By EsquireLife

March 22, 2020

Are you a Cheap-A$$?

Why are you a Cheap Ass? There’s different types of people in the world. People that look for a good deal like a sale and people that get on your damn nerves always asking for a discount on everything they buy.

If you need to ask for a discount then you can’t afford the product you’re buying. Why are people programed to be cheap? What are you going to do with that $1.00 that you’re saving? Are you starting a 401k, or are you going to feed the hungry?

10% Military Discount

Being a Marine Corps Veteran, I’m always being told, “You know you get 10% discount.” I always tell the clerk, “Please give it to the next person, I don’t need it because I can afford what I’m buying.” I’ve noticed the more I deny my discount the more I get. Last time I got a free coffee because I said no to my discount, and I just handed the clerk a $10.00 bill.

Some of you Brag about how Cheap you Are

Now before all you cheap mother fuckers start defending your cheap ass, don’t get me wrong I’m cheap too. I’m always looking for the low APR, or low interest rate. I know the cost of the things that I like to buy. This is why I’m able to purchase things on sale but not ask for a discount. I know what I can bring to the table, especially when I purchase a vehicle. I’ve worked very hard on my credit score therefore I know I can get a very low APR and not worry about the price of the vehicle, but how soon I can pay it off. Instead of worrying about the monthly payment like you cheap asses.

You’re a Wantreprenuer not an Entreprenuer

I deal with Wantrepreneurs every day. Instead of investing in quality they invest in quantity because it’s cheaper. I try to instill in them, “Buy Once, Cry Once.” or “Buy Nice so you don’t have to buy Twice.” As a cheap ass business owner you’re always looking for that cheaper alternative and expecting the same results. It’s like showing you how to make money with a hammer, but your cheap ass goes home and uses a Rock because it was cheaper. “It’s not how much it costs, it’s how much it will make you.” A true thought of a real Entrepreneur.

But I’m a Good Negotiator

No you’re not, you just act like a little bitch when you don’t get your way. I’ve dealt with cry babies and how I am so bad to them and how my company is not to there standard but yet you purchase from me. So you’re going to insult my work ethic and me just so you can get that free subscription and get 20% off. Fuck you and your ego horse you rode in. Here’s your 20% discount and get the fuck out of here. You feel like you won, but I made the profit.

You’re Stupid for Paying that much

I had a cheap-ass tell me one time, that me spending $15,000.00 for a Rolex was stupid. His Android phone can tell the time just as good or even better than my watch. I told him you’re correct, but as of today the technology on your phone is outdated. Also my watch is worth more than your car. The only reason he thought my watch was stupid is because he can’t afford one. People find excuses why they don’t have certain things in life so they can criticize you on what you spend your money on.

Ask yourself, are you a Cheap Ass

Do you automatically say, ” What’s my Price or Discount,” when you purchase something?

You’re just programmed to spit out that term. Your Parents were cheap asses therefore you became a cheap-ass.

Do you say, “But the Other Guy said he’s going to do it for cheaper.

If you found it cheaper somewhere else, then why didn’t you purchase it there?

Are you a “Quote Collector,” you go around businesses nickel and diming and wasting our time.

You collect quotes from businesses and show them to each other to see if they can fight for a better deal.

Do you say, “I can make it for Cheaper”

You must be some engineering genius that you can build and make everything. Yet you still hound me for a better deal.

Do you find more excuses why not to buy than to buy.

You convince yourself how much you don’t want the item as an excuse not to buy because you know you can’t afford it. Yet when you buy things you Bragg how good of a negotiator you are.

You haggle like a Bitch but you Tell everyone You paid full Price.

You try to impress others with your cheap purchase because you’re a perpetrator.

Do you brag on how you can find it cheaper online but yet you don’t buy it because its still too much

You think you know more than everyone, like you have the hook up, but you still don’t buy shit.

You always say,”You should have told me, I could have got it for you Cheaper.”

You’re cheap and you want to make everyone feel cheap by saying you over paid.

You insult People on their expertise.

Because you think you been around the block and know economics on supply and demand. You will always know who the cheap-ass is in the room is because they tell you how much things cost and how much they paid for things. They can barely afford the items they buy so they have the need to tell everyone, why they purchased them. Most of the times these are the same people posting on Social Media. As if that picture is a great accomplishment.

Always remember this: The Loudest Person in the Room, Often times has nothing Important to say.

Cheap Ass People with Low IQ’s buy in large qualities like Toilet Paper

Look at the low quality of people right now buying all the fucking toilet paper off the shelves. They’re Cheap Ass Dumb People that are buying all the Toilet Paper and some how want to feel better than you. Since they are cheap they feel they’ve made a smart investment. If you want a smart investment, then why don’t you buy stock in those companies you fucking moron. You think you’re smarter than everyone else, but your Low IQ shows different.

Purchase with Confidence and most importantly Money

Next time you purchase an item, buy it because you want it and it will make your life happy. Don’t buy because you need it and you want to see how cheap you can get it for. If you can get it for cheap it’s probably because it’s not worth the value to you. If you really want something it doesn’t matter how much it is, it matters how it’s going to make you feel. You’ll appreciate things more if you look at it at face value. Stop being a cheap-ass and buy, trust me you will feel better about your decision.

“A successful person doesn’t boast about the Rolex he bought, he boasts about the effort it took him to buy that Rolex.” – EsquireLife.

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