By EsquireLife

December 7, 2019

Do you Like Showing Off to the World?

18K Gold Rolex Submariner

18K Gold Rolex Submariner

If you’re able to afford a real gold Rolex you don’t need to be pretentious. Most professionals don’t need to show off their success by showing off their Rolex.  Successful people don’t have to show off because they’ve already made a name for themselves. It’s the people that can barely afford any luxuries, those are the ones that tend to be pretentious by acting “Brand New.”  The only reason the “Brand News” purchase luxury items is to post on social media in hopes of getting gratification from the LIKES.  Can you give yourself a gold Rolex as a reward for your hard work?  Then it shouldn’t matter what people see on your wrist because your accomplishments speak for themselves.

What a Gold Rolex says to me.

18K White Gold Rolex GMT Master II

18K White Gold Rolex GMT Master II

If I see an accomplished man or woman wearing a gold Rolex, all they receive from me is respect.  I see their high status in there life or career.  I’m not an expert on watches but I do appreciate seeing an expensive timepiece on someone’s wrist.  All the timepieces I own have been earned and not given.  Simply put, if I can’t afford certain things in life I don’t purchase them, especially to show off to others. Every time I put on my gold Submariner, it doesn’t make me a better person It just reminds me of my hard work and accomplishments.  Purchasing a gold Rolex to impress others, then you have no choice but to be pretentious.  I wear my gold watches as a symbol of achievement and not something to flash all over Instagram.

Is Wearing a Gold Rolex Tacky?

18K Gold Rolex Yacht Master II

If you think a gold Rolex is tacky then you probably can’t afford one. I don’t think it’s tacky at all, what is tacky is when people wear fake shit and pretend it’s real.  Every person that I’ve ever seen wearing a real gold Rolex is very accomplished in life.  This is why I can never question them or their success.  When I see someone wearing a gold Rolex I show nothing but respect.  As I get out of my Bentley GTC and people can see the glimmer of my gold Rolex, they know it’s from my hard work. This is a goal that was well deserved.  When you see a punk-ass kid wearing a gold “What-Ever,” then it becomes tacky.  Please stop trying to wear what you swear is a $40,000 gold Rolex while driving a 1996 piece of shit Honda Civic. 

What does a Gold Rolex say about Your Status?

18K Gold Rolex Day-Date “Presidential”

People look at your watch to determine things like your social position, level of education, taste, and wealth. Rolex is a status symbol, but only for the person that doesn’t need to show off to others. When I wear my gold Rolex it’s to  show people that I don’t fuck around. I’m not scared to take risks and know that I’m serious about my money. I’m not able to show you how to be successful if I haven’t been successful.  It’s like a poor person showing you how to be rich. I wasn’t able to afford luxuries when I was young, but now that I’m older in life and accomplished I’m not afraid to take risks.  

Are Gold Watches Tacky?

Real gold watches are already at an elegant and high-level status.  The problem starts when you wear fake shit or those ugly ass Invicta watches, this is when it starts to become tacky.  Think about putting spinner rims on a Bentley Flying Spur?  Even wearing a classic gold Bulova watch, when worn correctly by a gentleman it will show off your class. You need to wear a gold watch, not the watch wear you. If you use that gold watch as your main accessory this is when it makes you look hideous. You might as well wear your dumb ass Gucci belt to meet your new in-laws. Your watch is not the focal point, you’re the main attraction.   “My gold Rolex doesn’t make my D!@% bigger, I wear my gold Rolex because I have a big D!@%.” -EsquireLife.  In other words, You make the watch the watch doesn’t make you.

Do You Deserve a Gold Rolex?

My 5th Rolex purchase from Royal Maui Jewelers.

Each Rolex I own is for a successful chapter in my life. Yet you’re scared to take risks in your life, this is why you wear fake shit and act like you’ve done shit.  If you feel you deserve this Crown Achievement like a gold Rolex then purchase one.  Do you still think having a gold Rolex is too pretentious then you’re mentally not ready for those types of rewards.  Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Did I work hard today?”  Try looking at yourself in the eyes without being ashamed, only then can you earn it.  In the end, if you still can’t afford this reward, then wake up the next day and work even harder.

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