By EsquireLife

January 27, 2019

Everyone wants to be Successful,

but they don’t want to Work for it.

But if you really look at it, being successful is not the Prize. If it was the prize why do people that have everything complain about shit.  Once you get success then you’re trying to go even higher.  This is good because you’re not being complacent in life.  You’ll never hit success because there is no top to it.  Every one loves giving them selves dumb ass titles like, Boss, CEO, Producers, Master, Entrepreneur, Rappers.  But if you look at these dumb asses, they don’t make a penny more than before they gave themselves these stupid ass titles.

Success doesn’t mean your’e famous either,

Why does everyone want to be famous?  Dumb ass people associate fame or being rich to being successful.  Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean fame will last.  Once a person becomes rich doesn’t mean they stop working.  Every rich person I know actually works even harder than they did before they became rich.  The real successors don’t get complacent because they know they have no limit to their life.

Does this mean they’re Successful?

You tell me, I don’t feel successful and I have luxuries and lifestyles that I’ve worked so hard for.  Everyone also looks at your size of the bank account instead of focusing on how many times your account was empty.  People will look at the expensive car you drive instead of looking at all the cuts, bruises, and scars on your body that got you that vehicle.  Why do I have people day in and day out asking me to be there mentor. Mentor for what?  What have I done, I haven’t done shit?  You just see my $15,000 watch on my wrist you want my to give you the secret.  I have no idea, why don’t you ask the person with the $30,000 watch on.

You will Never Reach Success,

because as soon as you reach what you think it is, you’ll see that you’re not even close because others will always be higher than you.  People that think they reach success also start showing off to the world… Stop being complacent in life, I need to keep striving until I die.  There’s no measurement of success.  Look for a chart that says you’ve made it and say I want to reach that level.  You can’t because there’s nothing.

Just because a person drives an expensive car doesn’t mean that they’re successful or rich.

Is this is why men like showing off to other men?  Men don’t get things to show off to women, because women don’t care.  Women care about what you’re going to do for them, even when they know your broke.  Men show off to men because they want to feel empowered.  That is gay as hell, you probably like men you homosexual.  Don’t show off to others because you’re perpetrating on social media, or just bragging to everyone that you’ve made it.  Made What?  When I dress up in my expensive suit, I dress up because I want to look good.  I bought an expensive suit because I can afford it.  I feel confident when I dress in a suit. When I feel confident it allows me to do more.  Because I can look down at all the perpetrators and laugh.

Have fun with your Gucci Belt,

Will that belt make you look successful,? Fuck no.  I don’t show off to anyone, because I don’t need to impress you.  Men that need show off to other men, are a bunch of little bitches that seek attention, have fun getting your dick suck by another man.

I don’t have anyone in my life,

What this means is that people will judge you or people will hate you or people will use you.  Why do you think they’re so many trolls in life.  All they want to you is talk shit about what you have and guess what, they don’t have 2 nickles to rub together.  They will talk shit behind your back on how only you have a 550i Series BMW and not a M5.  Why my house is only $500,000 and not 1 Million. These are the same people that will act fake and always ask you for hand outs.

Work in life for a purpose.

I don’t care if I’m successful or here to show off to you.  I’m I successful already, I have no fucking idea? The reason I don’t know because I don’t give a fuck. I don’t want a prize, I want to be happy in my life.  I want to make sure I’m alive and healthy to live the next day.  I was at a the bank ATM one time, and a woman I knew, recognized me.  My back was towards her, she didn’t recognized the back of my head, she recognized me because my car was parked at the ATM.  What does that tell you?  “Ruben, I knew it was you because I saw your Tesla.”  What, If I was driving a piece of shit car would that person know who I was… Probably not.

Money is meant to be Spent, not Kept.

You have people reading the saying, “The one that Dies with the Most Toys Wins.”  I’m not trying to have toys because I’m not a boy.  “But I want to save every penny I earn.”  Most of you mother fuckers still have your lunch money from grade school. So the saying will be, ” The one that Dies with the Most Money Wins?”  No, you idiot.  Wait until you die, all the fucking wolves are going to come out of the woods.  Fighting for the money you can’t spend now because your are dead.  I spend money because I appreciate it, the more I spend the more I can earn.  People that save are always broke and talk shit about me.  They’re miserable, because they don’t know how to spend their money.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happniess, I know you Dumb Ass, It buys Freedom you Stupid Bitch

Funny story, I went to Rolex to see a watch that I want to purchase in the future.  When the Rolex rep pulled out the Day Date timepiece and placed in on my wrist I knew I didn’t deserve it because I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me yet.  Of course I can afford it, I can afford a Lamborghini if I wanted to, but because of the place I am in life, I’m not ready to spend $35,000 for another watch.  Mentally I wasn’t ready, success doesn’t buy watches.

The reason I didn’t get the watch was because in my mind, I didn’t deserve it, YET.

I know what your’re thinking, but you have other watches, well no shit.  I have them, because I set a goal in my life that I had to accomplish.  There was no level that I strived for, maybe when I’m 30 or maybe went I make $90k a year, no those are never my goals.  There’s nothing, you just know and I’m definitely not buying to show off to another man. You will know when you deserve things in life, when you want it and say, “I will take it.”

Not because you have money but because your gut will tell you, you deserve it.  Did I hit a level or success? I look at life as milestones. My houses are there not because I can afford them, but there because I deserved them.

All the Luxury cars and Lifestyle I live is because I deserve them and of course I can afford them, but not because I’m successful.

The other day my wife and I where walking out of a restaurant and walking up to my car.  There was a guy there that asked me, ” Is that your Tesla?”  I looked at him with caution because you never know I might have to slash his throat if he was trying to rob us.  “Yes this is my car.”  Automatically he said, ” What did you do for a living?” Regrettably, I should have pissed him off and said, I have more than one Tesla, which one are you talking about?

It doesn’t matter what I do for a fucking living.

Remember, I can afford my cars not because I’m successful, but because I deserve and can afford them.  This guy wanted to hear me say, I’m the Boss, I’m the CEO of a major corporation, so he can justify why I had that car.  I just replied, “I’m a teacher.” He automatically assumed I was a grade School teacher, because he brought up, “What type of kids do you teach?”   My response should have been, “I teach rich kids.”

I fucking hate explaining what I do for a Living

What I do for a living doesn’t matter, because people will judge you, they think because they have a bigger title than you they are better.  Yet, you hear my title and wonder why I have more than you.  People see me and assume because I’m a Mexican I should be driving a rusted up Truck and have a fat short wife with 5 kids.  The guy at the restaurant looks at me and says, “But, I’m a carpenter.” What the fuck that has to do with anything.  I wanted to tell this guy, it’ doesn’t matter what you are.  You just don’t want a car like mine because you see levels of success but there isn’t any.  You have can a expensive car too but you don’t deserve one.

Why Does every one Pick on my Cars… They are Tesla’s and they are American Made.

Every thinks I’m driving a Lamborghini, No it’s a Tesla. Why did I chose that brand, well first I am a proud American and I invested in this company because it works.  I looked at my investment as a business plan.  I did invest more into my vehicles but if you look at the long term, I’m not paying for Gasoline, Maintenance, Oil Changes, Up Keep, and guess what I get a tax break. So if you really look at it, I’m actually paying about the same or even less than what it takes you to drive your regular vehicle.  Stop being the problem and be the solution.

I wanted to tell him I don’t have kids that’s why I’m rich.  LOL

Stop striving for success because you will never achieve it. Strive to be better than yesterday.  Don’t worry about what the next guy has and worry about what you deserve,  Everyone deserves more but your’re not willing to get it because you’re too busy being a troll on social media.  Seeking attention from others makes you a whore.  Look in the mirror and feel disgusted why you can’t be better.  Like I said before, “Pussy doesn’t pay the bills.” So fuck your Gucci belt and expensive sneakers.  You’re weak minded and make your life hurt, only then you see the path to what you think success is.

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