By EsquireLife

April 22, 2018

“Life is Hard, It’s Harder When You’re Stupid”

I’m not here to tell you the truth on why you don’t succeed, you already know it because you’re already not successful. If I told you the truth you would go out there and prove yourself wrong and succeed. Day in and Day out I deal with different people from all over the world. Literally, I see people from the East Coast to the West Coast from Overseas to the Countries Ive never heard of in my life. But why do I get to see these people from all over the world?

They come to me because they want to be successful.

Any time you’re in front of me I am going to give you the tools to go out there and build a foundation for you to grow. It’s up to you to build a 1 story shack or a 100 story sky scraper. I can talk to you until I am blue in the face but if you don’t listen to me I’m just wasting my breath on you. 90% of the time I’m wasting my breathe on you already, because you only want to hear pretty words from me that will give you butterflies inside and make you feel happy. But if you don’t act on those pretty words you might as well just stick your fingers in your ears and yell “la la la la la la.” Like a 2 year old child because that’s how you act.

Even with rich and successful people like Grant Cardone and Josh Altman. They’re two of my biggest influences in my life. I can listen to all their lectures and read all their books but what’s the purpose of doing that if I don’t apply what I learned to my life. Apply, Act, take Action, and do.

Successful people congregate with other successful people.

They use each other to elevate themselves. Why do you think successful people are always collaborating with other people at their level? The guy driving the Bentley doesn’t hang out with the guy driving a Honda.

Being in the career I’m in, I always learn certain things from my events. What do I learn? Losers hang out with Losers. What do I mean? Normally at my speaking events I usually have an audience of many people. These people pay good money to attend my events. I’m not talking a couple of hundreds of dollars, I’m referring to thousands of dollars to come see me. Normally on day one, I try to feel out the crowd and see who’s attending and why.

Some don’t tell me why; they tell me their dreams. Dreams are good but at the end, you wake up from your dreams and nothing happens. I don’t want to hear your dreams I want to see your actions! What have you done? They use my event as a crutch to why not they haven’t yet. My words are not actions. You need to take my words and execute.

Normally at my event we take short break periods, after the first break, I see who my losers are. How can I tell? Very simple, they’re on their phones looking at social media, they come back late, theyre in their vehicles blasting their music. They don’t take notes because they think they’re going to absorb everything that I say. Normally by lunch time the losers find out who the other losers are and feel comfortable talking to them.

For some reason idiots attract each other.

It’s like that one women that always says all the men she dates are just a bunch of losers, well dumb ass stop picking up guys at the bar and the club.

I listen to their stories on how, why, and reasons why they haven’t or tried and failed.

Well back to the subject. Once I find my losers, I start picking on them, for example I ask them to repeat what I just said a couple minutes ago. Normally I will get this stupid look on their face like. AHHH, it’s because I was writing down notes. Sure, buddy, well look at your notes and tell me what you wrote down. One time I looked at someones notes and it was an address to a Marijuana Dispensary that the other Loser next to him gave them.

They are losers because even when I insult them they don’t realized they are getting insulted.

I’ve made my money already, I’ve made my success.

It’s my turn now to return the favor because I already fell on my ass and I‘m showing how not to fall on your ass and be successful. But if you just want to be with losers then do it. I already got paid for my time, so just sit back and have fun looking for your weed spot after.

I know who is going to kill it in life when I’m doing my events. It’s not the one asking all the questions, it’s not the one taking all the notes. It’s the one that is making eye contact with me. The eye contact that feels like you’re looking into my soul, because you want to find out what I’m thinking. Almost like you want to hack into my mind and say,

“What makes his brain tick, I want a brain like this, I want to be successful.”

Trust me you don’t want a brain like mine. Build you own brain and make it better than mine.

Let’s go back to the losers because I’m probably talking about you. Once the losers find out where the other losers are then they form a click.

I call them the WANTREPENUERS.

“A Wantrepeneur will ask how much something costs, Compared to a ENTREPRENEUR, they will ask how much it will make them.”

The Wantrepenuers wants all the rewards that the hard working Entrepreneurs have but for nothing. They think that just by attending an event they’re going to be rich and famous. Always wanting to see what trouble they’re going to get into next. “Where are the strip clubs at?’ And, “Where’s all the Bitches?” What that is showing me you are just trying to be successful to show off to others.

Meanwhile you’re staring at my $35,000 watch, wondering where you can find a fake one for $35.00.

Why is it that Loser Men like to show off to other Loser men. I have 200 pairs of Jordan sneakers, I have 6 cars that are fast. Because they want other men will be jealous of them. When was the last time a women liked you because of your sneakers? Maybe the ghetto ass women you always get. Well there you go. Losers attract losers. At the end of the day those things are not making you any money. This is why your dumb ass is attending my event.

Normally at the end of my events I test you and see how serious you are. Once it comes to taking action you’re the most cowardly person on the planet. Excuses start coming out of every hole of your body. “I can’t do this because, I have kids, I can’t do this because I don’t have money, I can’t do this because I’m in debt?” “I want to start off small”, I will call you on Monday let me think about it.”

“Every excuse is a good excuse”

“Excuses are lies wrapped into reasons.”

Don’t lie to yourself on why you can’t.

Remember you’re not lying to me, you’re lying to YOU. What a dumb ass. If you don’t have any money to get started. then why in the fuck are you here? You paid money to get knowledge but you don’t have money to buy a hammer and start building your success. It’s ok, stand outside in the cold while I look down on you from the penthouse that I built with my own two hands.

My favorite excuse ever. was, “I don’t have any money because I have kids.” Yet you were just bragging that you have over 200 pair of expensive sneakers, and you have money to drive overnight to other cities to hang out with friends, and have money to travel to other countries with your boys and party. And you’re crying on how your last business failed.

Man bro, I feel so bad for you. Damn it, I only have 2 pairs of sneakers, I only have 2 cars, 1 kid that is in college, but fortunately I have a business that is very successful. Why because I act like I want it.

“What if I told you I can show you how give yourself and your family and better life.”

Do you want it?

Do you want to work hard for it?

Of course you don’t. 97% of people work for 3% of those who those that didn’t give up.

You want success, Probably not, because you don’t want to work hard.  Good luck on your Lotto Scratch offs.

Let’s talk about 5 reasons why you do not succeed: I’ve might give you more, but you might be more interested in looking for “Dat Weed Spot.”


Like I mentioned before. Don’t look for losers in life. If you’re a loser most likely you will hang out with losers. “But, my friends are Hustlers.” Good now you can move in with them in their mom’s crib.

If you only have loser friends then don’t have friends at all. I personally don’t have any friends because, no one will work as hard as me. At the end of day I come home to my success not theirs. I might share some of my success but only enough to where they need to get their own.


You need to be scared of life. The reason why you fail is because you are comfortable and you are complacent in life. Stop depending on your momma to help you. Be afraid to die. Worry about where your next meal is coming from. Be afraid of the boogie man. Face your fears and be scared because if you do this it will make you stronger. I’m afraid of everyday. But I’m not afraid to fail, I’m afraid to succeed because the more I make the greedier your so called friends get.

3. CAN’T

Stop telling yourself that you can’t. I recently met a person that always was so fucking negative. Every time I would tell him to do something he would give me an excuse of why he can’t and how he was going to “Fuck it up.” I mean every single task I gave him he was saying that. It got to the point where it was draining my mind. I finally told, him WTF is your problem why are you so fucking negative. Stop being a little bitch.

Come to find out he told me that he was in debt because he’s been engaged 3 different times in the past 5 years. He was still paying off all 3 the engagement rings. Wait what? I asked him, where are the rings? The dumb ass let the women keep them. What a Fucking MORON.

Now do you see why I don’t hang out with anyone. If your mind is always telling you, that you can’t then you won’t. But don’t think if you think you CAN that it’s a magic word that will mysteriously give you super powers. The word Can will just make you work harder.


You idiots always like showing off. I don’t really care that your Yeezy’s are limited edition. Ask yourself how shoes are making you money? Unless you’re using your shoes as a petting zoo and charging 1 dollar to touch them. You mother fuckers keep wanting to show off your Gucci Belts. Like that belt makes you look successful. I saw an idiot the other day wearing Jordan Sweats and had a Gucci Belt on while he was trying to spit game to a ghetto ass chick. And guess what that chick was buying because he was selling hard. WTF… really! Notice I said Chick not Woman.

If you could only put that selling effort is into a real business, you wouldn’t have to try to impress those types of ghetto ass chicks. You know why you go after those type of women because you don’t have to work hard to get them.

They key word is WORK HARD.


Losers think small because that is what they feel comfortable with. Why do you think they go after ghetto ass chicks? Because they know they won’t be rejected. If you think small you will be small. Go after that big account, be afraid to be rejected, but that will just make you stronger and go back to work hard. I don’t aim for the stars I aim for the planets. I’ve taken so many chances in life but I’ve also gained a lot. At the same time I have all the bruises and scars to prove that I fell but I have gotten back up. You can’t see my scars and bruises because they are covered by my tailor made Italian suit.

Stop being the victim of why you can’t and start being the success of why you can.