By EsquireLife

December 30, 2018

Don’t Let your Dick Make your Decisions

Wow, that’s a good way to end the 2018 year.  As I’m getting older in life I’ve notice things that of course I used to do when I was a young man.  I see this time and time again and frankly I find it disgusting. It’s difficult in life not to walk through a mall and see a beautiful woman and wonder how it will feel to hold that woman in your hands and feel what it would be like to spend a night with her.  You just want to imaging her naked and licking her… Ask your self, are you thinking with your dick or do you want to spend the rest of your life with her?

Women are for Sexual Pleasure 

If that’s what your mind tells you then you’re not ready to be in a serious relationship.  Men are a creature of habit, I can honestly say we’re cave men. But we need to stop being cave men and be real men.  At my age I need to see her resume’.  I know your dicks just got numb, but the same way a woman can judge us, is the same way we need to judge them.  Sorry guys, but “Pussy doesn’t pay the bills.”  I listen to all this guys… I said guys, not men, on how much pussy they get and show pictures of the women they have been with.  Yet, they’re as broke as the women they fucked and their wives are at home waiting to get the disease they just contracted.

Men are as Faithful as their Options

There’s always going to be a new model or a something with less mileage. But remember you’re not buying a car or a cell phone.  You’re picking a woman that you’re going to invest time in. If you’re a so called Player, then this is not for you. Keep thinking your “bitches” make you a man.  You’re serious about a women, then have a certain type, why not strive for her.  Make it a challenge to get someone you can’t have.  We’re negative and we end up with negative people.  If you are a drinker, you will end up with a drinker woman, if you are all tattooed, then you will end up with a woman full of them.

Strive for Quality Not Quantity

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a share of nasty chicks, but please realize that I’m not with them anymore and I didn’t chose to be with them.  A lot of women have a representative present when they seek you.  No not a Lawyer you dumb ass, but they lie to get to you.  You think you’re going out with a quality woman, but the true colors come out when you find out their real story and intentions.  I don’t want to get into specifics, but that woman you thought was quality ended up being quantity.

What you need to do is strive for what you can have.  Instead of thinking, “I can’t get a woman like that,” think instead, “How can I get a woman like that.”  Trust me, A lot of these quality women are lonely, because mother fuckers like you are too scared to talk to them.  They always end up with that cocky guy that treats them like shit.

Qualities That I Look For

If you’re a loser you will end up with a loser woman.  You need to find a women with higher qualities that you.  Yes, you drive a Toyota Corolla, you need to start driving a Tesla. A women that is clean and efficient and good for the environment.  This is what I look for in a women, you need to stick to this or else you’ll start thinking with your dick again.

  1. Educated – My dream woman has to be educated. I’m not talking beauty/nail school or community college educated, I mean Bachelors Degree in Science and up educated.  A woman that invested in her education shows that she is serious about her life and she wants better things that an average person.  Bartending School Educated just means she seeks that attention of people and likes the night life and wants to party.
  2. No Children – My dream woman can’t have any children, because having a women with children you have to please her kids also, and you definitely have to bare the responsibility with the Ex Husband or the father of the kids.  Sorry bro, I’m not Bruce Willis, I’m not hanging out with your new man and go on vacations with your new family.  If you’re serious about a woman and her having kids it will not let you focus on your relationship.
  3. No Tattoos – For me a woman that has tattoos doesn’t respect her body.  Plus she let some man lay on her to give her a Titty Tattoo.  What does that tell you about her?  A woman with tattoos just dropped to a lower tier in life.  Think about it, if she’s a quality woman do you think she would have someone write on her with permanent ink.
  4. No Piercings – Other than her ears pierced, I think that’s how far a women should go.  Nipples, Belly Button, Clit, Nose, Face, what you are an indigenous tribe woman?  Think about it, “But isn’t having her clit pierced sexy?” It is, if you’re a ranging porn attic.  Someone had to lay her down to touch her to pierce it.  Unless you name starts with Dr. then I’m pretty sure it didn’t happened that way.
  5. Not in Debt – Unless your dream woman has a Medical School debt or a mortgage, then you shouldn’t have a woman that’s in debt because she will always hound you on giving her money.  She will ask you for the receipts of the gifts you bought her so she can return and get the money.
  6. No Drugs or Alcohol – If your dream woman does drugs, you need to run as fast as you can.  “But she smokes weed because of her condition.”  Well then stay with her, because a couple that smokes together stays together.  Alcohol, well that is a thin line. I draw the line when I always see woman with a glass of wine in her hands… all the fucking time.  All they do is talk about how wine is there best friend.  And honestly, women that drinks beer is a turn off for me. Bad enough beer makes us look like losers and burp up living hell image that on a woman?
  7. Career’ed Employment – Think about it, how are you going to be hitting on a woman that works at the drive through at Taco Bell.  Where she works will tell you a lot about her.  I rather be with a woman that is a internship at a law firm, than a woman that takes your order for your food. “But she makes good tips,”  Yeah you just want to give there the tip.  If she’s in her late 20’s or early 30’s and hasn’t found a career yet, then she’ll probably end up with the receptionist job for life.
  8. Not Social Media Dependent – If she cares more about Likes on her pictures than compliments from you she needs to go. To me women on social media are always seeking attention from strangers. Sorry I don’t need a “Social Medial Whore” that lives on her phone.
  9. Fashion Sense – My dream women needs to know how to dress elegant. If your woman doesn’t care about her appearance she doesn’t care about the relationship. You need to look at you women and be proud of the time she takes to look her best for you. Booty Shorts and exposed tits in public is a sign that she wants something better than you. She’s advertising herself to other men.

Called me Stupid, “But there’s not Woman out there like this.”

The reason you can’t find a woman like this is because you’re constantly sticking your dick in anything that walks. You think because she gives you attention and sucks your dick, you’re in love and she’s that one.  You need to start asking yourself, “What can this woman offer this relationship.”  If you just want to use her because she has big tits and you want to show of to your friends, then she is not the one to call your future wife.

Ask yourself, “Where did you meet your woman?” At the club, at the bar, on a street corner, is she your friends woman that you are cheating with.  Be smart people, stop looking at the size of her hips and thinking she can pop out some kids for you.  You need to ask yourself, “What can she offer this relationship?” Is she Educated, is she better than me.” We always want what we can’t have why not set a goal with your next woman.

You Don’t Put Stickers on a Bentley

You mother fuckers can’t afford the cars you have already but you treat them better than your woman. This is how you needs to be with your woman.  You need to have a woman that is better than you in all qualities so you can treat her better than anything you’ve ever owned.  She has to be quality, at least 5 levels higher than you.  When I was younger, I used to see these ugly fat mother fuckers with these beautiful women.  I never hated on them, but I used to think how does this mother fucker get such a beautiful women like that?

Honestly, I thought having a big dick and money gave that automatically.  I was completely wrong.  I need to strive for something higher than me and treating that women like that Bentley I can’t afford.

I’ve been now married for 2 years and guess what my Bentley still loves me because I treat her like I can’t afford her. Trust me my Bentley has no Dings, Dents, or Scratches #baggage.  She shines brighter than all the Toyotas Corollas out there.  Don’t ask me how I was able to get her, but I didn’t stop until I did.

If you’re butt hurt after reading this, I’m glad. You’re welcome.

A Boy will make his Girl Jealous of other Girls, A Man will make other Women jealous of his Woman.

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