’s the return policy if I don’t like the purse?”  If you don’t like the purse then don’t fucking buy it.  You know she’s going to buy it and use it for a couple of days and bring it back. #showroomer.  You know the quality of the brand, you know that price of the brand.  Why in the fuck are you going to return it?  You just want it to show off and return it because you can’t afford it.

Don’t Fake it, because You’ll Never Make it.

The women at the Louis Vuitton store were not practicing success, they’re just being snotty ass bitches and perpetrating like they’re going to buy shit.  They’re just posting fake ass pictures as they have no money to buy.  The clerk that was assisting us at Louis Vuitton wasn’t as proficient and didn’t make me feel comfortable to buy.  As if he knew that I wasn’t going to buy because he’s so used to getting a lot of showroomers.

As a Customer you have Obligations

Well first of all, I’m not a showroomer, if I walk into a store to look at something and ask for assistance I will buy.  I’m committed to the store to purchase and if I use their resources.  When I asked that clerk for assistance I’m now obligated to purchase, because he could’ve helped someone else that was going to buy.  But as a showroomer you just want to act as if you’re going to buy.  Ten minutes later, I turned and looked at my beautiful wife and asked her, “Do you want the purse?”  Of course she said, “Yes,” and I ended up purchasing my wife a $2000.00 Louis Vuitton Purse.

Money Talks, Bull Shit acts Fake and Posts on Social Media.

First of all, I bought the purse because I love my wife and can afford to spend money on her. I also BOUGHT the PURSE to SHOW these SNOTTY ASS BITCH “SHOWROOMERS” at the LOUIS VUITTON STORE what it LOOKS LIKE to PURCHASE SOMETHING.  When we left the store, we were the only customers carrying a big ass orange Louis Vuitton shopping bag.  All of a sudden even the clerks there treated us differently, all of them had big smiles as we walked out.  One clerk even ran behind me to open the door as we walked out. I was the only man that was purse shopping at the Louis Vuitton Store with a room full of women, and I was the only person that purchased a woman’s purse in the time I was there.

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