By EsquireLife

August 10, 2018

Your money is small because your mentallity is small.

I had a meeting with a client the other day and he mentioned to me that he didn’t believe in charging for his quality of work.  He wanted to be quality but didn’t want to charge a premium price.  I hate talking to someone small minded, all he did is talk about how he wanted to be lower priced than his competition.  They can’t afford to lose any clients so they will say YES to anyone.  You can’t afford to lose, because your prices are so low idiot. It’s not about Quantity it’s about Quality.  Look you idiot, if you’re lower priced than your competition then you don’t have competition dumb ass. Your competitors are just going to talk shit about you.

You’ll be considered that cheap guy on the block that no body is going to trust because they’ll doubt your work.

Someone that has an education, degree, diploma, certification etc., places you on a level higher than your competitors.  Not only do you offer an amazing service, and amazing product, but you have something your competitors don’t have… It’s called having initiative to expand your knowledge about your business. You came to me to learn and grow your business. Grow equals means more money.

A lot of this misfortune has to deal with who your business neighbors are.

You’re also afraid to reject any swinging dick that comes into your company.  Think about it, how is it fair to give your all customers different prices for the same product.  You need to be consistent with your business and pricing.  Be stern with your sales and your close.  A lot of customers will try to sell you and since you’re a big ass pussy, you cave into their close.

If your company is in a area where your pricing is too expensive, then you have to look for a client out side of your area.  It’s called being a fucking marketing machine.  Think about it, if you knock on your neighbors doors around your business and they say No to your price, then that’s not your client.

When I ran my business I never gave any discounts because my neighbors were cheap.  

The only reason I had my company in that neighborhood is because the rent was fucking cheap.  If my rent was cheap and my neighbors where cheap then do you would think I would tailor my pricing according to their broke asses.

No, I had to step out my comfort zone and find clients 10 – 35 miles outside of my neighborhood. Those customers outside my area wouldn’t bitch about my pricing.  Every time customers from the business neighborhood would come to me and try to purchase, they would think my prices were crazy.  “You’re so expensive,” yet you want and need me.  Well I guess I was crazy, so please move out the fucking way because the person behind you wants to pay my expensive prices.  I never conformed to my cheap ass customers.  I would go out the way for my quality customers.

Your Cheapest Client will always be your pickiest Client. 

“I can get this cheaper somewhere else.”  You probably can, but if you could why didn’t you use their service?  Are you solely going off of price or quality of work.  If you want quality, you’re in the right place.  “Well if you give me a discount this time I will give more business.”

Well if you give me more business pay me my regular rate and we can discuss a reduction once you have proven your word to me. Never give into a customer just agree.  If the customer doesn’t ask you for a discount then don’t give them one. What I used to do is the more I was able to up sell and cross sell I would reduce the price of my add ons not my service.

The customer is always right… BULL SHIT.

I’m the king of my business not the fucking customer.  Next time a customer asks you for a discount let them know. How do you think our business relationship will start if we already start low balling.  I want to give you a quality product and I feel if I give you a discount you will feel that I will be cheating you.

I know what you dumb ass are thinking, “Well why didn’t you have your company where the high paying customers were?”  Look you fucking moron, I could’ve had a huge expensive building there but it’s called a fucking profit.  If I moved my company to a high paying location don’t you think my rent would be higher you dumb shit?  I would just be working to pay the rent.  This is the main reason why I would have to bring the high paying customers to me.  It’s easier for them to travel to me then for me to pay high rent.  My profit margins would be low. If the customer is serious they would travel to Bum Fuck Egypt for my services, and they did because they knew quality.

 If that’s the case my company would be in Beverly Hills. 

Don’t question me, I hate people that question me.  There’s a reason why I’m where I’m in life.  You come to me for knowledge and advice yet you fucking question it.  You paid my price to attend my event, and guess what I didn’t give you a discount. It goes back to you not believing in yourself and your product.  Why do you think you’re always getting sold by your customer.  You’re small minded and also weak. Your money is small because your mind is small. No one will ever take you or your company serious if you are cheap.

“But I have Picky Customers”

That is your fault.  I can’t stand when my clients say that their customers are picky. That’s your fucking fault for letting them run your business.  We are not a restaurant here, not fucking Burger King.  You come into my company and I’m the one that is going to run it, NOT my customer.  You let your customer step all over you, and you think it’s cute because you are being their little bitch. Wake the fuck up, be stern with your customer educate your customer and let them know you are the expert. Why is it that customers never ask for discounts from there Doctors or Lawyers.  Think about it.  Because they’re the experts and you’re just there little bitch.