By EsquireLife

February 12, 2020

Cigar Smoking is a Symbol of Success

I don’t smoke cigars because it’s a symbol of my success, but I smoke because it stops time. I’ve smoked cigars since I was stationed in the deserts in Iraq while in the Marine Corps. I’ve recently started getting more into the art in smoking cigars, so I wanted to write this so maybe you can get into this art as well. 

Light up a Cigar to Stop Time

When I smoke a cigar, I always smoke alone. I never want to share my time with anyone while cigar smoking. I don’t smoke because I want to look good in front of others, I smoke cigars because my time is valuable. Every time I smoke it takes me about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  In that time I take the opportunity to reflect, and see my accomplishments in life. This is why I’m selfish with my cigar time. Eventually one day I will share a cigar with one of you but not after I smoke one alone beforehand.

They’re only 2 cigars that I Smoke

I’ve tried many cigars, but I’ve always come back to specifically two of them. There’s a third I smoke but this is only when the others I smoke are not around.  I’m open to other options but in the end I’m always faithful to the same.  I have brands that I like and stick to, Rolex, Tesla, Ferragamo, Bentley, etc.

Padron Cigars

Pardon Cigars are my 3rd String Cigar. The reason they’re my back up is because they’re very difficult to pair with coffee or whiskey I drink.  Some of you might say that I’m not smoking or drinking correctly, but everyone has a different palette of flavor. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good cigar but this is why it’s third.

Padromo Cigars

This is my go-to cigar when drinking coffee or cappuccino. This cigar brings out the flavors of the coffee and cigar notes. It brings out the chocolates, honey, oaks, and even leathers. It’s like a party in your mouth. Padromo’s are my main event because on the weekends I pair it with my drink.

Arturo Fuente Cigars

This is my heavy hitter cigar. I drink different scotch/whiskeys and no matter what I drink, automatically an Arturo Fuente Cigar perfectly pairs. I’ve also smoked an Arturo Fuentes not paired with anything. It’s a cigar that dominates my palette and sad to finish it when done.

Smoke what you Want and How you Want

Even though their’s etiquette of smoking a wonderful cigar, I smoke it however I please. Of course I use a cutter, and light it with cedar wood or torch. But the reason I smoke alone is so I don’t get judge by snotty ass cigar divas. Cigars are meant to be smoked with pleasure and not to be judged. This is the reason I smoke alone.

Appreciate your Cigar

A cigar to me is to be smoked, slow and with confidence. This is why you’ll see a cigar as a symbol of success or a reward for an achievement. You’ve never see someone appreciate a good cigarette. I can’t recall someone having a cigarette to celebrate a baby being born.  I’m no way am I condoning smoking at all, but once you get to a certain age, success level, or career you need to start acting your worth.  This is just a milestone of all the things I have accomplished and I love to stop time.  It’s lonely at the top, but I love looking down  at all these posers.

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