By EsquireLife

February 23, 2023

Rolex watches are treasured by collectors all over the world. The brand’s iconic design and craftsmanship have made it one of the most coveted luxury watchmakers in existence. For those looking to add a few special pieces to their collection, here are five must-have Rolex watches that should be on your radar.

Rolex Submariner (No Date) Ref. 114060

The Submariner is perhaps the most famous Rolex watch of all time and is an essential piece for any collector. This particular version, the Rolex Submariner (No Date) Ref. 114060, was released in 2012 and has become a fan favorite due to its no-date configuration that keeps its dial clean and simple. It also features a 40mm stainless steel case, black Cerachrom bezel insert, and Oystersteel bracelet with Glidelock clasp for maximum comfortability on your wrist.

Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 126710BLRO

The GMT Master II is a classic tool watch designed by Rolex in 1954 to meet the needs of professional pilots who needed a way to track two time zones at once. This particular version—the Ref. 126710BLRO—was released in 2018 and features an eye-catching Pepsi bezel with red/blue colors that make it instantly recognizable as a GMT Master model. It also boasts a 40mm stainless steel case, black Cerachrom bezel insert, Oystersteel bracelet with Easylink closure for easy adjustment, Caliber 3285 movement for precision timekeeping, and much more!

Rolex Daytona Ref 116500LN

The Rolex Daytona is another timeless classic from the brand that’s been around since 1963 when it was first introduced as an homage to racing drivers who drove at breakneck speeds on some of the world’s most dangerous tracks. The Ref 116500LN model features a sleek black Ceramic bezel with tachymetric scale along with other notable features like its 4130 automatic movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, stainless steel case and Oysterflex bracelet for superior durability and comfort while wearing it.

Rolex Day Date President 36 Ref 228239

The Day Date President 36 is one of the most iconic watches ever created by Rolex thanks to its signature president bracelet design and timeless appeal that has made it beloved by celebrities like Dwight D Eisenhower and John F Kennedy throughout history. The 228239 model was released in 2018 and sports 18k white gold construction paired with a beautiful blue dial adorned with diamond hour markers for added sparkle – perfect for adding some elegance into your wardrobe!

Rolex Sky Dweller ref 326934

Last but certainly not least is the Sky Dweller which is one of the newest models from Rolex released in 2016 as part of their Professional Collection line up specifically designed for globetrotters who need reliable timekeeping capabilities while they travel across different cities/timezones around the world. The 326934 model features 18k yellow gold construction along with other notable details such as its 42mm case size, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass protecting against accidental damage & wear & tear over time as well as an oyster bracelet for maximum comfort when worn all day long or even during extended trips abroad!

Whether you’re looking to start or add onto your collection of luxury watches, these five must-have Rolexes are all excellent options worth considering if you’re serious about investing in quality pieces that will last you many years down the road without losing their value over time due to their timeless designs & craftsmanship synonymous with this legendary brand! With each piece offering something unique yet still recognizable as part of this iconic lineup – there’s sure to be something here perfect just right for you!

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