By EsquireLife

July 7, 2017

One of the things I am very passionate about is watches.

Ask any one, I can be watching TV and look at the person’s wrist and know exactly what watch they’re wearing.  One of my favorite shows is Modern Family because it features Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Niel) I love watching this show because of the watches Jay wears, especially as a successfully Business Owner.  One of the watches he wears a lot on the show is a Rolex Daytona. Wow, that watch is superb, because that watch really shows the success of a man that runs a multimillion dollar business.  Other watches that I’ve seen Jay wear is a UBoat, Rolex DayDate.  Those watches are imperative for a man of his caliber.

I’ve had many watches in the past and still have the same watches in my collection.

My first expensive watch was my Nixon 51-30.  


Holy crap I spent close to $500 for that watch.  It might not seem like a lot compared to what is out there but it was mine.  The moment I bought that watch, I knew automatically I wanted more.  To me a watch says a lot about a person.  Not that he’s rich or a snob, but it shows your caliber and what you position in life is.  I still remember my first watch that I received from my mom.  It was a Swiss Army watch with the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor plastered in the face.  I was proud of that watch, because everyone that would see that watch on my wrist knew that I was part of the Elite Service which was the Marines.  I still have that watch till this day.

Depending on what I’m doing, I like to wear that watch that pertains.  For example, I’m a vocational educator and when I’m at work I wear my Apple Watch simply because co-workers are f’en constantly texting me so it’s an easy way to check my text is to look at my wrist. I don’t allow Cell-Phones in my class rooms so I have to abide by my rules and not pull out my phone like the rest of the Zombies of this world.

Usually on Friday’s when work is a little more relax I like to wear my Rolex GMT II.  

To me this is like wearing a suit to work.  I feels great when I wear it, it means all that hard work I did all week is a reward when I look down at my wrist and think, “Ok, this is why I have what I have.”

On the weekends when I don’t work, I usually like to dress relaxed but typically I like to fine dine.  Usually when I do, I wear a collared shirt and I bust out the Breitling Super Ocean.  The blue face really set off any outfit that I wear.  This is the last Watch I’ve purchased but it doesn’t mean I’m stopping there.

So lets take it up a NOTCH… Now when I go to a formal gathering where I need to rock a suit, nothing says elegance when your pocket square compliments your ties.  That’s when I pull out the BIG Gun watch, which is my Panerai 510 with Alligator strap… Daaaaaang, to me that shows elegance.  I’ve also worn that watch when

I love wear my Watch because of the strap.

I’m in the process of making another big purchase which will be a Rolex Submariner Two Tone…. Let me stop here.  I rather tell you more about it when I finally get it.  That will be a pinnacle of purchases if and when I get it.  At a price tag of $13,400.  I think I will have to wait.

This is just a rave about why I like watches.

UPDATE AS OF JULY 24, 2017 (I got it.)

I can’t wait to write my Blog.