By EsquireLife

August 18, 2018

Same Amount of Work for Less Money

I don’t remember ever given someone a discount for the hard work that I produced.  If I provide a service, the way I look at discounts is, you’re not being fair to me because you’re lessing the value of the product.  You feel like you’re being scammed because you’re cutting corners from the service I’m providing for you. Don’t get me wrong I love to saving money but they’re called SALES or COUPONS.

Being a Combat War Veteran I’m always offered discounts.  But I don’t demand them or ask for them.  “I’m a fucking Veteran and this is how you treat us.  Sorry Sir, here is 2 dollars off your Pancakes.  Yeah but $2.00 is $2.00 saved, ok You idiot now take the 8 quarters and stick them up your ass.  Wow, now I can buy the new Ferrari.

When I had my business never once did I gave anyone a discount and I still managed to grow it into a million dollar business. I always wanted to add value to everything I did.  When someone tried to haggle me for a lower price, I would look at them straight in the face and say, “Do you really want to start this relationship by me giving you something at a lower price when everyone else paid full?”  Make the customer think.

“Well I can get it cheaper somewhere else.”

That’s amazing and if you were able to get for less money, why didn’t you purchase there?  Don’t get sold by your customer.  We feel guilty sometimes because we don’t want to lose the sale.  You cave into the customer because they’re smarter than you.  You have to be smarter than your customer and explain features and benefits and why you’re not cheap.  Remember, this is your business not theres.  The next time a customer ask you for a discount, I want you to think of this.  Rent, Costs, Inventory, Internet, Electricity, Marketing, Gasoline, Food and more importantly Time, and the Value of your service. If you give them a discount, you still have to pay full price for your expenditures.

For every 5 No’s you get a Yes

Don’t worry about the customer getting upset.  They’re here to purchase from you, not to get mad at you.  I can guarantee you, if this was their business they wouldn’t give you any shit discount.  Can I get a discount?  Who the Fuck are you? Tell me why do you think you deserve a discount?  You need to sell me on why I have to lower my price for you.  Explain to me why you’re so special that I am willing to restructure my business pricing because you think you deserve it.  If your customer doesn’t want to purchase from you, it’s not because your product was shit, it’s that they fell butt hurt because they didn’t get their way.

Every fucking time, I would be stern with my pricing, it seemed like the customer wanted it more.  “No you can’t have a fucking discount bitch.” I love when the customer would throw out, But it’s only $100.00 difference.  Listen to your cusomter. Well since it’s only $100.00 difference you should have no problem coming up with it.  If the customer can only pay $300.00, they will be willing to pay $400.00.  When a customer says they only have $500.00, they really can spend $700.00.  They want to pocket some extra pocket change and not spend all the money their wife gave them as an allowance.   Men are such cowards.  When you pay full price a customer will take pride in what they purchased.

“You’re Taking Food Off my Dinner Table”

If I’m taking food from your family to spend on my services, guess what BRAH, You shouldn’t be buying shit.  The next time you hear that famous line, ” Man, your taking food off my table.”  Please respond with this, “Man, I’m trying to put food on my table.”  A customer will never ask you for a discount again, because they now realize that you’re in business to feed your family.  Well No Shit, I don’t work for a hobby, this is not a side hustle.  This business is to maintain my family.  Because if that was the case, fuck your discount, I’ll do the work for FREE.

I know some of you motherfuckers are so scared to say NO.  You’re scared to lose that client because they’ll go somewhere else cheaper.  You think you can’t afford to lose them, yet you lose profit either way.  So would you rather work for noting or find a client that will appreciate you.  Let them leave, because those dumb asses will alway come back to you, with their tail between there legs. Every time I would walk away they would always pull me back.  By that time my price just got higher.  The deal that you have in front of you is always the best one, explain that to your customer.  I like to Educate my customer and let them know the difference between me and everyone else.  Guess what, there’s no comparison.  I am quality, I’m that first and last person that you will ever need.

You Only Have to Sell Your Customer Once

Why do we go back to our favorite restaurants?  Because we love the service, the food, and the atmosphere.  Notice that I didn’t say price.  Price doesn’t mean shit when you have want you want.  My Authorized Rolex Dealer Jeweler has never given me a discount, because I had to prove to him that I was going to buy.  My jeweler knows his worth, and guess what when I bought my third Rolex watch from him, he finally told me, “I took a little off the price, because you’ve proved to me that were serious.”

What the FUCK, I’ve spent over $30,000 dollars in watches with him and finally he gave me discount without even asking.  Remember they’re Rolex watches not Toyota Camry’s.  I would find ways in order for me to save money on my watches since my jeweler didn’t.  When I purchased my watches I would have them shipped outside my state to save on the California Sales Tax.  I’ve saved thousands and thousands of dollars on my watches this way, but I didn’t demand it.  Why do I pay full price?

Because I Can Fucking Afford It

Give me a discount now, and I will bring you so much business.  This is what pussies say because they know they’re not going to bring you shit.  They just want to scam you first.  Don’t give in you idiot.  Tell yourself, “This is my business not there’s”  If this person serious about bringing you more business, that means they can afford to pay you full price…RIGHT?  Pull their Punk Card, or call there Bluff.  To a novice business owner that might sound so tempting.  Wow, you’re going to give me more if I give you a discount today?  Can you tell me how much more?  This is usually when these pussies start to stutter.

Well If You’re Serious, This is What I Can Do For You… BITCH

Since you have all these connections and you’re going to bring me more business, because remember I’m serious also.  This is what I can do for you.  I will give your discount, once you can prove to me that you can bring me more business you bitch ass liar.  Now, pay me the price I quoted you or get the fuck out of here.

This happened to my wife’s agency one time.  Some idiot contacted her and wanted her to create a project for a so called Large Company.  This guy promised her the moon and the stars, his connections in his industry where bigger than my wife’s agency and in order for her to get the account he want the project for 50% off.  But remember he was going to bring her so much business that it was going to BOOST her company to another level.  Ask your self, if you have some many fucking connections why are you contacting my wife’s agency, you just called it small and you just insulted and degraded it.

I will tell the reason why my wife married me.  

It’s not because I was great in bed, or because of my looks, it’s because I knew how to sell her.  My wife knows how I am when it comes to sales.  I am the Devil and you’re weakling soul I’m about to take. My wife took a page out of my sales book and told this idiot.

“Thank you so much for contacting me, I feel so honored that you would want to take my business to the next level if I give you a 50% discount of my project. Since you’re willing to bring me a lot of business, I do want to start a great business relationship with your company.  I can give you my project for FREE but only of you pay for the first 5 Projects at full price.  I hope you’re serious because I don’t want to waste your time and I don’t want you to waste mine”

Holy Shit, I was so proud her.  That motherfucker never contacted her again. He was just trying to scam and low ball her.

You Run your Business Not Your Customers

I know what you’re thinking, “Ahh, but I need customers, and I will say Yes to them cuz I’m a little bitch.”  Ask yourself this…  Do you want 20 Cheap Ass Nagging You For a Fucking Penny Customers, or do you want 5 quality customers that believe in your product, service and Price?  You’re going to make more money off your 5 quality customers than your 20 Cheap Customers. Quality over Quantity and probe those 5 customers for more quality customers.

Your Cheapest Customers will Always be your Pickiest Customers

Your Pickiest Customer is Your Fault, why because you let the customer run your business you weak ass little bitch.  Now, I can understand you want to at least put a smile on the customer face.  Why do you think companies are able to give you some free swag.  Don’t discount your services, but you have discount your up sells and cross sells, because they only cost you shit.  I spent $80,000 on a Tesla, do you think they give me a Discount. HELL NO, but guess what I got a Free Tesla Coffee Mug and a Free Tesla Umbrella. Guess what, I love that Coffee Mug.  When I purchase my Rolex’s, did I get a Discount.  HELL NO, but I got a Rolex Watch Carrying case for FREE, and Rolex Hat for Free… What do think it cost Telsa and Rolex to get that swag.  FUCKING PENNIES but they added value to the sale.  I won because I got a sick ass Tesla Umbrella when I bought my Tesla and I never use the umbrella because it doesn’t rain in Southern California.

In the end run your business how ever you want, but if you want me to tell you what you’re doing wrong, you’ll already know why…