By EsquireLife

December 26, 2020

My Watch has a bit of a Potty Mouth

If my watch were to speak, it would say that. The watch that I am referring to is the 18k Gold Rolex Day-Date 40 Presidential. It is worthy of it saying, “Fuck You,” to everyone else’s watch with a tag like that. Now before you all online trolls start throwing out, “What about A.P. and Patek?” Of course, A.P. and Patek are better, but I am talking about Rolex.

What a Presidential says about you…

First, depending on the idiots you hang out with, they might say, “It’s Fake.” But to me it says, you have worked hard and made it. Now, I am not saying that I am rich, but I work so hard even the Devil himself can not keep up with me. I recently purchased a Bentley GTC, and as much as I want to sport my Apple watch, it does not compliment my car. It also depends on what you are wearing. When you have a suit and driving with the top down, your wrist has to say something about you. “You’re a douche bag.” One thing that I have noticed is when driving my Bentley, more people talk to you. When they see the caliber of vehicle and caliber of the timepiece, they know you are a hard working douche bag.

I Bought it for me, Not for You

I do not have social media. So you will never see me on Instagram posting pics with the hashtag #rolliebitches. This is why I know I bought the watch for myself. Everyone on social media is just faking what they don’t have. What I want to do is appreciate it every time I put it on my wrist. Since I wear my watch with a suit, it just plays peek-a-boo, and when my cuff is up, and the sunlight hits it perfectly, well, close your mouth because you might get drool all over it. There is no need to show it off. It takes that particular person to notice it and give me that nod with the half grin, “yeah, I know what that is.”

Is it the Holy Grail of Time Pieces?

You bet your life it is. With what’s going on in the world, you have to invest in something. The Presidential’s significant thing is that if some shit would happen and Rolex would lose its value, one thing that I will never lose is the value of the gold. Rolex makes, or mills there own gold, don’t quote me on that. So not only does Rolex make their timepieces, but they also make their gold. It’s not like my Bentley, where most of the parts are from Volks Wagen. My damn key fob is shared with a VW Passat. But to be fair, Bugatti also uses the same key fob.

Does my Watch Really Talk?

Of course, it does not. But if it did, it would say something, “This motherfucker EsquireLife works hard.” This is why my watches are appreciated only by me. Every time I purchase anything, it has to hurt. If you have to think to yourself, “How in the fuck am I going to pay for this?” Then you know it’s worth it because you have to work that much harder to keep it. Hopefully, there are no Rolex Repo companies.

Buy what you Deserve.

I buy watches because other than my wedding ring; I don’t wear other jewelry. My watches are my jewelry. I don’t travel the world and don’t wish to. I don’t have kids scattered worldwide, and I don’t plan to have any. I don’t waste my time on social media, wondering why others have what I don’t have. I make things happen in my life. If I can’t afford something that I want, I work that much harder to get it. Like I’ve said before, “Excuses are lies, wrapped into reasons.” The reason you don’t have the things you do is because you do not want them and make excuses why you don’t need them. I will leave you with a paraphrase of a person I know.

“Without commitment, you will never start, but most importantly, without consistency, you will never finish.” – Francisco Rivera, WEPA CC

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