By EsquireLife

November 10, 2019

Of Course It’s Dangerous, When You’re in a Bad Nieghbor-HOOD

Recently I went on a 1 week business trip to Florida.  I had a speaking engagement for an up and coming company.  They wanted my expertise so they flew me there to get the full experience.  This was exciting because the last time my wife and I flew was when we got married in Hawaii.  Since I was going to be in Florida, I took this opportunity to pack up my Rolex’s because we were going to go out and get dressed up everyday.  The flight there was amazing and smooth until we arrived to the hotel the staff booked me at.

My flight got in late…

so I just wanted to check into the hotel and sleep.  When we arrived to the hotel it looked pretty decent until I started seeing the type of vehicles parked outside.  I didn’t really pay attention to the cars, until I walked into the lobby.  As I walk into the hotel, granted this was about 11:30pm.  When we walked in all we saw was thug looking guys hanging out in the lobby.  After seeing all the crisp ironed white T-Shirts, Dickie pants, and Tattoos I just assumed the eccentric looking vehicles parked outside were owned by them.  As soon as I checked in all I wanted to do is check out.

I was wearing my Gold Rolex Submariner…

..and had my other Rolex’s packed in my carry on.  The eyes that these motherfuckers had on me, was like flies to shit.  One of the thugs was even whispering to his buddy while pointing to my wrist and making gestures like pulling on his wrist.  What’s was even worse, my wife was wearing yoga pants they were looking at her ass and turning their heads as if following the shape.  At this point I had no choice but to go to my room. The front desk guest handed me my room key and didn’t even say the room number, he said,

“If you look inside your card you can see your room number.”

I took it that he didn’t want to say my room number out loud so the thugs didn’t hear what room I was staying in.  As I walked to the elevator I can see them looking at me because I made contact with them, and the other one walked up to the counter as if to ask the clerk a question.

Honestly, I can say I didn’t sleep that night.

All night I stayed up guarding the door.  If I wasn’t wearing my Rolex would those thugs been checking me out?  Or better yet if my wife didn’t have a big ass would they have then been checking her out?  By the way, she was also wearing her Rolex.  You might think I’m exaggerating, but it looked like I walked into a scene from Boyz N Da Hood.  Think about it when someone points at your wrists and whispers to another to check it out, then there’s something wrong.

I knew these motherfuckers were not watch enthusiasts,

so please don’t even go there.  What sucks is that hotel didn’t want to get rid of this guys, they made the hotel look low quality.  If I was the clerk I would have told them to get the fuck out of here, you’re making the guest uncomfortable.  But like me, the clerk also probably felt uncomfortable confronting these low life’s.

The next morning at 4:00am…

There was no choice but to check out, so I woke up my wife and got the fuck out of there.  Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep those couple of hours, but I did contact the staff and told them what was going on.  Sadly I told them I was getting the fuck out of that hotel they booked me at.  Even though the staff was kind enough to book me a room about 3 miles from where I was going to speak at, I had to get a room 25 miles away.  We stayed closer to the water front and away from this bad “Neighbor-HOOD.”

Our new hotel was a 5 Star…

and it cost me four times the amount of the other place.  When it comes to safety and quality, I didn’t bat an eye paying that amount for a hotel.  As soon as we walked in the valet greeted us, as we walked us into the lobby the host presented us with champagne.  The moment we walked into my room, I looked out my hotel window and all I saw was Yachts floating on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Do you think I was exaggerating by switching hotels?

If I would’ve checked in earlier to the hotel and not seen those thugs hanging out in the lobby I probably would have stayed at the first hotel.  I’ve stayed in worse places when I was in Iraq, but I also had a 9mm Pistol and M16 Rifle.  It wasn’t the point that I didn’t like the hotel, it’s the fact that low life people were point at my wrist and making gestures. Did I mentioned they were all thugs.

Is wearing a Rolex Dangerous?

No it’s not, I wear my Rolex timepieces with pride because I earned the right to wear them.  It’s not dangerous like it’s going to blow up like a bomb.  To me, someone that wears an expensive timepiece doesn’t stay in bad hotels.  Since we worked so hard to achieve quality things in life, our mentality is also at a quality standard.  I would never park my Bentley in a junk yard then why would I stay at a low quality hotel.  The staff apologized for putting me in a bad situation, and even reimbursed me for my new hotel stay.  Lessoned learned, “Don’t assume people know the quality of person you are.”

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