By EsquireLife

March 31, 2019

CEO = Criticizes Every Opportunity

You don’t have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur.  Here comes all the little Bitches but I have a business and therefor I’m a Entrepreneur.  But a lot of people out there want to start a business but don’t have the balls to run it.  I hear it all the time,“I want to start a business because I want to be free, I want to spend more time with my family.”  And my favorite, “I want a Lamborghini…LAMBO.”  Sorry I have to throw in a Migos Ad-lib. If someone would have told me this when I first started, I’d be chilling on my yacht in the Bahamas.

Real Entrepreneurs are Non-Stop

I know we all what to run a successful business, but people don’t realize in the beginning you’re the entire business.  The Worker, Accountant, Marketing Director, Social Media Specialist, Customer Service, etc.  When I had my company, I had to make sure I was the first to open and the last to close.  Even when you lock up for the night you’re now at home setting up the next days plan.  Other see that you have a cushy job as a CEO.  You’re not a CEO because you’re a Business Owner.

You and Your Business are constantly on

Every where you go your business goes with you.  You’re at dinner, store, church, you’re always fucking on.  People don’t realize this, but it might be months or years before you even see a pay check, because the business gets paid first.  All the capitol that you invested has to get paid back first.  Banks don’t give a shit that you had a slow month.  Think about giving your customer a discount when your electricity bill is late.  But I don’t want lose a customer.  Remember this,

A Customer is not a Customer until he or she BUYS

You need to sell them first to make them a customer, you idiot.  You grovel at their feet and giving shit away for free, because you’re scared.  You let your customer run you instead of running your customer.  I’ve never seen Rolex do this to me and I’ve purchased a lot from them.  Stop being scared to explain your quality.  Why are you scared, are you a Pussy?  I think you are… Oh, you’re not?  Then stop bitching and step up.  A lot of Wantrepreneurs, “Wanna Be Entrepreneurs,” need to stop acting “Brand New.”

Buying the Horse Carriage before the Horse

For you dumb asses, it’s like buying rims for a car that you haven’t purchased yet.  What I mean by acting Brand New is every penny you earn you spend double.  Meaning, if you made $500, then you spend $1000.  You live out of your means because you assume that your business will blow up.  Yet, you don’t have gas money to put in your 2019 Mercedes Benz after a night at the club.  Stop bragging that you’re an entrepreneurs and calling yourself a CEO.  What CEO school did you graduate from?   Stop fucking acting this way.  I didn’t call myself a CEO because I wasn’t, I was a fucking Business Owner.

You’re afraid to get dirty in your business.

Mr. CEO is to good to work for his company because he’s acting brand new. The only expensive thing on you is your Gucci belt and your cheap ass Invicta Watch doesn’t count.  Your belt doesn’t make you a CEO and it doesn’t earn you respect. I didn’t have anything when I ran my business until at least 5 years after I got rid of it.  Once everything was paid off I was able to buy a Gucci Belt. No you idiot I didn’t want to look like a dumb ass.  After all the pain was over I was finally able to breathe and look at all my hard work.  It was then where I finally deserved my rewards, not during.

No Body Knows you at the Bottom

Trust me, you don’t want to look down when you’re on Top.  It’s true, you’ll be criticized by every motherfucker that thinks they can do better than you.  Every one you’ll ever talk to will tell you that you’re doing the wrong thing.  People thrive on Negativity, I didn’t even tell my parents, fuck them, they don’t pay my bills.  All the people that criticized you have never started their own business and probably unemployed. Some of the Happiest people I’ve met are real Entrepreneurs. They don’t give a shit that they have to work 60 hours a week and weekends.  In the beginning it’s not about you.  It’s about getting recognized as the expert.  People buy from you because you’re the expert.  Think about this, It doesn’t matter what you sell as long as you’re the expert and you can solve the customers wants or needs.

Always Shake Hands with a Millionaire 

One day, I was fortunate enough to go to lunch with a Multi-Millionaire. When I first shook his hand to meet him I thought he was a worker at the place I was at.  This man was humble, if you saw him on the streets you would think he was a construction worker. The only reason I knew who he was, was his picture was plastered all over the walls of the companies he owns.  His $35,000.00 Rolex was beat to shit because he worked at his company and not sat behind the desk like you motherfuckers want to do.

His shoes were dirtier than the janitor’s at the facility,

His clothes didn’t have labels, and of course he didn’t have a Gucci Belt.  This man worked his companies.  He didn’t act brand new like some of you CEO wanna be’s.  As we walked to his car to go to lunch, we walked by a slew of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguars and his parking sign said Reserved for Mr. Gaminian,  his car was a Chevy Malibu.

WTF. Where’s the Lamborghini… LAMBO

He looks at me and says, “If you ever want to be rich, you’ll never appreciate a hard days work.  Run your business, Don’t Let the Business run you.  The day you see a Lamborghini parked here, is the day the business is running me. Of course having exotic cars and luxuries is awesome.  To me it’s a reward for my hard work, but if you’re a one man show you can’t afford none of those things right now.  It’s called reinvesting.  Reinvest your profit back into your business.  Invest in your education this will make your a better Entrepreneur, invest in your equipment that will make your job easier.  You fail because you’re a Cheap ass MotherFucker that just wants to give yourself stupid ass titles (CEO, PRESIDENT, DIRECTOR) and doesn’t want to work, you lazy ass bitch.

You’re a Wantrepreneur, Not a Entrepreneur

Stop being a cheap ass when it comes to your business.  A Wantrepreneur will ask, “How much something is,” and try to go a cheaper route, yet you talk about Quality in your company.  They’re always making excuses on why they can’t, instead of giving reason why they can.  I deal with these idiots all day. It’s so easy to talk and tell everyone your Business Plan, but you’re too scared to execute anything.  You rather flaunt an expensive Rental car you can’t even afford then invest in your company.  Spending money that you don’t have is what you do, but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, you come up with Excuses and Lies.

Buy Once, Cry Once

A real Entrepreneur will ask, “How much it will make them.” Price is not a issue when it comes to his tools to make his job easier.  The Entrepreneur knows that it will cost him more for quality, but he will only bitch about it once, because years later when he’s still using that same tool that hasn’t broke on him once it will be well worth it.  He doesn’t doubt himself when it comes to his company.  This person will not eat for days because a Real Entrepreneur gets paid on results and knows they won’t get paid until the job is done.

STOP You’re Fucking Bitching you Wantrepreneur

Are you crying yet, I bet you are because you’re a little bitch.  If you don’t have money to invest then don’t start a fucking business.  “But I have investors.”  Motherfucker, if you don’t have less than $5,000 to start your business then guess what, DON’T FUCKING START A BUSINESS.  You attend my events to be successful but you don’t want to invest in your tools afterwards.  You’re a fucking coward.  Attendees always ask me how to become a good entrepreneur.  I show you my free website where you can learn how to be a Monster at Business and the next day you ask me about my watches, because that’s all your read on my website.  Priorities homies.  Don’t Worry about what I have and Worry about Where your next meal is coming from. Oh, That’s right you live with your Parents.

If you don’t have Money now, you’ll never have it. 

It’s true of the saying, “It takes money to make money.”  If your excuse is that you need to save up money to invest, there’s a 100 percent chance you won’t save shit.  You’re negative and you surround yourself with negativity.  It’s hard for you to leave your friends because you think they’ll support you.  I don’t want to leave my friends, because they’re as fake as you.  Don’t have money to invest?  Yet you have the latest Phone in your pocket.  Your expensive wardrobe cost more than your rent.  Yes, I said Rent because you don’t invest in a Home.  You show off to other men because you want them to suck your… Think about it. You’re not Flossing, You’re Perpetrating. 

You’re just a Poser, with a Poser Mentality

Fuck your Friends, this is why I don’t have any.  But my friends will be my customers.  Ah, no they won’t.  Friends don’t buy they take. Your friends are not your buyers, your enemy is.  Learn how to use your enemies. I don’t have any friends but I do have hundreds of enemies, and guess what, my enemies are always seeing what I’m doing.  They always want what I have.  When I ran my business you would hear crickets if I depended on my so called friends.  It’s easy to sell to the Devil, then an Angel.  The Devil was my customer because the Devil just wanted to show off to others.

10 Reasons Why You will Fail as an Entrepreneur.

1. You Question Authority

You come to me because I’m the expert and you want a taste of what I have, yet you question how I got here.  MotherFucker how can you question an expert if the expert knows how it’s done.  He already did all the hard work and has proof that will benefit you.  I had an attendee question every fucking thing that I taught him.  I had to look at him straight in the face and tell him, “Why in the fuck are you here?”  Don’t ever question authority, it will get you killed in combat.  And yes dumb asses I have been a real Combat.

2.  You Doubt Yourself

Stop fucking doubting yourself.  You immediately come up with an answer on why it’s not possible instead of coming up with solutions why it is possible.  Stop being scared.  If you’re scared then don’t start a business.  Stay at home sucking on your mom’s tit.  You’re safe and only want to be safe.  This is why you question everything I tell you.  I’ve looked into Satan’s eyes before, so you or your fucking customer don’t scare me.  You know 50% of the answer why not take a chance.  Don’t be afraid to fall on your ass, and get back up. You also don’t invest in your tools because you don’t have confidence in yourself to sell.

3. You’re a Cheap Ass

Stop being cheap. I know things cost money but you’re not buying a big Screen TV, you’re buying the tools that will make your business great.  Why go to school to learn how to use a hammer and nail, yet you want to buy a cheap rock to use as your hammer.  You’re cheap and your customers will be cheap.  There’s reasons why you live where you live.  Because you’re a cheap ass and since you’re a cheap ass, don’t you think your neighbors are losers like you?

4.  You’re always Late

I tell all my attendees, the way you act here is the way you’re going to run your business.  Stop fucking being late.  Successful people don’t have time to wait, why do you think business owners are not faithful, the moment you fuck them over they have a list of people that want your job.  Set standards in your schedules.  I don’t care if I’m 1 hour early, show your customer that you’re eager and ready.

5. You are always on your Fucking Phone

I understand that you need your phone to run your business, but social media is not a time or place to explore when you’re working.  If you’re more worried about Likes on your page and looking at other women’s tits rather than your wife’s, then you shouldn’t have a business.  Yes you have a little cash in your pocket now, and you want to post your new Gucci Belt, but guess what you’re on the clock you dumb ass.

6. You’re Scared of Hard Work –

Every one always wants to choose the easy job, yet they wonder why they only make a couple of dollars instead of thousands.  It’s because you’re scared to work.  I’ve know so many so called Rappers because it’s easy for them.  But yet,you don’t hear about the D.J. that has to haul all his equipment from gig to gig.  Stop bing scared of work, you’re being a Pussy.

7.  You Don’t Know How to Sell

But I’m a good sales man, well if you are, why are you attending my event, and why when you ask for direction on how to sell you don’t even make time to read.  It doesn’t matter how good or the quality your business, you won’t get any of that if you don’t know how to sell and close.  You rather talk about how good your product it, instead of closing on how it’s going to benefit them.  Talk your customer to death, it’s ok, I will steal them from you.

8. You Act Brand New – 

I touched on this earlier, but you motherfuckers need to stop acting brand new.  You need to humble yourself and run your business.  I don’t give a fuck if you’re Hustler, Hustlers get tired and quit.  Fuck you and your Hustler mentality, you need to start acting like a Business owner and start focusing on making money.  In the end your success will speak for itself.  I’ve made a lot of successful people but the only reason why, is because they Listened.

9. No Product Knowledge – 

Know your shit and why your shit works.  A lot times your customer is more knowledgeable than you.  You’re stuck on labels that you don’t know how and why they work.  Spit knowledge to your customer like you created that product.  Remember people buy from you not your product.  But you need to know your product knowledge in order for your customer to trust you with your product.

10. You Get Sold by Others Easily

You’re a label hoe.  Instead of asking an expert, you’re always relying on social media, trusting these people.  Why do you think they do videos, because they are called “Influencers.”  They’re not the experts they just get free shit because they have a lot of followers.  Do your fucking research, get your ass off your phone and read you fucking idiot.  YouTube is not a valuable source, it’s a bunch of people that Influence others to buy because they get a “Commission.”  I would make videos on how you can stick a dildo up your ass, if I knew I was going to get paid to sell it.  Knowing you, you would probably buy two of them because you’re an easy sell.


11.  You Care More about What your Competition is Doing

Ok there is nothing wrong to see what your enemy is doing.  But at the same time you’re your own unique business.  There’s a reason why you wanted to be different, there’s a reason why you didn’t want to be like everyone else, so it shouldn’t matter what these fuckers are doing.  Sell the quality of what you’re worth, not trying to match the price of your enemy.  Your enemy didn’t invest in themselves like you did. They’re YouTube University graduates, and you’re certified bitch.  Remember, you’re the expert and not the follower.

12.  You Over Think Every Situation – 

Stop Overthinking everything.  You overthink everything because you’re scared of the outcome.  Trust me you’re going to fall on your ass as a business owner.  I rather have fallen 1000 times and know how to get up, then never have fallen because I’m scared to hurt myself, you bitch.

Think: I’m Hungry, therefor I’m going to eat something.

Over Think: What if I’m Hungry next week? What am I going to do?

13. You are not Your Customer – To Be Continued…

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