By EsquireLife

April 8, 2018

Don’t Be Scared to Close

I want to call this part two of my last blog, “Shut up and Sell.”  Why are so many so called sales people afraid to close?  Even in our everyday life we are scared.  Look at all these guys that are trying to build a relationship with a woman, but they feel the more they talk the more think the woman is going to like them.

Shut up and close.  This is why you’re still in the friend zone dumb ass.  It’s because you’re afraid to close.  People are so scared of a two letter word and the word is NO.  I was dating a woman and we went on a couple of dates I finally figured out that I wanted more than just a friendship.  So I had to go in for the close.  Of course I was scared of NO,

You already know 50% of the answer so why be scared.

It’s either Yes or No.

So I asked her to be my girlfriend.  I had already invested time and money into this, so I needed to close.  Long story short she didn’t say No or Yes she said maybe?  Well guess what?  I don’t celebrate Maybe’s?  So after that I never contacted her again.  Soon after she reached out to me because she realized what she could of had with me.  Sorry… I moved on to my next sale.

You might think that was shallow of me.  No, not really.  In life and in sales you should not be scared of any outcomes.  Either you’re going to get a a Yes or No.  That’s a 50% response that you will get.  Those are good odds.  Why not roll the dice and get your answer.  This way you’ll know you’re not wasting your time.

Sales people talk so damn much

because they don’t want to hear rejection.

Sales people feel if I sweet talk them, the customer will like me more and not want to say No to them.  The faster I can get an answer from you the faster I close you.

What does this mean?  In a sales call you need to get a Yes as fast as I can. This means, I closed you and the faster I can move on to the next call.  But also, the faster I can get a No from you, now I know what type of coward you are.  So either I am going to have to sell you harder by over coming, Indifference, Drawback or Skepticism or move on.

The sale starts when the customer says No.

I deal with cowards all day.  I will give you the knowledge and the skills to go out into the world to be successful.  In order to achieve this you will also need the right tools and with those tools you’ll become an expert.  It’s funny because, everyone wants to be successful and an expert, but they don’t want to invest in their tools.  This is why you can’t be afraid to close because you’ll find out if they’re a Coward or a Go getter.

Everyone wants to be a Gangster

until Gangster shit starts to happen.

People see other successful people and they want to be successful, but when it comes down to working hard or investing, these cowards run.  Why do you think some people want to be rappers.  There is no investment in that.  What about single Moms, because it’s easy for you to stick your dick inside, but it’s hard work to be there as a father.

“I work hard to make my job look easy.”

A couple years back I had someone tell me, “I want your job, because all you do is talk.”  With a confident smile on my face, I responded to this lazy ass.  “You can have my fucking job, you wouldn’t last 1 day.”  I didn’t take this as a compliment, I took it as an insult.  That motherfucker doesn’t see how I get to work at 5:30am everyday.  How I can’t call in sick because I’m the rock star and roadie of my career and have to perform at 100%.  After your lazy ass goes home at the end of the day, I’m still at work and I don’t leave until everything is ready for the next day.  I get home at 6pm every fucking day.  You want my job, it’s yours bitch.

I love my job because I earned to be at the position I am at.  The long hours and the pain doesn’t mean shit to me, because I know no one can do what I do.  What makes all my hard work worth it, is when I drive home in my $85,000 vehicle, while wearing my $15,000 timepeice, as I pull up to my $600,000 home, and kiss my hot skinny beautiful wife with a ass so round, that when I grab it, I say this is all worth it.  Do you know why I have all this, because…

“I am not afraid to close.”

I’m also not afraid to work.  You need to shut up and close.  Do you want to this? Find out the reason why they said NO.  You also need to find out why they said Yes.  Because some of you idiots will get lucky and get a yes right of way and you don’t even know how you got it.

Also listen when you close.  I always pause right after you close, because that pause will let the customer think.  Either they’re digesting and ready to give you a YES, or they are thinking of an excuse on why they are going to say NO.

Excuses are Lies wrapped into Reasons

Once a Lie turns into a Reason, people start to believe their reason on why they said a NO.  And you will hear them repeat that reason over and over because it sounds so convincing, and they’re proud of it. “The reason I can’t invest in me is because, I have to save up to save up for another business.”  I get that a lot.  So you came to me to start your own business but in actuallity you need to save up to invest in another business.  Do you see how dumb you sound?

You  need to invested in yourself first. Then you can have more than enough money to start your other business?  Now they’re just using that excuse, and telling the world.  “Yeah, I need to invest in this other business first before I can do this.”  You’re not lying to me, you’re lying to yourself, because I don’t give a fuck about your excuses.  Yet the next guy next to you just made 6 figures and you’re finding another excuse why you haven’t.

The more you speak, the more you sound like an idiot.

But because you closed early you were able to listened to that excuse and just walk away.  “I’m trying to save $75,000 to invest in someone else’s business.”  Then you have to wait to pay that off and finally get a profit to invest in your business that will about cost your $2500.  Instead of understanding on how investing $2500 and working hard you can make $150,000.

This is why I close early so I can see where your childish mind is at?  It’s ok Sir, at the same time get a laugh because at the end of the day, I’m the one that is going to go Rolex shopping.  You’re a Wantrepreneur not a Entrepreneur.