By EsquireLife

April 1, 2018

Shut the F@#% & SELL

I know what you’re re thinking because you’re re narrow minded.  “Don’t you have to talk to someone to sell?” and “Well, I do have to pick up the phone to say Hello?  No you idiots.  A lot of so called Sales people, over sell their product.  The key to selling is,

“Let the customers sell themselves.”

The customer knows what they want, you just a have to let them hear themselves. Let them speak it out loud to resinate in their own ears. People always think about things they want, but if you let them regurgitate it out loud it sounds better to them.

Just because you have knowledge about every product in your company, doesn’t mean know how to sell it.  Even the warehouse guy knows the product inside and out, don’t you think it would be smart of the owner to put him on the phones to sell?  Of course not.

Off the subject:  This is why I hate talking to Car enthusiast. I say, “Hey bro, Nice Car.”  Instead of getting a Thanks back, I hear this… “Yo, I just put a 3 speed clutch, that will give me 10,000 torque to the shaft, and that shaft is at 3/4 diameter, that will give the turning radius at 10,000 pounds of pressure, blah blah blah…” Holy shit dude, get a life… You need to get laid bro.  All I was looking for is a, “Thanks bro.” But other idiots will say to them, “Bro you’re good, you should start your own business.”  And what do those words say to this brainiac,

“Now I can be the CEO of my own company, because I have knowledge of useless shit that no one cares about.”

When sales people get a call, they’re just waiting to hear that key word so they can go off on a tangent.  It’s like the word that triggers your brain to open the flood gates of knowledge, because the more you talk, the more you think you sound smarter.  Meanwhile the person on the other side of the phone is waiting to jump into talk like their playing Double Dutch.  This is why sometimes you feel customers are cutting you off when you’re re talking.  No Dumb Ass, you’re just talking too much. Shut the Fuck up and listen to your lead.

Example, Someone calls in to your watch company, most sales people are ready to spit out all they know. “I’m calling about a Rolex Watch?” The sale person hears.”Rolex Watch” and it’s almost instantly, the green light goes off in their head and think, “Yes, I know this one.”  I’m going to sell this guy and confidently they take a deep breathe and exhale words. Yes, you’re going to sell but are you going to close. Selling is not closing and talking is not selling.

“Yes, Sir, We have 10 different types of Rolex watches, some with Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, my favorite is the two tone.  We just got some new ones that can tell you the time, date, and day.  Normally, we don’t have sales, but you’re in luck today because we can offer you a watch for 10% off.  Since I have you on the phone I would also want to let you know that we also sell…”

Slow down cowboy, I’m surprise you didn’t pass out

from not breathing.

This has nothing to do with sales, but why do you think hot ass women always cling to the ugly fat guy.  What’s the one thing women always brag about their man?  “He’s a good listener.” You have to listen to your customer.  The more you listen the more information you can get out of them.

Ask open ended questions.  This will allow the customer to think about what they really want and give you a full answer.

Don’t lead or feed the answer to the customer.  “So when are you looking to purchase your watch? 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?”  Trust me it’s alway going to be the later ones.  Because what you’re doing is telling the customer, take your time, we’ll still be here no matter how long you take.  Start off with a opened ended question.  Don’t sound excited when you take the call, you so sound desperate.  Seem busy, like you have 20 orders on your table and you’re and doing them a favor buy selling one more.

An opened ended questions requires a explanation. “Rolex Watch, which specific one are you looking for and why?”  A person doesn’t call a company to window shop, they already know what they want before they even dial the phone.  Once the customer tells you what watch they want, then tell will go off into a lifetime story.  Don’t get bored with their story take key points of the story and listen.

“I’ve always wanted this watch for years, I finally can afford it, I saw it in a magazine, my friend has one.”

Since the customer is listening to himself, you can hear the excitement in their voice. Why not go for the close with a closed ended questions.”  “Well, looks like you’re well versed in what you want, we do have one in stock, lets go ahead and write up your order.”  Assume the sale.  Alway fucking assume the sale.  This will tell you if the customer is ready to buy.  I call it, “Pull Your Punk Card Move.”  Usually either they caught off guard and buy, or they start coming up with excuses not to buy.  This is where listening to them earlier was important. “Well Sir, you did mentioned you wanted this watch for a long time and guess what now is your time.”

Don’t ever ask for the customers budget, it doesn’t matter.

The other day, I spend $2500.00 for a MacBook Pro laptop for my wife.  Did I bat an eye about the price.  Hell no, because I knew it was going to be an investment in my wife’s business and she was going to make money off of it.  Also, she was looking hot in her yoga pants. If a customer really wants something, they will sell their own kidney to get it.  Just let the customer talk, and keep asking open ended questions and just keep listening.  The more ammo you can get out of them out from listening, the more I can use their words against them when I ask a closed ended question.

CLOSE: Let’ go ahead and get it now, before we run out of stock.

NOT: did you want to get it today, because we only have 1 left and if you wait we might not have anymore for a while. Also the price might change when you call back.  Let me do this I will send you some info about the watch…

They already have the info. This is why they called you, you idiot.  Now Close them.

But what if they’re not ready to buy?  Then stop fucking selling. Get off the phone as quick as possible.  “Are you sure you can’t purchase this beautiful watch today?” “NO.” “Well Sir, This is what I can do for you?”  I know you’re ready to offer a discount.  Don’t offer a discount because no discount was ever discussed.  You’re so desperate to close.  Close hard not Soft.  Let’s go back. “Well Sir, This is what I can do for you… I’ll save you… and… PAUSE… SO you really can’t pull the trigger today?” “NO.”  “That’s too bad, this is what I can do for you, I will save your info, Thank you for calling in.”  DONE… Every time I’ve done this, I would always get a call back and they would say,

“Yeah, let’s go ahead and do this…”

Don’t be afraid to get off the phone, the faster you get off the phone the faster you can get on another call to close.  I’ve closed many accounts by just answering with Yes and No Answers and closed them with, “what’s your credit card number?”

Customer: Do you sell this product, Yes.

Do you have it stock, Yes.

Can I get a discount, No.

Me: Do you want to buy my product, “Yes.”

Great, how many do you want and what’s your credit card number?

Also, You need to know when to stop selling, once you close a customer, just thank them for their business and get off the phone.  You can always follow up with an email or thank you packet.  Sometimes you get so excited that you closed and got payment that you want to celebrate with another 10 minutes on the phone.  Guess what, just because you close an account doesn’t mean you’re done.  Learn from your last call and

Get your ass back on the phone and close another account.

For every 7 – 10 words and customer talks, you should only them give 1 or 2 words.  NOT, the other way around.

Next time your woman has a long work day, all you have to ask is, “How was your day love?” OPEN ENDED QUESTION.  Just shut up and listen, then go for the close, “How about we go to the bedroom and cuddle?”  CLOSED ENDED QUESTION.

3 minutes later you are getting your….

Oh you’re single. You need to listen more next time.