By EsquireLife

May 15, 2020

This the video that was featured in CRM Jewelers YouTube Channel. I was going to write a description but I wanted to showcase what CRM Jeweler did for my video description. They were so kind to feature me in there Rising Star Program I also wanted to also show you the amazing and kind words they did for me on their Blog. Enjoy.


This is a truly inspirational story from Ruben, a Former U.S. Marine that’s also a passionate watch collector and the face of

Ruben is part of our YouTube Rising Stars program and he pairs off his newer ceramic, two-tone Rolex Sub (Ref  116613) and the older reference 16613 two tone model on this review. But Ruben does a lot more than just compare and contrast both Submariner versions. He tells us the amazing and inspiring story behind these watches.

Where The Story Began – Rolex Sub Ref 16613

When we turn back to the clock nearly 25 years to 1997, we see a freshly Enlisted Member of the United States Marine Corps and a total watch novice at the local mall. He gets a glimpse of the Rolex Submariner Re 16613 at a luxury watch store and instantly falls in love with the watch. He knows he can’t afford it, but still gets his mind fixated on the watch. He knows that one day it’ll be his.

Quickly in the video, we learn why Ruben is so obsessed with the 16613. That’s Ruben being Ruben. He’s a man of goals and achievement. When he sees a high end watch that he loves, he makes it one of his life milestones because he believes that life is about striving for what you’re passionate about; and for him, watches are a BIG passion!

Twenty five years later, the Former Marine achieves his mission, he buys a two tone Sub. Mind you, it’s not the original model that caught his eye at the mall when he was 23. It’s the newer ceramic version with the solid gold center links – the 116613 reference model. For the average goal setter, that would have been enough…but not for Ruben!

Life Lesson Behind This

One would hardly expect someone like Ruben, who struggled with PTSD due to his tour during the war against Iraq in 2004, to be this motivated and driven by success. But his love for luxury watches and humility actually drove him to inspire others.

You can witness this firsthand on his website and YouTube channel, where he uses his blog posts and videos to inspire others to succeed.

With his love of watches and Submariner story, Ruben aims to teach others the important lesson of striving for what you want in life and believing that you can get it with unwavering faith. After all, you owe it to yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!

Watch the Video

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