By EsquireLife

May 3, 2020

A Watch Story from a True Watch Lover

I’ve been following an amazing YouTube Channel by the name of CRM Jewelers. They’re a Jewelry store that sells fine jewelry and timepieces in Miami Florida. Their videos are entertaining and sometimes very funny by the former Host Eric Rivera. Eric’s show was called, “Watch Your Style.” I would watch the show religiously as it came on YouTube every Wednesday. Each week I learned something new about watches. The next thing I know 3 years has gone by and I was still a fan of the channel. Seriously, I’ve learn so much about watches from watching Eric and his show

Something was Wrong

On one particular Wednesday, I tuned into the CRM Jewelers Channel and Eric was gone. CRM Jewelers was hosting a Live Stream and I was kind of confused. Someone else was sitting behind a desk where Eric normally sits. He was on the Live Stream telling all subscribers that Eric is no longer with CRM Jewelers. Eric the famous Watch YouTuber is now independent. To my surprise like everyone else on YouTube, I thought Eric was part owner of CRM Jewelers. I was just assuming here, but I thought the R in CRM was for Rivera which is Eric’s last name. 

I was Curious with what was going on with CRM Jewelers

Well, I was curious to know what was happening in the video, so I kept watching the Live Stream. You should have read the number of bad comments the YouTube community was leaving on the Live Chat. It’s almost like them finding out that Santa Claus was a lie. I chimed in on the chat because I wanted to show my support. The man that was sitting behind the camera was Dan, he’s the Strategist and Marketing Chief at CRM Jewelers. He was explaining to people what had happened to Eric and where the channel is going.

This was my Chance to do Something Great

While I still watched the Live Chat, Dan said something that rung opportunity for me and EsquireLife. He mentioned that they are looking for content creators for their YouTube Channel. There was a form people had to fill out on the CRM Jewelers’ Website. It was called, “The Rising Star Program.” This would give watch enthusiasts to create and submit YouTube videos with an opportunity to be featured on CRM Jewelers. My mind was blown, I had a chance to be on the Channel that Eric Rivera from Watch your Style was on. Nah, I didn’t believe this at all. Here’s the actual video footage of me chatting with Dan and him responding to me live. Our conversation in the video starts at 38:30 (Click on Link )

CRM Jewelers Live Stream (Video starts at 38:30) Conversation with EsquireLife on Chat

I Took the Leap of Faith and Submitted my Request

I remember telling my wife that I had filled out the form, from there I was very nervous. Two days go by and I get an actual phone call from Dan and he tells me that he would like to see my watch collection and my video for The Rising Star Program. This is where it got real, I didn’t know what to do. My mind started to race and my heart started to beat fast. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t ready I had to do this to get my name EsquireLife to over 100,000 Subscribers on CRM Jewelers’ YouTube Channel. I wasn’t trying to take Eric Rivera’s spot I was just trying to step in the shoes he was once in.  

This was Now as Real as it Gets

On May 1st, I gathered all my camera equipment and started shooting. It took me about 3 takes to get the recording right. This was over 2 hours of filming, while saying the same thing over and over. Even though I thought I was done recording, I still needed to shoot the B Roll for the video. This took another 3 hours and still needed to line up a Rolls Royce Dawn for the shot. Because what’s a luxury watch video without a luxury vehicle. Once all this was done, I started to edit all the footage and this took 6 hours. I remember going to sleep around 2am because I wanted the footage to be completed. I tell you what, CRM Jewelers’ Subscribers can be very opinionated in the comments and I was scared shitless.  This is why I couldn’t fail.

Show Time, No Turning Back

May 2nd, I get a call from Dan and he told me that my video is getting ready to be posted. As soon as the call with Dan was over, I knew it was showtime. Once the video was posted, I wasn’t worried too much about the views. I was more worried about the comments people were going to leave. To my surprise, I think I did a great job because I would say about 75% of the comments were amazing. People were saying that my video was inspiring and they loved my story. One comment mentioned and I quote, “One of the best videos since Eric left.” This was wonderful news to me.  

Now I can Breathe

This is what I talk about all the time on EsquireLife. You need to take chances in life and this is what I did. I’ve done this all my life, if you don’t take action you won’t know where you can be. What am I getting out of this? I’m getting another Milestone accomplished in the Chapter of my Life. I can honestly say, I stepped in the shoes of a great YouTuber Eric Rivera. Eric, is very knowledgeable about watches and he left the bar very high for others. I don’t believe in fame because fame is given and that can be dangerous. I just want to say, “Hey, I love watches and you can watch me on CRM Jewelers’ YouTube Channel…”

From a Humble Heart

If you’re ever in Miami, FL, make sure you stop by CRM Jewelers. You can purchase a watch from them or do me a favor stop by and shake Dan’s hand for me and say thank you from I wanted to thank Dan from CRM Jewelers for the opportunity to be part of the Family. From the West Coast in San Diego, California to the East Coast in Miami, Florida there are no obstacles that can stop us from anything.  God Bless CRM Jewelers and good luck… Stay Safe

Visit their website

Video of me Featured on CRM Jewelers YouTube Channel featured on CRM Jewelers YouTube Channel

Video Description from Dan at CRM Jewelers

Here’s the video description Dan from CRM Jewelers made for the video. I honestly didn’t know he was talking about me.  

This is a truly inspirational story! Ruben, Former U.S. Marine, watch collector, and the face of, shows off his two-tone Rolex Submariner and tells us the amazing story behind this watch. Please show our National heroes like him some support and follow his channel at the link below:… ?

We need to turn back the clock 25 years to the date our story begins! In 1997, as a freshly Enlisted Member of the United States Marine Corps and a total watch novice, Ruben gets a glimpse of the Rolex Submariner Re 16613 at a local mall and instantly falls in love with the watch. Even though he can’t afford the watch on a soldier’s salary, he keeps it fixed in his mind and decides to strive for this life goal. Why the obsession with the two-tone Sub?

We learn the reason why quickly into the video. Ruben believes in setting milestones in life and striving for them. After all, isn’t that what success is all about?

Buying that same luxury watch on day later in life became one of Ruben’s goals. Fast forward 25 years and mission complete! He is finally able to buy the watch. However, the watch that he actually purchased was the newer model of the two-tone Sub, the ceramic version, reference number 116613 with the solid gold center links all the way through the band.

When Ruben was able to also purchase the older 1997 model (with the aluminum bezel, holes on the lugs, hollow gold links, etc.), the very same watch that he was mesmerized by as a 23-year old soldier in 1997, his life came full circle.

Ruben not only a watch lover that uses luxury watches as life milestones, he is also an inspiring individual. Through his website and YouTube channel, he uses his blog posts and videos to inspire others to succeed.

The main lesson he wants to teach others with his Rolex Submariner reference 16613 story is that you should set your eyes and mind on what you want to achieve in life and strive for it with unwavering faith! YOU DESERVE IT!

Ruben concludes his review with a side-by-side comparison of the older 16613 Sub and the newer 116613 models.

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